ATG Comic Review-Infinity Warp Iron Hammer

So here we are back this week with 2 more comics from Vibranium Comics and Games in Ocala Florida to review for you! So the funny thing is I went on that mini rant and they said “oh yeah I haven’t looked at the newest reviews yet…here’s what we want you to do this week.” And we get ANOTHER mashup! So I jokingly tell him about the mini rant and Austin says to me “well that’s what people keep requesting here!” So here we go, with two new mashups today. One of them is from the good lads at Marvel and the other is from the classic promotions that IDW has picked up. First we’re going to take a quick look at the Marvel one but first remember October is a HUGE busy time for the comic shops near you so be sure to check them out on their facebook pages or their websites as linked below…you won’t regret it!

So first we see the Marvel side of things with IRON HAMMER! That’s right, we have an Ironman Thor mashup and just like the beginning of the Soldier Supreme one this is a retelling of what we think is a familiar origin story. In this one we see a Mr Stark whose first name was I believe Siggurd though I might be wrong…it’s been a few days since I read it and at the moment the comic is packed away. This Stark as we’ll just call him for the rest of the blog has come out of nowhere 5 years before with no memories of who he was or where he came from. What he does have memories of though are tech schematics that are far beyond anything the rest of the world has and so he has worked himself within 5 years into a billionaire tech industrialist. However,Stark keeps himself away from most in the world since he doesn’t remember much it’s no real loss to him and in fact in some ways comforts him as it lets him not think of his loss of memory and whatever may be out there that used to be his.

This Stark is in Norway I believe it is and he heads out of his posh hotel on a stormy night. People warn him against it but he says he feels at home in the storms. While out there he encounters dark elves who imprison him in a cave with Eitri the king of the dwarves. He was poisoned as he was walking and thinking of his missing friend and fellow scientist Ivan Vanko. He was given into Eitri’s care in the hopes that they together would make weapons for the Dark Elf forces, Eitri was bespelled to not be able to make any weapons for his own hands and so he made weapons and armor to fit Stark. In many ways, this armor looks like something out of the DC comics especially something to do with either the New Gods or Darkseid and his ilk with the Mother Box designs they all have on their armor. The big kicker thats a huge DC throwback is Iron Hammer now has Eitri’s hammer which is a giant Iron Hammer on a huge iron staff and it looks suspiciously like a mixture of mjolnir and the hammer that DC character Steel wields. I personally think this mashup was a horrible idea, specifically because it reminds me so much of Steel and the New Gods that it doesn’t feel Marvelish anymore but feels too DC and I’m not the biggest fan of the DC franchises.

Stark breaks out just to find the big bad that he is facing is an undead armored version of Vanko. He has also named the AI in his suit H.E.I.M.D.A.L instead of Jarvis (if you think back to the Thor Comics or the Movies that name is the Guardian of the Rainbow Bridge played in the movies by Idris Elba). The actual look of this new armor reminds me more of Ironheart than it does to me of Ironman. It’s almost like DC’s Steel and Marvels Ironheart suits had a child and then it merged with a motherbox. Then at the end we see another good mashup that looks interesting of Hel and Loki.

All in all, I wasn’t too thrilled with this Mashup. I thought they hit Soldier Supreme outta the ballpark and I think with this one they took a bunt to first base. Even the flyers new mascot Gritty coulda kept this one out of the goal it was such a horrible shot. The characters just didn’t flow in this one…the story seemed kinda stiff like they were having trouble telling it. Add that to the look that was more DC than Marvel and I honestly think they failed on all sides of things.

Have you guys been keeping up on the Infinity Warps? What do you think of the new storylines they are mashing together? Do these work for you? Let us know below what you think! Also, if you like what we’re doing and want to support us drop by and drop us a tip! All tips will go towards making this site bigger and better and will go to buying other doodads and toys and such to review for you!

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