ATG Chainmail: Dice Bags

Hey there everyone. So we have some new Chainmail goodies that we are making for All Things Geek in the form of Dice Bags. Our dice bags are made from .25” Anodized Aluminum rings and contain close to 1,200 rings! So far, we have two bags available both with a gaming inlay design however we are willing to take commissions and try to create new inlays. Right now we have a Legend of Zelda Tri-Force dice bag as well as a Harley Quinn themed dice bag. I have plans to try to make a Superman/girl bag, Batwoman and Flash, to name just a few.

We have tested these bags out and they can hold up to 62 dice! We’re planning on trying for some other smaller sizes for a smaller amount of dice. With these being aluminum, they are both durable and lightweight. This makes them perfect for carrying dice to and from game-night or when you are at cons and such! We can make ones with inlays like the Tri-Force or we can do single or multiple color combinations that don’t have pictures.

We now have smaller bags that hold approx 10 dice! Perfect for a friend or loved one just getting into D&D that hasn’t yet started to horde dice or perfect for your lucky dice set! These are also made with .25”aluminum jump rings.

Pricing is $70 with $5 Shipping and Handling for our normal-sized bags

Pricing is $15 with $2 shipping for our small bags

There will be about a 2 week turn around time for this as it takes up so many rings I will most likely have to purchase some rings and get them in and then a few days to make it.

Our first 2 dice bags and our small bags are in a gallery below and as we make more we will add the pictures of them to it. If you’re interested in ordering just contact Draxisweb with the subject line of Dice Bag.

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