ATG Comic Review: Aliens Dust to Dust #1

Whew! This week has been INSANE! Between health going wonkers and seeing the amazing movie known as Avengers Infinity War I just can’t think of this as anything but insane this past week. Speaking of insane, the comic shop that brings us this review is about to have an insane week of their own. Today when this is posted will be the 1st of May which is the 1 year Anniversary of Vibranium Comics and Games, on the 4th of course its Star Wars day and then the 5th is Free Comic Book Day so be sure to go into Vibranium on all these days to find good discounts and values and fun! Check out their website for more information by visiting the banner above or check out their webstore by clicking the banner at the end of this blog.

So, I gotta jump right into this and unfortunately, this is going to be a short short little blog. It’s not that this is a bad comic or not filled with stuff…it’s also not that there is a bunch of stuff I don’t want to spoil either. The problem is this book is Aliens: Dust to Dust and the best way to describe it is everything you love about the aliens franchise in one little book. I hear this is supposed to be a 4 issue series and I am grabbing it up as I love anything Alien. This one however, I don’t know if there will be a happy ending as right now you have the colony of people running from the Aliens who are doing what they tend to do and just devastating the colony the only way they know how…without mercy or remorse. I really can’t say much about this other than there is a ton of action, theres Aliens all over the place, there’s blood, and gore, and everything you would expect from something in the Aliens franchise.

I loved it and say you should buy it. I have no clue what’s going to come in the later issues, but so far it is staying true to the Aliens franchise of comics and thus I love every second of it. What do you guys think f the Aliens franchise of comics? Is it as good as the movies or better do you think? Sound off below and let us know!

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  1. Avengers Infinity War is actually incredible and fun to see. Vinbranium comics also has some good stuff to offer, the store is worth visiting.

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