ATG Chainmail: Half Persian 3 in 1

The second weave I learned when I got my chainmail was what’s called Half Persian 3 in 1. As the name implies, this is a half weave where 3 rings are attached to every 1. I really love this weave and how well it makes both bracelets and necklaces. I enjoy how you can play with the color combinations on this to come up with some interesting looks. While this is a fairly easy weave compared to many, it is very fiddly in the beginning to start it off. This is why it is commonly recommended by the pros that you keep about an inch long piece around to start the various pieces you make in the future. Now, of course, I’m a glutton for punishment with my crafts so I always start one of these from scratch because I figure how will I ever get good at it if I don’t? Some pictures of the pieces with this weave that I have made so far will be in a gallery below and I’ll link a tutorial video at the end of this blog.

If you’d like a handmade bracelet of this made by us, we can make one for $25 with $5 shipping. Currently, we can make this in the following colors: Silver, Gold, Black, Red, Green, and Purple.

If you’d like a necklace in the same color combinations as above we can do one for $55 with $5 shipping

We make these in Anodized or Bright Aluminum so they are nice and light but still stand up pretty good as jewelry pieces. We hope to bring more colors and metal types to you eventually but for that we need some help in getting some tools so we can keep prices down. If you would like to help with that then you can visit our GoFundMe page HERE!

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