Animal Crossing New Horizon: The Museum

Welcome back everyone. I have to say during this past week I have been absolutely hooked on Animal Crossing New Horizon! I have been fishing and catching bugs like crazy, digging up fossils as much as I can, and today I started being able to buy artwork (which could be  fake. And while I sell a ton of the stuff, a big reason why I have been fishing and bug catching so much is to fill what I think is the best part of the game, the Museum.

So as I mentioned in my first thoughts post on the game, I bought this game so I can use it for homeschooling for my kiddo. One thing I was looking forward to was the Museum and now that I have it, I LOVE it so very much! The basic thing with this is that one type of everything you catch or find can be donated to the owl Blathers and he will put it on display in the Museum. So below I’ll give you some insight on how to get the Museum and what parts there are that you can explore once you get it.

When you first get onto the island, you don’t have Blathers the owl there. Tom Nook lets you know about him as you start to catch things and then he gives you the first step, which is to donate things to him so he can send them off to Blathers. Give him 5 things of either fish or insects and then Tom will send them to Blathers, but more importantly he will give you a new tent to set up so that Blathers can come to your island. Once Blathers has come to your island, he has a nice little tent setup but he wants to start the museum up and for him to do that, he needs enough specimens to send in an official application. This requires 15 more donations. One of the best things is to watch Blathers’ reactions as he takes insect donations. Blathers HATES bugs with a passion and his reaction is just funny. Handing over bugs is something my wife and I love just because of how much they freak him out. Anyway, once you hand over the 15 specimens, the tent will be closed for a few days while the museum is built in it’s spot… I want to say it was down for 3 days. Once it opened back up, we had our museum and I’ll talk about some of the things in it and share some pictures of it below


In this section of the Museum, you’ll find tanks of fish that look like they could be right out of Sea World. Each of the fish here are ones that you donated along with a little plaque that shows its name and the date donated. The one oddity here so far for me is a Snapper Turtle that is listed under fish. Maybe they count all water dwelling critters as “fish”?


In this section of the Museum, there is a section that’s a very natural looking park-like setting with the bugs basically wandering free. There is another room that is a lovely butterfly garden and then a third room that has glass enclosures with the insects. The one odd man out on this side is a Hermit Crab that they decided should be lumped in with the insects. Like the fish this area has little note cards you can view that give the animal names and the dates donated.


In the deep dark basement of the Museum hides the Fossils. Not much to really say about this section other than its dark and has a bunch of giant animal skeletons in it. The skeletons will be in pieces until you find all of them. Just like the other rooms each exhibit has a plaque saying what it is and when it was donated.


Right now I don’t have pictures of this area as I only have 1 painting in there. I know there’s different ways to get art but the only way I have found right now is to buy from Redd the fox. The only problem with this is you can only buy one piece a day and some of them might be fakes so you have to be careful what you buy.

But yeah, that is the Museum. I love it, my wife loves it, and I cannot wait for my son to come back from his visit with the grandparents and see his reaction to the Museum and all the wonderful creatures and items it already has inside for him! 

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