ATG Comic Review: Firefly #2 & #3

So welcome back to a new year from Draxisweb and All Things Geek. We hope to be bringing on a new writer soon so stay tuned for some new content. I also want to extend my sincere thanks to Bearded Browncoats Comics and Games in Ocala, Florida for partnering with us so soon in the new year to once again bring you some awesome comic reviews. We have 2 official reviews and they also threw in a third one for me to help with some bad mojo I have been going through recently. So, since that gave me two issues in a series I am gonna drop the two issues into one here. Be sure to check out the facebook page of the bearded ones by clicking on the banner above…yeah thanks to changes in the WordPress editors we are back to adding the top banners. Make certain you stay tuned to this post below for information about Firefly issues 2 and 3!

So if you remember we did a review on the first issue in this Firefly series and I’ll just give a quick rundown on that. Awesome comedy like what’s expected from Firefly. They had a fun little storyline of the Serenity breaking down (again), and them working to escort some kinda odd pilgrims on their pilgrimage to a holy site on the planet of Bethlehem. Of course, nothing is easy and they have unifiers and gangs hounding them.

So now 2 and 3 come along and you start to find out a bit more about why the Unifiers are hunting down Mal and Zoey. They are claiming that they are war criminals that killed hundreds after a ceasefire was called. It is also seeming with flashbacks that this may be a bit true and that Mal and Zoey aren’t quite as innocent of wrongdoing as we all would like to think…but then again in war people are known to sometimes do drastic things especially when friends and family were killed. We have a little bit of the comedy from the first one but this has more of a serious tone to these two than the first one did but it does still have its moments that make you shake your head with laughter. The gang still figures in with the trouble, the Unifiers are still coming after them, Zoey and Wash are shooting each other….yeah not going to give more away about that you’ll just have to read it to see why. Oh and the weird pilgrims..yeah they just end up getting a LOT weirder and adding yet another problem for our heroes!

All in all, I am really loving this series so far. It is still everything I loved about the show and a nice little look into the past of two of the more enigmatic characters (other than Book that is). I can’t wait to see what else comes down the line in this series!

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