ATG Comic Review: Avengers Halloween Special 2018

Welcome back to our second comic review of the week. I am finding it funny that we seem to have similar things each week from Vibranium. Such as we had a while where almost everything seemed to be mashups that we ended up reviewing and now this week we have two books filled with short stories. Now the big questions is did Marvel do better than DC in the short stories? We’ll find out below but first be sure to check out our sponsors Vibranium Comics at their facebook page linked below or check out their website also linked below.

So our second comics this week is the Avengers Halloween Special though to be honest it would have been better off called the Marvel Halloween Special. I say this because it is a bunch of short stories and it touches on more than just the Avengers. What we have in this comic is a mashup of traditional scary movies and stories mashed up with the Marvel heroes. So what do I mean by this. Well there was a story about Ironman going to the Arctic to find a weapon his dad had been working on to stop Stane from stealing Stark Enterprises. The weapon was Captain America and Stark had hired the team of Deadpool and Colossus to gather him up. The story itself was derived from the movie John Carpenter’s Thing as Cap was a shape shifting creature that was trying to devour them. We also saw a play on Phantom of the Opera where the Phantom is the Punisher because his wife was killed in a plot by La Carlotta and her lover to make her the #1 singer at the Opera. We saw a story where the Fantastic Four were taken over by demons or aliens of some kind and only Doctor Doom knew about it and he tries to stop them. There was also a story about Daredevil where he got new eyes from a dead donor but started hallucinating things because the doctor was threatened by Wilson Fisk and so he implanted special tear-ducts filled with hallucinogens so he would always hallucinate and see things that weren’t there because Fisk knew who he was now and was coming for him. My favorite one though was probably when two kids go to trick or treat at an abandoned X-Mansion because the one girl is a mutant. They run into some scary stuff in the basement but get a timely save and treat from none other than Wolverine.

When compared to the Batman book from earlier, I think that Marvel hit a home run with the short stories whereas DC came up short. Unlike the Batman shorts the Marvel shorts all felt whole and finished. I very much enjoyed the Marvel special whereas to me the DC one was just meh. Have you guys read both of these yet and if so which do you think was better? Sound off below and let us know!

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