ATG Comic Review: Inferior Five

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So this is going to be a short little reviews as…well this one really doesn’t have much to talk about yet. This is a new series called the Inferior Five which honestly I thought was making fun of a Marvel group called Fearsome Five until I looked it up and realized the Fearsome Five wasn’t a smaller version of marvels Sinister Six but a knock off Sinister Six that is based in the DC Universe.

So far in this comic, they have a kid who has moved to an odd town in the middle of a desert because his dad died during the Invasion storyline. Honestly, I wasn’t thrilled with the artwork in this comic and at first, I thought that the main boy was just an ugly drawn girl. We then start seeing other things in the town one thing which was interesting was a kid reading comics which were based on the Invasion story. It was odd seeing a comic about the Invasion in a comic referencing the Invasion so kinda fourth wall breaking especially when the kid asked why they made comics about something like that as they didn’t want to read something in their comics that sucked so bad in real life.

This leads us to see that there are parallels in the comic and whats happening in the town as red X’s are appearing all over town on the houses. One of the characters mentions how they are finding it odd that everyone in the town seems to be kids who have one parent with the other one having died in the Invasion. We also see the person she told this too seems to be one of the Dominators who was instrumental in the Invasion being a human in disguise. The girl also says she thinks this means a certain guy has come back to town who just from their name seems like they were a murderer or at least someone who used knives to attack people.

We end the comic seeing the X’s all over the new kid’s house and the mom missing. She had been on an odd phone call earlier that makes me think she knows a bit more about the town they moved to than the kid does and that she’s hiding it from him. In the end, we see this scarecrow-like character who keeps talking by using the 3 Little Kittens rhyme. One of the Aliens asks if he got the target and we see a bloody bag behind the thing and the Alien asks what he did now. So we can surmise that the mom is probably dead now.

My biggest problem, other than the artwork in this issue, is we have no idea who is in this Inferior Five team or even what they are. I mean is the new kid going to be part of it? Are some of the other kids going to be part of it? Why is this so tied into the Invasion storyline which took place back in the 80’s yet talking about it like it was only a year or two ago? I mean yeah Invasion was just played out a few years ago in the Arrowverse, but this isn’t taking place there but in the main DC continuity it seems. Honestly, the comic left me with nothing but questions, no real defined plot to move forward with and no clear idea who the main characters are going to be nor why the comic is named what it is. The only thing I know for sure is it has to do with the Dominators. 

As if this wasn’t enough, they then had a short story of a few pages which shows Amanda Waller and Rick Flagg talking about a character named Peacekeeper. They are discussing things he went through in the Invasion and they show how it seems he is coming across underground lairs of Dominators. This still seemed weird that this too had such huge ties to the Invasion story.

Have any of you read this comic? If so what did you think about it? Did you end up with the same questions I did and if not do you mind letting us know in the comments what you got from it? If you want to help support us jump over to! Anything we make from this site will go back to making out site bigger and better for you as well as gaining more things to review for you!

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