ATG Comic Review: Picard #1

Welcome back to our Holiday Edition of All Things Geek comic Review! Yesterday if you’re in America like I am then you most likely glutted yourself on turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes and probably some pie! So this week, we got a new comic from Vibranium Comics and Games in Ocala Florida to review for you. Right now Vibranium is having their Black Friday deals going on as I write this. So if I get this posted today be sure to get down there for some good deals and if I don’t get this up in time then be sure to click on their banner below to be taken to their facebook page where you’ll be able to keep track of their events to be warned of any other good holiday sales or events they may be having (such as the Comic Fest at the Oaks Mall in January)

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Now to jump right into our blog, we have the first issue of the new Picard comic for Star Trek coming to you from IDW Comics. This comic is a prequel at the moment it seems for the CBS All Access show coming soon also called Picard. This is a show I would LOVE to watch if I didn’t have to pay for a new streaming service to watch it on. Tell you what, if anyone is interested in really helping us out then go to Patreon HERE and if you cover the amount of CBS All Access for us each month, we will post reviews on Star Trek Discovery and Picard both in written forms and in video for bigger more in-depth analysis on them! This is a great way to support us and help us bring even more great content to you! Now, on to the comic review:

So, this first comic looks to be taking place in a time that places it very oddly in the Star Trek universe timelines due to time travel. This is taking place after Star Trek The Next Generation but before the JJ Abrams reboot of Star Trek for the Kelvin Timeline that saw a group of Romulans come back in time to attempt to destroy the federation because of how their empire fell. There is a storyline there that sees Spock try to save the Romulan Empire from a collapsing sun or some such thing I don’t fully remember and he failed. The resulting explosion wiped out a ton of the Romulan people. Now, this comes before what Spock tried to do as it is showing Admiral Picard leading a mission to try and remove and relocate Romulans to a safe place before they can be destroyed.

Now if I’m not mistaken, the Picard show takes place after whats going on here in the comic. I think whats going on in the show is supposed to be after the explosion that takes out the Romulan Empire as Picard seems to be out of Starfleet and living on his farm back in France. I am thinking that something will end up happening in this comic that ends up disgracing Picard. In the beginning of the comic, they show two Romulans in a vineyard saying how he had risked everything for their race so it looks like this will be showing what he did to risk everything and then lead up into the tv show.

For the comic, I enjoyed what was there. I always found the Romulan Empire to be fascinating and have loved playing a Romulan alien in the Star Trek Online video game. I am certainly interested in seeing more of the comic and the TV show just to see more of this interesting race. Honestly, I think in the past they haven’t explored the Romulans enough when compared to others like the Klingons and Vulcans so it’s something to look forward to. The artwork was good so all in all I would certainly recommend this comic for any Star Trek fans especially those waiting on the new show.

Let us know below in the comments if this is the type of comic you would love to see or if you’ve gotten it if you agree with our assessment. Also, please remember we don’t make a single cent from this site so if you want to help us out you can follow the various links in the article to the products we linked to on Amazon and any purchase of those will give us a little bit from their Affiliate Link program. Or if you would rather sponsor us directly you can either go to HERE and leave us a small tip or you can become a Patron at Patreon HERE to help us out every month. As stated up top, if someone does a monthly Patreon we will get CBS All Access and start doing reviews on the Star Trek shows Discovery and Picard and other shows that appear on the service.

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  1. I’ve been watching my way through the original series. As such, I can appreciate that Star Trek has alwayscome with deep lore. Even so, this is a convoluted concept for a show or comic series. By Kalis! That’s a confusion!

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