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While I am working on some more SMITE builds for my fave five girls and working on my typhoon_cardblog for the five Smite go to guys, I was also thinking there are a few non-humanoid creatures wandering around in SMITE as gods as well. So I will be making a blog focusing on squirrels, dragons, giant beetles and the like. In this case, before the full blown non-human spotlight I would like to take a moment and spotlight everyone’s favorite dragon god KuKulKan…or as I playfully call him Ku Klux Klan (yes I know classless but I find it easier to say than the way it actually is) or just Triple K. Like many in the mage class KKK’s attacks are based off pumping up his Magical Power so while the same things that work on Sol can work on pete’s dragon here I will be trying to make a mostly new build for him just as I will try to make something new and fun for each character I do. So without further ado, let’s just see what we can play with here!


First off while we usually have a cheap shoe that people like to add I will not be running the Shoe direction with KKK….why….well he doesn’t have feet. So what, you may ask…well it’s just my own personal OCD I guess…..I just have this image of a dragon with shoes laced around it’s neck or something and I start giggling so I will be adding some other cheap get power quick type of thing.


  1. Divine Ruin- 1820 gp
    • +50 Magical Power
    • +15% Magical Lifesteal
    • +150 Mana
    • Passive: Enemies hit by abilities have reduced healing and regen for the next 8 seconds by 40%
  2. Obsidian Shard- 2050 gp
    • +70 Magical Power
    • Passive: +33% Magical Penetration
  3. Telkhines Ring- 2125 gp
    • +45 Magical Power
    • +30% Attack Speed
    • Passive: each basic attack adds 35 Magical Damage to your hits
  4. Celestial Legion Helm- 2300 gp
    • +60 Magical Power
    • +70 Physical Protection
    • Passive: Prevents the next hit of Critical Strike Damage from a Basic Attack that hits you, and you gain +40 Magical Power for 3 seconds if this occurs. This effect cannot occur more than once every 6 seconds.
  5. Polynomicon- 2300 gp
    • +75 Magical Power
    • +300 Mana
    • +10% Magical Lifesteal
    • Passive: Using an ability gives your next Basic Attack within the next 8 seconds +75% of your Magical Power as additional Magical Damage. The effect can only apply once every 3 seconds.
  6. Rod of Tahuti- 3320 gp
    • +125% Magical Power
    • +15 MP5
    • Passive: Increases Magical Power by 25%


This should make for a very powerful build and I plan on trying this tonight. I also know that there are a few other consumable and actives that you can buy as well and I’ll list them out real quick.


  • Actives
    • Shielded Teleport it runs about 900 gp and the fun thing is it can teleport you to one of your towers, phoenixes or what can work out very nicely is any allied ward. If you place some wards in some good places you can use this to make some good surprise attacks
    • Shield of the Underworld for 600 gp this is great if you are being ganged up on as it reflects 40% of all damage you take for 5 seconds back against whoever attacks you as magical damage, also enemies cannot lifesteal from you while this is active. Cooldown is 60 seconds.
  • Consumables
    • Ward 50 gp- Grab a cheap ward and start tossing them down range of you….hide them in little corners and crevices in the jungle and use them with your teleport power to jump across the board for some good surprise attacks and such.
    • Potion of Magical Might 450 gp- increases magical power by 50 for 5 minutes or until you get yourself killed


If you get the chance to give KKK a try for yourself, let me know how it goes!

4 thoughts on “SMITE Kukulkan Item Build

  1. Another very interesting build. I’ll definitely have to try it out since you say it would work nicely with Sol and Scylla as well. I finally managed to try the Sol build for myself as well and it’s absolutely great. I finally understand why my neighbor was so ecstatic with it. She’ll probably love this one as well.

    1. I have been having fun with Triple K and this build….my only problem with KKK is he is slow moving even with his slipstream ability on he is just slow

  2. The above details sounds so interesting to me. I’m surely gonna try those builds. I will surely come back here to post the review about it. Thanks!

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