ATG Comic Review: Bronze Age Boogie #1

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Just a bit of news from a personal level before we get right into things. I want to thank Vibranium Comics for helping us with the Relay for Life by putting out a donation bucket for us. As of the writing of this, we had our Relay in Ocala last night. It looked pretty good on turnout for being in a smaller place and we were told things were up from last year so let’s hope we keep growing. So thank you!

This week we have a comic from Ahoy Comics called Bronze Age Boogie. This comic is a real throwback to the bronze age of comics in like the ’60s and ’70s which is what it is supposed to be so in that it succeeds. The characters in this comic are interesting too, we have Conan type characters, Doom Patrol type characters, Aliens and a couple of talking Chimps, so in this, it works. What kept killing the comic for me though was some of the dialog and such in the part that took place around 4,000 years ago. You have this warrior princess saying things like Pizzaface and talking about grammar and she has a box of knickknacks from like present days. Her dad whose like Conan says Cephalopod at one point!

The thing that throws me off though is to hear the Conan type character speak later to her they don’t make any mention of time travel or anything like that. In fact, the only mention of time travel in this part comes from a talking chimp who says if her dad knew he could talk he’d probably be burned at the stake. So if the dad is the typical fantasy realm king then where do some of the big words come from? Why does his daughter have things form the future? If he knows of things like time travel then why would a time-traveling talking chimp bother him? There was just too much in this fantasy type of setting that threw me out of the setting and that’s what took up most of the story.

At the end of the book was another small story about a bear being shot into space in a rocket and getting slammed by a Magnetic Storm. This storm, of course, floods the bear with radiation and the rocket comes crashing back down to earth with a now talking bear in it. Interesting to see where that one took.

While things were throwing me a bit, it did keep my attention enough that I am curious where it will go from here. I think I may get some more of this one just to see if my questions about the one girl get answered. I enjoyed the artwork and honestly want to read some more about the talking bear if for nothing else but to see if he smacks around the ass of a guy that was also in that short story.

We want to hear from you, so sound off below! Would you read something like this or would the oddness in the one character turn you off of this? Is the idea of nostalgia for the old days of comics a good thing to you for a story or would you rather just see something new that’s it’s own thing? Let us know below and remember if you love what we do here and want to support us then drop by and drop us a tip. Anything we make from Ko-fi which is the only way we make any money off of this site will go toward making this site bigger and better and bring you more and more reviews of all kinds!

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