ATG Comic Review: Franklin Richards A Fantastic Year

So there is a danger in working with more than one shop for doing Reviews. You sometimes end up having both shops wanting the same thing reviewed or if you’re like me you have a pull list at both shops so that you’re not favoring one over another and you find yourself buying at one shop just to get to the other one and seeing they want to have you review that. It’s not often as my shops like to give me mainly interesting and off the beaten path things. This week however, I almost had the Return of Wolverine to play with but I ended up buying it first. So this week from Bearded Browncoat we get….another mashup….kinda…sorta….well it’ll make sense once I start talking about it. Just remember Bearded Browncoat has two shops one in Ocala Florida and one in Gainesville Florida. These guys are always holding gaming tournaments and events and such especially on weekends when I know they are open late on friday nights for magic. So if you want to see the new games and events be sure to click the buttons below to go to their facebook pages which are of course linked by their town! So be sure to give some love to the Bearded ones! Also remember if you like what we’re doing and would like to support us drop by and leave us a tip. Every little bit will go back into the website or go to charity, nothing will be wasted!

So this week with Wolverine already bought, our Bearded friends grabbed us a fun little comic called Franklin Richards A Fantastic Year. OMG the nostalgia that came with this book. I had to look up the writer/artist to make sure he wasn’t the guy who did Calvin and Hobbes because it very much had that tone to it. The artwork was fun and playful and in most ways reminded me of Calvin and Hobbes one of my fave Sunday cartoons and in some ways reminded me of Peanuts which is my all time favorite Sunday comic! Even the story was a “What if” Charles Shultz and Bill Waters worked on a Fantastic Four book for kids! It was filled with one or two page long stories just like a collection of Sunday comics from Shultz or Waterson would have been. Everything about this was a throwback to my days of stealing the comics pages from my parents so I could read both Peanuts and Calvin and Hobbes. This was light hearted and fun and very refreshing from all of the more adult story lines we see in comics now a days. This was a much needed remove from the harshness of reality and left me laughing and reading off panels to my wife as I found great humor in them.

Franklin Richards Son of a Genius, which is what each of these mini stories were called, could easily run in any sunday comics page of any newspaper and be a huge success. I cannot recommend this comic enough. If you love humor it has it…if you loved the Peanuts or Calvin and Hobbes it has the same style as both of them and a lot of things that just feel like easter eggs back to the two of them. This book gets nothing but the highest praise from me! There are so many wonderful little stories in this that will make you laugh and chuckle and maybe even ROFL a little at times. So get it and check it out for yourself and then let us know what you think in the comments below!!!!

2 thoughts on “ATG Comic Review: Franklin Richards A Fantastic Year

  1. I’ve seen solicitations for Franklin Richards and every time I saw the art, I thought of CALVIN AND HOBBES. I’ve wanted to pick the book up because I’ve heard some good feedback but I always was hesitant because I didn’t know if it was just a poor derivative of CALVIN AND HOBBES. Now that I have Marvel Digital Unlimited, I’m going to check the back issues out and see how it is. Thanks for letting us know the book is out. I don’t get to the comic shop much so this is helpful.

  2. This really caught my attention because I have to admit I loved Calvin and Hobbes in my own Sunday Comics! The comics section would always be inserted in the newspaper and my dad would always hand it to me. I’ll definitely have to check Franklin Richards out, maybe to give me the feel and nostalgia of how much joy Calvin and Hobbes brought to me.

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