ATG Comic Review: Tony Stark Ironman #1

This week we have some comics from both of the comic shops we work with in the town of Ocala Florida. This first comic comes from our good friends at Bearded Browncoat Comics and Games, which can be found in its new BIGGER location right next to its old location in Ocala as well as the new location in Gainesville Florida. These guys always have something new going on as they grow and grow. Be sure to check out both locations for their big huge 4th of July sales on Wednesday! You can check out their Ocala facebook page by clicking the banner above and their Gainesville location by clicking the banner below.

This week we have from the bearded ones a Marvel Comic Tony Stark Ironman #1. This one is interesting to me because I have always loved Stark and his snarkiness and his brilliance. Unfortunately, the last time I saw Stark was when they “rebooted” the comics after Secret Wars and Battleworld. I mean I did have a review here and there but I have missed the meat of the Stark story as of late. Last I knew, Stark seemed on the way out with the money. He still had a fortune but it wasn’t as much as compared to what Spidey was now pulling in with Parker Enterprises. I remember this as Peter kept joking that he could lend Stark some money. Yet in this comic we see Stark with what appears to be a whole new Stark building with a ton of employees at his beck and call as well as his hundreds of suits and new tech that is being worked on. In fact while this is a story of Stark it seems like if this comic continues this way while it will be called Tony Stark Ironman it will be more like team Ironman.

While this comic is named for Tony it was focusing on Tony hiring this person he knew as a kid from a rival robo soccer team. While Tony may have handily won the robo soccer game he was studying his opponents even at that young age and now many years later he has come to hire this guy to head up his robotics division as he has something to make robots work better together. This first issue sees Fin Fang Foom invading while being controlled and it sees Ironman trying to fight him with the help of some new microbots and a new Fin Fang Foom Buster armor. The whole time he is out fighting though it focuses more on the new guy and how he is geeking out over the tech and eventually coming up with the way to save the day. They have another mystery about who is stealing files from the corporation.

My only complaint with this comic is they tell you someone is controlling 3F and then on the last page they show you who is the one that controlled 3F, they show you who is stealing the files, and that they are controlled by 3F as well. So something that could have made for a good mystery for several issues has already been spoiled in the last page. Otherwise, I found this to be a very fun comic. As I said, a few things were lost to me though since I have no clue what’s been happening in Stark land. For instance, I know he was in a coma but he’s not now…I know he was looking a little down on his luck at the reboot, but that seems to have turned around. Anyway, even without knowing how a lot of Starks fortunes got changed around seemingly for the better, I have to say this was an enjoyable comic and one I would recommend.

What do you think of this new take for Ironman? Who do you think wears the armor better: Doctor Doom, Tony Stark or Riri Williams? Sound off below!

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  1. I’ve been an Iron Man fan since the days when he had to charge his armor using a car’s cigarette lighter (hopefully I don’t have to explain that one LOL). Through the years, Iron Man has really had his highs and lows. I always enjoyed Old Shellhead when he was in the Avengers, but his own book, not always so. IMO, the comic book has either been really good, or really mundane. Heck (not Don Heck), the first 100 issues of Iron Man (after “Tales of Suspense”) weren’t that good. Then there were classic runs like Micheline and Layton followed by Denny O’Neil’s saga of Stark relapsing into alcoholism. I haven’t had much incentive to pick up Iron Man and although I love the character, this doesn’t sound worth buying.

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