ATG Comic Review: Spawn #300

Welcome back, everyone. So, it seems I am able to do a little blogging for you this week. We got a newer comic from Vibranium Comics and Games to review for you today while I relax after getting my second radiation treatment to try and kill my cancer. Be sure you check out their website and store in Ocala, Florida. These guys are great people and have worked closely with my All Things Geek and Cancel Cancer sites to help raise money for the American Cancer Society. Also, remember we have Halloween ComicFest coming up and they will be doing a Halloween party with costume contest in the shop. Just click the banner below to head to their facebook page!

So this week, we have a follow up to a previous review we did. We have issue #300 of Spawn. This issue is huge compared to other comics and at a guess, I would say almost twice the size. It has been split into several short stories (I want to say 4 offhand) each by different people and artists. This has set up a few storylines for some coming issues and advanced the main story that I talked about in the last review. This right here is the main problem I had with this issue. It was built up to be this huge thing from what I could tell…. but it just seemed like a bridge to the next chapter of the story and didn’t really feel to me like the huge event it should have been. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it. I liked seeing Violator and the transformation of one character into She-Spawn– who I thought was really cool. However, everything was designed to bridge to something else and it made all of this I was reading here and now seem kinda empty. Everything felt like a leadup to something huge without being huge itself, it felt more like a throwaway story or something written just to get from point A to point B. There seems to be a huge war coming between Spawn and an army he is creating against a combined army from Heaven and Hell. For me, I think issue #300 would have been a good spot to have that war climax or have a huge turning point in that war, maybe even see a huge start for the war. With the first story in the book thats exactly what I thought was going to happen as it was really intense. After that first short story, for me at least, it just kinda fizzled in the excitement factor.

Were you guys excited for this issue? Did you feel the same way about it as me if you did read it? Let us know below as we love to hear from you! Also, if you want to give us a hand in making great content for this site and want to support us the best way is to go to Anything we make from will go to making this site better and getting more things to review for your enjoyment.

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