ATG Comic Review: Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda

So welcome back everyone this week we have 2 new comic reviews for you. I have to admit, this has been one heck of an insane week. I have still been recovering from the radiation treatments and on Monday, my dad ended up going and getting a triple bypass after spending a week in the hospital before that….so things have been insane, to say the least. However, I am not about to let this type of thing keep us from bringing you some good new reviews. I also want to thank Vibranium Comics and Games in Ocala Florida for sponsoring these reviews! 

Vibranium is an awesome comic store with an owner who really cares about his customers. It always feels like we’re off to visit family when we go into Vibranium and not just some nameless customers like in some stores. So make sure you check out their facebook page by clicking the banner above and if you happen to be in the St Augustine area this weekend (20-22) be sure to check out Ancient City Con where Vibranium has a booth set up. Ancient City Con was the first con I ever went to as a guest and the first con that Draxisweb Productions ever started selling our books and crafts at.

So, our first comic review from Vibranium comes from Marvel this week. Our second one will be from DC as we have dueling reviews this time. I want to preface this by saying yes a lot of times you will see glowing reviews from me as I do tend to enjoy most comics. This week, however, you will be seeing some of my rarer negative reviews which just goes to prove I keep things real here and don’t just give good reviews to everything. No one has bought our opinions. So, here we go right into things!

Our first review this week is Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda. So, I want to say first I enjoyed the story of it. I like the fact that someone is stepping in to fill the shoes of a now-gone S.H.I.E.L.D (Though Honestly since I haven’t been reading the right comics I have no clue where S.H.I.E.L.D. disappeared to!) I liked how they started going after a group calling themselves the Scavengers (Pronounced Sc-Avengers) and then heading off on an interesting little mission where they run into what seems to be demons. They even had a little interlude where they talk about some of the fallout from the War of the Realms storyline of which I only know the X-Men’s part of. I also quite liked the artwork in the book.

So what put me off on this first book in the series was the team that was made here. It was a combination of known heroes, middling heroes and then people who to me were complete unknowns. It was like they took a bingo hopper and filled it with names and just randomly drew out the names. They have Black Panther in the lead (and also Chairman of the Avengers it seems, once again overusing certain popular characters in my opinion). Then you have Okoye as the field leader though I don’t remember the actual name they gave her position. She makes sense as does Black Panther though honestly, I would have put Shuri on the team but she isn’t here. So those two are the only Wakandan members of the Agents of Wakanda, makes sense right? Next, they have Janet VanDyne AKA the Wasp. Janet is a good choice for the team as she has some good experience as a member of the Avengers in the past. 

In the beginning, you also see John Jamison III AKA Man-Wolf. While he has been in many comics he has never really been a huge spotlight character, at least not that I have seen though it is possible I have missed some somewhere. Then you have Broo I know of him but he never really struck me as being a big character. Next, we come to Ka-Zar. Ka-Zar is a well-known name however to me he just doesn’t seem to fit in with this team. Ka-Zar is from the Savage Lands and is a very much Tarzan like character. He tends to travel with a Saber-toothed Tiger and has been featured in many other comics as well as his own. He has crossed paths with the X-Men quite often as they end up finding themselves in the Savage Lands often. I think he makes a great character on his own in a Tarzan like story or a good cameo character when people go to the Savage Land I’m just not sure he fits in a comic like this. Then we go to characters that I have no clue on like Gorilla-Man (yup there’s a Man-Wolf and a Gorilla-Man on this team). Then we have Fat Cobra who is one of the few animal-named characters here that has no real Animal characteristics but is instead a Sumo like immortal kung-fu warrior that I’ve never heard of. There’s also Jason Strongbow AKA American Eagle who I think I remember from the Civil War Storyline when they were signing people up for the 50 states initiative but haven’t seen since then. Last but not least is an old S.H.I.E.L.D. agent named Rosalind Solomon who I also don’t know a thing about. She has appeared with Thor in the past but that’s all I know of her and that’s only from looking her up. In this story, they didn’t even feature all of the characters as Broo, American Eagle, Rosalind Solomon, Gorilla-Man and Ka-Zar were all on some other assignment. To me, this group is just an odd combination and not one that really inspires me to read the book.

What do you guys think of this team? Is this a group of characters that appeals to you or do you not quite get them like me? Let us hear from you below about your thoughts on this! Also, if you would like to support us on this site be sure to click on the links in the site or go to Anything we make through donations or sales will go to making this site bigger and better and bringing in more comics and toys and more to review for you!

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