ATG Comic Review: Edge of Spidergeddon

Welcome back everyone!  We are keeping the great reviews coming your way with a second comic also given to us by Vibranium Comics of Ocala, FL.  As we get closer and closer to October, we get closer and closer to Halloween ComicFest which is just like Free Comicbook Day but cooler because it’s horror based! Vibranium will be doing this this year as well as many other great events between now and then. All you have to do to find out the dates and times of their events is to click on the banner above and go to their facebook page or click the banner below to find their website to shop from the comfort of home!

This second comic we have this week is called Edge of Spidergeddon. I’m guessing that this is going to be a series of things leading up to a big spiderverse series just like the Edge of the Venomverse led up to a huge thing with a ton of symbiotes. What we see here is what I am told is a return to the world of Spider-Punk (Sorry Spiderman) where it’s someone named Hobbie who was bitten by the Spiderman Spider and got the powers. He has superhero friends like the Hulk who is also all punked out and Captain Anarchy instead of Captain America. It turns out in this that Kang has come back in time to kidnap Spider-Punk as in 2099 he owns the likeness of most of the now superheroes of that world. Since he owns the likeness Kang is getting rich off of movies and dolls and action figures and the like and figures that bringing the one and only Spider-punk back to the future would net him quite a bit of money. Once the main battle is done and Spidey is safe (but with the knowledge from the future that he dies early) he is then approached by Spidergirl who I am assuming is the daughter of Spiderman from the MC2 universe of comics and asked if he wants to go for an adventure.

All in all I had fun with this comic. I was able to get invested in this the way I haven’t really been able to do with my typical X-Men comics lately. This coupled with the brief looks I got from the previews magazine has convinced me to drop X-Men and go to Spiderverse for a little while at least. So yeah I recommend this for a little fun romp on an alternate earth!

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2 thoughts on “ATG Comic Review: Edge of Spidergeddon

  1. I can definitely see Spider-Man as a punk rocker. That being said, this storyline doesn’t sound like my cup of tea. I think I’ll stick to the Marvel Mash-Up like the Dr. Strange/Captain America one. BTW, how many books does Marvel publish a month? It sounds like they are producing more books than ever. Can’t help but wonder if they’re going quantity vs. quality.

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