ATG Chainmail: European 4 in 1

One of the first chainmail weaves I tried once I got my chainmail was the European 4in1. This is a simple but lovely weave that also becomes the basis of several other weaves that I have been playing with. It can be at the smallest 3 rows wide but you can also add extra rows onto it. I have made some nice bracelets from this weave as well as a ring out of tiny rings all of which are pictured below. This weave made a good choker necklace but I think it would lay a bit odd if you made it into a longer necklace. The basis for this weave is in the name itself that for every single ring you add in the middle four more rings pass through it to make the base weave. I’ll leave a link to a tutorial video down below the pictures so you too can see how it’s made!

If you’d like a bracelet in this weave you can contact us and we’ll custom make you one for $30 for 3 rows and $40 for 5. You will need to include $5 shipping for this. These can be made in single color or dual color like in the pictures. We will be working on some cool designs later on. Currently, we can make this in the following colors: Silver, Gold, Black, Red, Green, and Purple.

If you’d like a necklace in the same color combinations as above we can do one for $60 for 3 rows or $75 for 5 rows. This will need $5 shipping

If you’d like a ring we can make one in silver for $25 for a 3 row and $30 for a 5 row with $3 shipping.

We make these in Anodized or Bright Aluminum so they are nice and light but still stand up pretty good as jewelry pieces. We hope to bring more colors and metal types to you eventually but for that we need some help in getting some tools so we can keep prices down. If you would like to help with that then you can visit our GoFundMe page HERE!

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