So now that we have gotten back into SMITE for DraxisWeb Gaming, we wanted to touch upon a topic that you don’t see much when it comes to the casual gaming scene. Team Composition! There are just some gods in this game that work so well with each other and if you’re paying attention to your fellow Gods you can wreak some major havoc on the battlefield. Unfortunately, in the casual scene, most people are all for themselves because you get paired with a bunch of randoms and half the people won’t have coms on and everyone rushes off to do their own thing. But, if you watch the teams that come out and just run roughshod over the other casual teams, what you’ll see a lot of is good teamwork and great power combinations. So in this article, I want to spotlight some good god teams whose powers especially the ultimates work well together. At first I was thinking of doing this as a Top 10 Article but then new combos kept coming to mind as I played so what we’ll do is just every so often put up another blog that spotlights a good god team. And we are kicking it off with one of my favorites!

One of the first god teams I want to highlight is one I just saw in a game I was in that should have totally wrecked the other team, but since we weren’t paying good enough attention we lost in Arena by the slimmest of margins. Paying better attention to builds as well as placement would have gone a long way to helping us win. This team was Zeus and Odin. This is especially true when it comes to the use of their ultimate attacks that work perfectly together. 

To be honest, there are a ton of them that can work amazingly with Odin, but Zeus is one of the best I think by a long shot. For those that are new to SMITE, Zeus has an ultimate ability that creates a giant storm cloud that shoots lightning down damaging gods under it but also stacking charges on the enemies hit. Enemies can have up to 3 charges built up on them which Zeus can then detonate for even more damage. This is a withering assault IF you can get the enemy trapped long enough to take multiple strikes. Without any modifiers, if an enemy was to stand in this for the full duration you could do 1,100 damage over 5 seconds, then if you were to detonate the 3 charges that are built up that would be another 432 damage before any other bonuses if you are at full levels. 

The problem is no sane enemy is just going to stand under a huge lightning cloud for 5 seconds and let you rip them to shreds like this and that’s where Odin comes in handy. You see Odin’s ultimate ability creates a ring of spears around your enemies effectively trapping them in the same sized area as Zeus’ storm! The best part is at half power this ultimate lasts for the full length of Zeus’ storm while at full strength it gives a full extra second of entrapment. Both ultimates have a 90 second cooldown and as such are perfect to work together to shred an enemy team during a team fight!

Odin is also great at setting up a kill zone for Hades and Poseidon ultimates as well as smaller attacks from Poseidon’s Whirlpool, Anubis’ Grasping Hands, Kukulkan’s Tornados, Sol’s Fireballs and many other circular AOE ranged attacks! Want to triple-team the enemy get a team together of Ares, Odin, and Zeus. Ares can use his chain ultimate to pull a team of enemies on top of Odin who can then trap them with his ultimate just to have Zeus rip them to shreds with the storm! Odin is such a versatile and powerful character and teaming him up with other gods that have ensare and entrapment style attacks makes the damage all the more intense and the attacks all the more powerful. So, always be aware of who your teammates are playing and think about how your god – or goddess- can best work with them, whether you have Odin, Zeus or some other combination going on!

What gods do you like to see team up in SMITE? Or what gods do you just hate to see pop up on the enemy roster together? Let us know in the comments and you may see your pairing in a future blog!

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