ATG Comic Review: Absolute Carnage Separation Anxiety

So here we are back with our second comic review of the week. Once again, this has been provided to us by our good friends at Vibranium Comics and Games in Ocala Florida. This week has been a fun week for us for the comics we have gotten to review, I just wish we had more because these comics made me want to keep reading more and more, but alas there were only two! Lets go and show Vibranium how much we all appreciate what they do for this site and drop by their website by clicking the banner below. They now have a youtube page that will be posting up various videos with news about comics and things that they are doing with their shop. So stop by their youtube channel and make sure to subscribe you can find it here ~>

This week we had a bit of a theme going on as our second comic is also an Absolute Carnage title. This time though we have the subtitle of “Separation Anxiety” This was actually my absolute favorite comic this week even though it technically didn’t have any well known or main characters in it. This comic was amazing because it could have easily been translated into a wonderful psychological horror show. Not movie length of course, but easily a half hour or maybe even hour episode if they fleshed it out well enough. In many ways this comic reminded me of some of my favorite creature horror movies like TerrorVision and Critters mixed with the Psychological sides of movies like Nightmare on Elm Street, WishMaster and Cube!

Things started simply enough with a child. The product of a broken family as her mother is ready to take the kids and move across town. The child finds a stray dog coming up to the house and talks to it spilling her heart out to it about how she wished her family could be whole again. The girl goes to get her brother and show him the dog she found, which she let into the house. As she’s getting her brother we get to our creature feature part as the dog suddenly attacks the kids arguing parents revealing itself to be not just a dog but one of the venom like Symbiotes! The kids come back down to find their parents taken over by the Symbiotes and now they are getting along just like the daughter wanted but in the worst way possible. Sure now the parents are getting along but they are now agreed that they need to also make the kids into Symbiotes! This brings in the typical horror movie chase with jump scares and suspenseful moments. The psychological side ramps up as the little brother gets caught by the Symbiotes and turned. The girl is caught as well but isn’t turned as the monsters toy with her, diving even further into the psychological horror tropes. They have a scene reminiscent of the dinner scene from Rocky Horror Picture Show and in the end what I enjoyed the most is that like the first Jeepers Creepers movie you could say that the monsters won. Once the entire family was converted they hid the Symbiote forms and started a road trip towards New York where Knull seems to be calling all the Symbiotes to.

Personally I LOVED this foray into horror and psychology that you don’t often find in comics and don’t often find mixed so well when you do see them. The story was excellent for having no known characters. I would love to see more of this kind of story being told, maybe we’ll get lucky when DC brings in the Hill House series of comics from Joe Hill. Also, the artwork on this one was fabulous but that tends to be a common thing on the various Symbiote comics that are out.

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