Aromatherapy Soap – More Than A Nice Smell for Springtime

hsw-all-natural-soaps4There are many  health tips available out there for the skincare-conscious person who wants to keep their skin soft and healthy. There are also a number of tips for keeping yourself and your family healthy all year round. Numerous health and beauty products can offer great results, but many of these cost a lot of money, are time consuming to use, or use harsh chemicals that cause unwanted side effects. One major tip that is super simple to follow is to go natural!

manysoapsOne growing trend in the world of home health is aromatherapy- the use of fragrances to stimulate and elicit certain responses. Have you smelled lavender and felt yourself start to relax? Does the smell of ginger or eucalyptus help clear your sinus or chest congestion? When you smell vanilla does it help relieve your headache? These are all examples of how aromatherapy can help make you a happier and healthier person. And best of all, aromatherapy can be used quite effectively in the shower with aroma soaps. The benefits of aromatherapy showers can be amazing, and there are many reasons why people enjoy them. Spring is one of the best seasons to enjoy these refreshing showers for a number of reasons:


  • These showers often use fragrance oils, and the oils have certain health benefits that are easily felt when used with your steam showers. Suds up with some homemade all-natural sops and unleash a private aromatherapy session in your own steamy bathroom.
  • Natural oils like the ones used in showers and baths are generally free of side effects, have no harsh chemicals, and safe, and are very beneficial to the skin and the body as a whole.
  • Spring is the popular time for aromatherapy showers because it is when the weather starts to warm and it is when wonderful fragrances and the most desired. Warm weather is the best for aromatherapy because it helps the fragrance spread and makes it easier for the body to absorb it.


  • Cleaning is a word often associated with spring and thee showers can help not just with cleaning out and freshening the bathroom- it can do the same for your body by helping you relax, unwind, stay healthy, and keep you physically and mentally well.
  • Homemade soaps are a wonderful way to enjoy a fresh cool shower. Aromatherapy all-natural soaps can provide an array of benefits that you can enjoy. Choose a different fragrance for every day or select one that fits your needs. Feeling a little achy? Try some eucalyptus soap to ease those sore muscles? Fighting a cold? Consider a citrus or ginger fragrance soap. The types of soaps you can enjoy are virtually endless and you can likely find the soap that will help with your specific needs.

third-day-soap-samplerIf you have been thinking about adding aromatherapy showers to part of your regular routine, now is the best time to start. As the weather starts to warm with the approach of spring, you can begin planning your aromatherapy sessions. Pick out your favorite fragrances and get ready to be amazed at how much better you will after just a few sessions. If you are looking for some great homemade all-natural soaps, check out our Square Shop and order some or comment below and let us know what special fragrances you would want to see, and we will do our best to make it happen!

8 thoughts on “Aromatherapy Soap – More Than A Nice Smell for Springtime

  1. For my birthday last year I received a wonderful Lavender Aromatherapy set formed of bath salts, natural oils and olive oil based soaps. I can say with certainty that I’ve never had a more relaxing shower or bath than the ones where I used this set. And the fragrance was divine! This post made me think it might be time to start thinking about purchasing some replacements for that set.

    1. Check out our shop for some great options!

      The plain soap, aloe soap, super creamy, and the swirl soap can be made with lavender upon request! You can also send us an email for custom orders at

  2. I always prefer natural cosmetics and bathing items over artificial because natural things are harmless and free of any harsh chemical. Last summer, my sister gave me this Ginger soap and I like its smell. At that time I don’t know much about Aromatherapy but now I surely try other fragrances.

  3. We used to love making our own soaps, it was so much fun. Now we don’t even both, but my wife and I like to get soap from other people that make it. Good luck with your shop!

  4. My grandmother loves the smell of lavender, and lavender soaps and fragrances always remind me of the weeks I spent at her house over the summers while I was in school. She had dried lavender hanging in the kitchen, wore lavender body spray every day, used lavender shampoo and conditioner, had lavender hand soap at every sink, used lavender scented dish soap, kept lavender sachets in her drawers, had dishes of lavender potpourri, and lavender scented fabric spray. I’m not sure if the smile it brings to my face is because it reminds me of home, or because of the aromatherapy benefits, but when I’m feeling nostalgic I like to pick up some lavender soap and keep it around for relaxing baths.

  5. I have been positively impacted by aromatherapy in many ways all through my life. I absolutely love it.
    Now, the thing is we get aromatherapy oils very easily in the stores, but I’m yet to find any aromatherapy based soaps in the markets. And as a consequence, I have to use those commercial soaps only which I don’t think are doing any good to my skin. Would absolutely love to get aromatherapy oils based natural soap if I could. Let me know if you can make some based on lavendar and eucalyptus oils for me. Would immediately buy them. Thanks!

  6. Is sage a good aromatherapy soap? I’ve always been partial to that scent and it just made me feel happy. Like I’ve been put into the outdoors and everything was right with the world again. I know that sounds silly, but I guess it is what it is.

    1. Sage could be used in a soap or lotion. I personally have not ever tried sage soap but I think it would be good and smell great! That is something we definitely could make up for you!

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