ATG Comic Review: Hunt for Wolverine

Welcome back!  This week we have a huge title to go over as well as some outer space hijinks with everyone’s favorite aliens…well ok hijinks may be the wrong word but that’s up for another blog to decide! Our first blog this week comes from those bearded geeks over at Bearded Browncoats Comics and Games which can be found  both in Ocala Florida and now Gainesville Florida! The bearded ones have some sales coming up for Star Wars day which is the 4th of May and then don’t forget to check them out on May 5th for their deals and some free comics for Free Comic Book Day! Be sure to check out their Facebook page by checking out the banner above.

This week’s blog comes from one of the big two publishing houses…Marvel to be exact. Now before you get your hopes up, it’s not the one with the Red Goblin, no this one is the big Hunt for Wolverine! So let’s get right into this….I’m not sure whether to give you a spoiler warning or not for this one because in some ways people already know the outcome of the books if they have been paying attention to the Marvel comics at all lately…in fact there was another blog where we had mentioned some of the fall out from this very comic and that happened like a month ago. So you may know what has happened in some way shape or form but you don’t know what’s in this comic just what it leads up to. It’s a confusing next step and prequel all rolled up in one finely package story.

The story itself is wonderful, the story itself works perfectly the story itself should have come months ago and been called “The Rebirth of Wolverine” or “The Return of..” or “The Resurrection of…” and then have this as a lead in to some of the little vignettes we have already been seeing at the back of a lot of the things lately that have to deal with the Infinity stones. Because if you have been paying attention it was months ago that Wolverine turned up in possession of an Infinity stone and it has been a while too since he left it for Black Widow in Madripoor…so we know he’s back….this just kinda tells a story that makes everyone say “how did this happen OK lets go find him”

In this story, we hear about Wolverine and how he had died, which is something we have known for a few years now. He was entombed in Adamantium but we really didn’t know what happened after that which is what we kinda find out in the beginning of the book. The statue that was made of Wolverine due to his bath in the molten metal was left in a house in the wilderness of Canada where Wolverine called home. What we see in the beginning is the Reavers zeroing in on the cabin getting ready to take said statue or if not that then to try and make way with a bit of Wolverines DNA. The X-Men however are not going to let that happen as they have the place rigged with Alarms and since they are out in the middle of nowhere once they get in they don’t hold back. However the Reavers do crack open the Adamantium statue just to find out there is no body there!

We then find out that when Wolverine died and was found to be truly dead by every test Beast could do they had moved the statue to Canada but they didn’t want to leave Wolverine in it as it didn’t seem right to them. It is then revealed that Kitty Pryde used her power to phase Wolverine out of the statue. However after more testing it as decided he truly was dead and he got buried in a secret spot. Kitty went there to tell him about the altercation with the Reavers just to discover that Wolverine was not still in the grave. Kitty then approached Daredevil and then Tony Stark to help them find Wolverine and Stark starts to contact those Wolverine was in the Avengers with to help him out.

This brings us back to the ending of one of the infinity books that recently came out as Kitty is planning on leading a force of X-Men into Madripoor to find Wolverine. However, we all know he has already been there!

I think this was a great comic, it was a lot of fun and had some great action. I loved the twist of Kitty using her powers to get the corpse from the statue so they could bury him. My only complaint is this story comes too late considering we all already knew he was back with those little cameos we have been seeing for quite some time now.  What did you guys think of this comic if you’ve read it? Sound off below!

4 thoughts on “ATG Comic Review: Hunt for Wolverine

  1. Marvel is renowned for dishing out great publishing works. The big hunt for wovering should be read by all who enjoy creative ideas.

  2. Extremely decent post. I get the hang of Hunt for Wolverine by this article thanks parcel for sharing the article.

  3. That’s cool how they had Kitty Pryde phase Logan out of the adamantium. I always wondered if she would have any problem phasing through something like that. I wonder if this book was supposed to come out earlier, but some sort of scheduling issue arose. By the way, could you talk more about the art in future reviews. I like to know how the art is because that’s a major factor in buying comic books. Thanks.

    1. Sure thing I’ll try to fit that in….normally I don’t much talk about the art unless it is something I don’t like because that would be one thing that makes it where I wouldn’t recommend. For example I would never recommend E for Extinction from the Secret Wars thing they did in Marvel because the Art was horrible in my opinion….when it’s good though I usually don’t think about mentioning it since it is good.

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