ATG Comic Review: The Mighty Thor #1

Hello, hello, everyone and welcome back to yet another comic review. Though bad health has been attacking ever since before my newest scans, I am still here to bring you more news from the comic world among other places (mostly stress making me feel like crap I’m sure but still sick as a dog lately). So we have some news on two Thor comics coming up- both Thor and the Mighty Thor, the latter of which is today’s comic review. Also, we have found out that the whole rumor of the multiple avengers titles being no more is a bunch of BS from Marvel as they have now announced in the pages of Mighty Thor that West Coast Avengers is getting a relaunch and going with a similar Storyline to the New Warriors storyline that led to the first Civil War crossover several years ago. This comic review is brought to you by our good friends at Vibranium Comics and Games in Ocala Florida…so if you like our blogs be sure to check out their facebook page by clicking the linked banner above or their web shop by clicking the linked banner below. Better yet, go stop by the shop if you’re in town or nearby and see why we keep going back week after week for our comics!

This week’s sole review is The Mighty Thor #1, which seems to be the continuing adventures of Jane Foster. This means I most likely won’t be reading too much of this comic. I don’t mind the fact that she’s been going around as Thor since it has been to others in the past, my biggest hang up with it is the whole dying of Cancer thing. For me, this hits too close to home due to my own cancer worries after having survived kidney cancer. Especially now that they may have found a new spot on my Adrenal Gland, it takes a lot to read a comic about someone who is dying of cancer. Some would argue that this is good because its showing representation of cancer survivors and warriors and while that is true, it does push cancer awareness, I’m not sure if they think or know just how much it can affect those of us that have gone through such a thing. After reading this comic, I would certainly recommend it to others. I quite enjoyed it, but on the other hand in some ways, I wish I did not have to do this comic review because of the hard things it makes me as a cancer survivor think of.

The book actually contains two stories, the first one is a cool little story about a trio of Thor’s granddaughters coming back in time to meet Jane Foster. In the far future, Thor is the All Father and he has at least three granddaughters. They drug him and steal some time traveling gems on an adventure to find Jane Foster who was no longer Thor. The young ladies (of which one kinda reminded me looks wise of Loki) were in time to give Jane the strength and courage she needed to go in for her next Chemo session. The girls also hint at more super powered adventures for Jane coming up.

The second story focused on the leader of the dark elves who is bringing death and destruction to all of the realms and is heading towards Earth with this war as well. It seems he also has some connections with the boss of Roxxon who it seems is a shape shifter of some sort as he turned into a giant minotaur. I very much enjoyed this part of the book and loved just how insane the dark elf king was.

It seems there will be two Thor books going forward. They say Thor #1 is coming up which is supposed to be Thor Odinson regaining his mantel as Thor and going around collecting Asgardian artifacts that are scattered all over. It also sees that the Mighty Thor is still going to be Jane somehow unless of course this was the last hurrah for her but it seems it was all revolving around her even the Dark Elf part so maybe she is going to get her Thor powers back somehow? Since this is a #1 I am assuming it will continue though as I said, if it still focuses on her and the cancer, I may not end up reading it much.

What do you think of the female Thor arc? Do you like Jane Foster in the role or are you happy to see Thor pick his hammer and mantel back up? Do you think Jane will end up with Storm Breaker or some other Asgardian instrument to become a version of Thor once more? Sound off below and let us know!

3 thoughts on “ATG Comic Review: The Mighty Thor #1

  1. Funny you ask about what readers’ thoughts on Jane Foster as Thor are because I’m currently reading Walt Simonson’s excellent Beta Ray Bill as Thor epic. I know fans were upset with the change, but Mr. Simonson really gave the book the kick in the pants it needed, launching an excellent era of Thor. I haven’t read the Jane Foster Thor comics, but the cancer angle sounds ridiculous as every time she turns back to Jane Foster, her cancer starts over? Is that correct? Thor has had other people wield the hammer for story arcs so this is nothing new. Hopefully, it’s entertaining, but I’m afraid I have to pass.

    1. From what I have seen it seems that her cancer continues its natural course while she is Jane but when she is Thor the power of Thor holds the cancer at bay so it doesn’t get worse. I have only seen a few of the Thor comics lately and whatever she was in of the Avengers comics I had read so I don’t know all of the points to it. Honestly as soon as I knew about the Cancer thing it turned me off simply because it hits too close to home for me with my own struggles that I don’t want to read about a hero suffering from it as well.

  2. My father is a HUGE Thore fan. He was actually talking about The Mighty Thor #1 comic with one of his friends and I overheard him when I was dropping something off to my mother. I ended up getting it for him to go with his other gifts for Father’s Day. He loved it. While I do not really read/collect Thor comics myself, he said he enjoyed it a lot. He actually read through it that evening. I can’t give my own opinion on it but my father really recommends it to any long-term Thor fan.

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