So here we go our third and final ACNH guide for the month of November. The year is almost over, in the US some of our stress is about to pick up today while posting this so we need something good to take our minds off of things like running around our peaceful islands catching bugs!

So let’s get our nets out, start stalking our islands and grab up all the new buggies we can so we can freak out Blathers some more! Below will be first the Northern bugs followed by the Southern bugs. Please remember to check out our YouTube channel HERE and our Facebook gaming page HERE to always stay up to date on what we have going on!

Damsel FlyFlyingAll DayNov-Feb
Mole CricketUnderground (Listen for chirp and dig where loud)All DayNov-May
TarantulaOn Ground7pm-4amNov-Apr
FleaOn VillagersAll Day
Long LocustGround8am-7pm
Migratory LocustGround8am-7pm
Monarch ButterflyFlying By Flowers4am-5pm
Orchid MantisOn White Flowers8am-5pm
Rice GrasshopperOn Ground8am-7pm
Violin BeetleOn Tree StumpsAll Day
Walking StickOn Trees4am-8am & 5pm-7pm
Banded DragonflyFlying8am-5pmNov-Apr
Diving BeetlePond/River8am-7pmNov-Mar
Great Purple EmperorFlying Near Flowers4am-7pmNov-Feb
Pond SkaterPond/River8am-7pmNov-Mar
Queen Alexandra’s BirdwingFlying Near Flowers8am-4pmNov-Mar
Rosalia Batesi BeetleTree StumpsAll DayNov-Dec
ScorpionOn Ground7pm-4amNov-Apr
Violin BeetleOn Tree StumpAll DayNov-Dec
Mole CricketUndergroundAll Day

So we have a lot leaving in the North and a lot coming in in the South. I do again apologize for getting these blogs out so much later than usual, but that is how life goes at times- we adapt as needed.  So, let us know how you are doing with the bugs in ACNH.  How’s that Criterpedia looking? Are there any bugs that are proving to be especially elusive for you? Have you discovered any bug hunting tips for speedy dragonflies, terrifying scorpions, or pesky tarantulas? Share them with us!  But most of all, have fun and we will see you around for the next Animal Crossing update coming soon!

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