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Welcome back ladies and gents, boys and girls, friends and neighbors! We hope you had an awesome Easter and got lots of candy in your baskets! I know even though we ended up being sick we had a great time as did our son. This year he was finally getting into the swing of hunting for the eggs instead of just wandering around randomly, so things went a lot faster this year and was a bit more fun! One hit this year that made me proud was a 3d printed Om Nom that I printed out for him…it was a hit and since I made it and then painted it myself it gave me a great feeling of joy to see how happy he was with it. However, between Easter, getting our comics late on Friday instead of Wednesday, and then being sick for most of Saturday and Sunday well it just didn’t work to write up all of our blogs. So, I do apologize for this one coming out almost in time for the next weeks comics, and I do hope you’ll forgive me! The second comic we have for you this week is one from our good pals at Vibranium who have some events coming your way soon such as a Trivia night and Scribbles. Be sure to friend them on facebook by clicking the linked banner above to keep up to date on all of their events or click the banner below to do a little online shopping!

So anyway you see the image for Spoilers on this one and I think this one kinda does need them since it is soooooooo huge! I will only be touching upon the main story in the book because I did not yet read the secondary one. So the book we have this week is the Marvel legacy book Daredevil #600 which I believe is the conclusion to the Mayor Fisk storyline at least for now. So I haven’t been following this since the first Mayor Fisk book that we reviewed so there was a bit of recap at the front that was real nice to have. As we know from last time Wilson Fisk AKA the Kingpin of Crime was somehow made Mayor of New York, he then appointed Matt Murdock as his lawyer to keep enemies closer still not knowing that was Daredevil and then made a law that said the Vigilante Heroes were now criminals and would be arrested where possible. Since then, we have seen Fisk make Matt his deputy Mayor and as such he has overhead Fisk planning to meet with a bunch of the crime bosses to hand out special favors to them before a rally he was prepared to speak at. Daredevil thus gets a bunch of heroes together including Moon Knight, Misty Knight, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Spiderman and a few others typically associated with the Bronx and Hells Kitchen area to stake out the meeting. The plan is once fisk is there and caught red handed with the crime bosses to swoop in and keep them all together till the police can get there.

From here we see Black Cat, Hammer Head and a few other notorious crime bosses meeting and waiting for Fisk who of course doesn’t show up. The bosses start to think they were called together in an effort to get them to kill each other so what do they do…take out guns and start to try and kill each other duh! Spidey and the gang jump in to stop the carnage while Daredevil is supposed to make the call to cops but before he can make the call the cops start to surround the building anyway. It was a setup! Fisk wanted to arrest the other crime bosses so he set them up and the heroes get arrested as a bonus. Daredevil goes to confront Fisk to try and get the heroes released and Fisk beats the hell out of him. As daredevil is being carted off by the police Fisk takes the stage.

Suddenly NINJAS! (yup gotta love being able to use that phrase in a blog…thanks Marvel!) It’s the Hand and they fill Fisk full of holes with some well aimed Arrows. Fisk goes down, reports of ninjas all over the city! Daredevil gets thrown in the cops van as he begs to have them release him so he can help. Outside the Van Fisk’s aids talk about how he can’t be Mayor now as he was cut down and needs to go to the Hospital and so the next in line was someone in the cabinet or some such thing. This other guy stops the and says that the previous Mayor changed all that when he changed things to give himself a third run and Fisk had not changed it back yet so the new Mayor would be the Deputy Mayor AKA Matt Murdock!!!!!

All in all, this book was great for some good action points. There is a side piece on this too between Muse and Blindside or some such guy I can’t remember his name really, but it had some good action going on as well. The Cameos from everyone were great, the twist at the end was amazing and had me laughing my butt off at the baddies. All in all, I loved this one. It also has some small thing at the end that I never got to finish reading so there’s even another Daredevil story to surprise you with after this blog! This one is very much recommended!

Did you read this comic? What Are your thoughts? Sound off below and let us know- after all these blogs are here for you to voice your thoughts and opinions on too!

3 thoughts on “ATG Comic Review Daredevil #600

  1. Simply awesome. Daredevil I call a reunion of heroes like Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, my favorite Spiderman and some others. The setup involving Fisk was a cool one and I loved how the Ninjas stepped in and Daredevil tried to play the hero. The whole twist was interesting and I sure enjoyed it.

  2. I’m glad I came across this review because the concept of a Mayor Fisk sounds intriguing. Marvel does have some interesting hooks, but the execution is where they’ve lost me over the last decade. Whether it was Civil War or Secret Invasion, the company put out what sounded like can’t-miss scenarios, yet made them lackluster. I might break down and get the trade when it comes out on Kindle.

  3. This one I was able to skim through because my bestfriend who is a geek for anything marvel and DC she would be one of the first to have and it just so happens the book she was bringing on was this one. Although I didn’t completely understand the storyline because of all the other backstories you would have to read beforehand, I think I enjoyed how everything just came together here. I particularly like Daredevil and Jessica Jones because I find them pretty badass in their own fields!

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