Kittens Rant: Fortnite Drops the Ball with Maya Skin

Hello all my wonderful kittens! It’s great to have you all back as I take my perch on the litter box once again to give a little rant about a complaint I have with the gaming world. Once again it seems to be heading in the direction of Fortnite, which seems to get my ire quite often for little things, but I promise I’ll spread the rants around soon with one for but that’s a blog for another time.

So we are now about to start week 4 of Chapter 2 Season 2 in Fortnite and the Battlepass for the most part is pretty epic. We have some cool new built in emotes and ridable gliders and a whole lot of other fun little things to play with. One of the big things you get as soon as you open the Battlepass which as always is only 950 V-Bucks or just short of $10 is a customizable skin called Maya. Maya has a lot of things you can customize and everyone kept saying on the way up to seeing her “Fully Customizable up to 3 million combinations!”

Now, I’m not the best at Math I will admit, but so far seeing what we have to choose from I’m not so sure that numbers are right and if it is well it’s the most boring 3 billion combinations possible. So far for her hair we had four whole choices and not a single choice was to change the hair color from what they preset in the styles. Sleeves, tattoos and boots have followed in the same pattern as the hair by giving us a very limited and unexciting series of combinations. The most choices we have gotten so far was for the shirt colors and that is basically a few choices in brown, green or grey. When all’s said and done Maya is basically going to be a make your own default skin that wouldn’t go for anymore than 800 v-bucks in the store and honestly I don’t think she would even be worth that. The only thing that makes her worth anything is that you get to choose her parts.

Another way Fortnite has failed with Maya is that she is not infinitely customizable. It would have been really cool if you could have customized her whenever you wanted and could have even made another little area on the store for them to do more mico-transactions. If you could change Maya whenever you wanted and even buy shirts, boots and hairstyles for like a 100 or 200 v-bucks she could have been one of the most awesome characters ever and it could have been copied the next season with a male version of the skin. Unfortunately, what we got was a skin that you customize and then lock in the options you pick so once you’re done you can never change her again to suit your mood. I know I’ve locked in the Jungle Camo full sleeve but what happens if I decide later on I’d rather have her in Arctic camo for winter, basically at that point I’m S.O.L. because it’s just not possible.

So all in all, while I think they had a great idea with Maya, I don’t think they took it far enough to really benefit the Battlepass or Fortnite’s bottom line. While she is kinda cool, I don’t really think it’s special enough for us the players either. With all Fortnite has shown us it can do I think this was a bit of a let down.

I’d love to hear what you guys think of this skin in the comments below! Am I on the right track or is this rant just off the rails?  I’ll be back later with some more rants on the game industry and things that I think are wrong in it, so until then be good my fellow kitties and as always, Love you all!


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