ATG Comic Review: Black Panther vs Deadpool

So this week we have yet another busy weekend coming up, so if we can get this done this should be up on Friday! OMG OMG OMG how things have been piling on. I have a huge pile of like 10 newer comics that I want to review that I just can’t seem to get myself to with everything else going on! I have my WXW 22nd Anniversary blog to still do not to mention trying to start making a steampunk outfit for use in February! Last weekend we had some time off which was probably good because we had Necronomicon to go to (An Awesome Con in Tampa). Necro was a lot of fun even though I was feeling under the weather; now that I am feeling better this weekend of course is the weekend before Halloween so we have a ton of activities coming up. Friday we have a fitting for my CPAP, my kiddo gets to dress up at school (a pirate) and then go back to school at night for some trick or treating (a skeleton). Then of course on Saturday we have Halloween ComicFest at Vibranium Comics and their Halloween party later that night. Add to this a Halloween thing at the Ocala Airport that sounds like fun and maybe even a hopefully not too scary thing at the Fort King Historic Trails and boy is my weekend busy. However, like they say in the shopping commercials “But wait that’s not all….” Monday I have my 3 year CT Scan for Cancer and Tuesday my Doctors for it and then Wednesday we have the actual Halloween stuff to do!!!! PHEW I can’t wait for November…so far in November all we have is Thanksgiving that I know of!


So be sure this week to check out Vibranium Comics and Games in Ocala as early as you can for Halloween Comicfest…if you’re not near Ocala then find your closest Comic Shop and see if they are taking part in this. For those that don’t know HCF is a lot like Free Comic Book Day in that the shops have bought a selection of comics to give away to you the customers. So check out the links below to find out from facebook about times and such for HCF and for the Halloween party later that night.

Now onto the review and we have…..DEADPOOL….aaaaannnnnnnnnd BLACK PANTHER! Two characters that are guaranteed to be a hit that when put together in Black Panther vs Deadpool honestly fall far short of the mark. First off the artwork in this comic was atrocious in my opinion, the fact that the masks looked like odd moving faces just kinda creeped me out and the maskless characters just looked weird as hell. Add to this the fact that Deadpool’s 4th wall breaking actually breaks this storyline midway because he knows how these books go and says he has been in enough of these before just kinda ruins it. Sometimes the 4th wall breaking breaks it too hard and I think this was one of those times, it totally calls out the fact that this is a worthless throw away book that’s only working because it is throwing two high selling characters together to make them fight in a silly mistake before they go and work together to do something good.


Once a character breaks it down to that there’s really nothing left to it than to just play out the stereotypical parts. The lead up was alright but nothing spectacular with Deadpool saving a bunch of kids just to accidentally almost kill Mailman Willy Lumpkin a well known character in the Fantastic Four comics. Of course there is something that is experimental that Stark has worked with to save himself from a similar thing but it requires Vibranium. Deadpool goes to get the Vibranium and instead of saying why he needs it of course goes and says he needs a piece a certain size which Black Panther notes is about the size of a bullet. Of course Deadpool doesn’t correct him especially since he makes the comment about how they could just skip the whole misunderstanding part.


The only real part I enjoyed was during the fight Black Panther cuts off Deadpool’s arm with his new giant Vibranium Laser Nanobot Scalpel thing. The biggest reason why I like this part is because they claim in it that Deadpool’s healing factor isn’t actually healing but that the Cancer in him is whats healing him because it’s coming back to reform things. In many ways this makes sense since Cancer is replacement cells that are growing wrong they are a replacement that has gone sideways. So to say that his healing is actually his cancer that his body heals the way cancer grows instead of like say Wolverine where he gets things back perfectly at least to me makes perfect sense.


All in all the comic just fell flat to me. There was very little of it that I enjoyed. The art started me off on the wrong foot and it just kept dropping from there. What do you guys think? Are you sick of the self-serving typical crossover and want to see something new? Or is this type of thing perfectly fine for you still just so long as you like the characters?


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  1. That definitely sounds like a busy week, Kev! Don’t forget to take breaks from time to time, I know how you get so enthusiastic about all the stuff! Interestingly enough, I would not have imagined a comic to focused solely on Black Panther and Deadpool. I think you’ve made a clear point there that too much breaking of the wall by Deadpool made the comic not as enticing to read content wise. But I guess there are hits and misses in the comic book world!

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