Kittens Rant/ATG Top 10 Cartoon Remakes With Crap Graphics

So this is a bit of a Mashup blog of both my Kittens Rant and our new Top 10 blog format. What we are going to look at is the Top 10 Cartoon Series Rebooted with Crappy Animation. This is a divisive opinion it seems as though tons of people obviously like the new animation styles that many cartoons have been taking. However, there are a lot of us (mainly adults) who remember and cherish the amazing animations that were done back in the ’80s and ‘90s that would rather a franchise die than to see the animation become horrible comparatively. Most of us here at All Things Geek are of the idea that you do a reboot correctly or better than the original or don’t bother doing it at all. We hate seeing our classics we grew up with mauled by cheap sloppy looking animation. Yet this seems to be the style lately so we’re going to list out 10 cartoons that have been rebooted with less than stellar animations. So click the banner at the end to be taken to our All Things Geek facebook page if you want to stay on top of all the things we do.

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Just a quick note…since this is a Kittens Rant first and foremost our list is kinda random and not in any particular order. These are just 10 of the cartoons we could think of easily. Our other ATG Top 10 lists will have some sort of order of favorites or most to least ect.

10- Teen Titans vs Teen Titans Go

The first cartoon I thought of right away for this blog was Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go. So many people seem to love these two cartoons but honestly, I can’t stand either. I am a HUGE Teen Titans fan from back when Raven got the second iteration of the team together to help battle her father so to see even the original Teen Titans show just made me sad. Then seeing that end and switch to something like Teen Titans Go just kinda disgusted me. The animation in the first one wasn’t great but it was a million times better than what came with Go. In my honest opinion, this kitten thinks that they should have done Teen Titans better and done it like Young Justice both in tone and in animation style instead of making this awesome team a laughing stock.

9- Transformers vs Transformers Animated

OK I admit it I’m old. At 41 years of age I was blessed to be around when we had the G1 Transformers show. It made me sad when during work one day a young co-worker of mine said he didn’t like the new movies because Bumble Bee wasn’t an original Transformer. I found out from him that the first Transformers he saw was Transformers Armada or maybe it was Energon anyway it was one of those that didn’t have Bee in it. Now I think about how he saw that as the first Transformers and it makes me sad to think that in the minds of a lot of kids shows like Transformers Animated will be what they remember as their first Transformers. Even shows like Rescue Bots, no matter how good the story, just kinda get on my nerves because the Animation has gone downhill so bad since the ‘80s. I will admit to watching Rescue Bots with my son but he is going to be seeing the original G1 Transformers before he ever lays eyes on the Transformers Animated because I want him to know the great show that started it all.

8- She-Ra Princess of Power vs She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

Back in Elementary school my best friend and our leader at ATG Kevin Coryell watched He-Man every day and played with his He-Man toys while watching the show. Me I enjoyed it too but my favorite was He-Man’s twin sister She-Ra aka Adora. She-Ra though having a silly name was a good character that little girls could look up to. For me, she was one of the first strong powerful women I was introduced to in media. She was the first Hero for many young girls around my age. I was excited to see that She-Ra was returning and that Dreamworks the same group that did so amazing on the Voltron remake was going to be doing this project as well. Then I saw the animation and my heart fell. I tried to watch it, I really did, but after about four episodes my heart just wasn’t in it anymore due to the decline in the animation from what I remember.

7- Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego vs Carmen Sandiego

Speaking of an old favorite that I just couldn’t watch because of the animation style nowadays is the new Netflix show for Carmen Sandiego. I hear so many great things about this new iteration of the cartoon and I found it an interesting storyline in the first episode with how they were talking about her origins. However, from what I saw the way they took her character it just wasn’t the Carmen Sandiego I knew but I was willing to give her a chance. I only made it through an episode and a half though due to the animation. Back in the day, I was obsessed with Carmen Sandiego, from playing the computer game to watching the game show, (which had one of the BEST theme songs ever!) and I LOVED the Where on Earth Is Carmen San Diego cartoon. But with so many things these days when it comes to cartoons the remakes art style just falls way short of the original. This is very disappointing to someone like me who was such a mega fan of everything from this franchise.

6- Thundercats vs Thundercats Roar

Thundercats was yet another amazing cartoon in a decade that was filled with some of the best-animated cartoons ever for the US. Perhaps I’m biased since I grew up with these cartoons but I think if you look at the pictures of Lion-O in the banner above both then and now I think you’ll probably agree with me that animation wise this wonderous show should never have been remade. I would love to see a remake of this that actually had great animation so the kids today could be introduced to such an awesome cartoon. However, with the animation being used in Thundercats Roar…well I just wish the show had stayed dead until someone who truly appreciated it came by to redo it instead of insulting the memory of it this damn bad.

5- DuckTales

Ducktales was a favorite Disney show of mine back when I was in school. I loved it and I loved the characters that came from it like Launchpad and Robo-Duck and the spinoff Darkwing Duck was amazing. Now they have brought DuckTales back and while the animation isn’t horrible compared to some of the reboots on this list it certainly doesn’t stack up against the original. When I am writing this blog Disney+ comes out the next day and I can assure you that when I watch this new streaming service with my son we will be watching the original DuckTales and not the newer ones.

4- Pokemon Indigo League vs Pokemon Sun and Moon

While the Pokemon art style has never been among my favorite due to the odd lines on Ash’s cheeks and things like that that are sometimes prevalent in Anime, I have to admit I have been a fan of Pokemon since it first came to US T stations. I LOVED the Pokerap and it makes me so happy when my son says Team Rocket’s motto along with them. However, as the series has progressed over the years, it has gotten worse and worse with the animation style. This is super odd as they did and Red and Blue version of the show that kinda went through the first games and that animation was amazing. However, now that we are in Sun and Moon, the animation leaves a lot to be desired. Ash may be the next Peter Pan as the boy who never grows up but I have to say in his old age his animation is going downhill the same way a person’s body does through the years.

3- Ben 10

Ben 10 has gone through several different series each one until recently expanding on the one before it and letting Ben Tennyson grow up a bit more each time. Now they’ve rebooted the series and with it they have made this more cartoony in its animations if that makes any sense. Honestly, if the original had been done in this style I wouldn’t mind so much…it reminds me kind of like the style of Danny Phantom and while that’s not my favorite style it’s one I don’t instantly shy away from. But since it had a better more ‘80s style to begin with, the switch to this different style just seems like a step backward to me.

2- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Oh my god where to even begin with this one. The original TMNT was so awesome. Sure it was a more simple and comic book-like version of things than most cartoons of the time were but it was still an awesome show. Sure it didn’t stand up animation-wise to things like Thundercats, G.I.Joe or SilverHawks but it was still a favorite of mine. Even when they did those old Live Action movies of TMNT they still did a good job with things. Even the Michael Bay version of the Turtles looked pretty much like the originals or at least did a good enough rendition of them that I didn’t mind what changes they had. Then Nickelodeon got hold of the TMNT franchise and first, they did a computer-generated version that didn’t really appeal to me but it wasn’t bad. Now they rebooted it again to The Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Suddenly, a franchise that has been going strong in one form or another since I was a kid, has gone from mainly looking the same to now having a totally different and not at all appealing style.

1- Scooby Doo vs Be Cool Scooby Doo

So one of the worst ones on this list probably is the new Be Cool Scooby Doo. The reason I say this is because Scooby Doo is 50 years old- that’s right, that awesome dog is 9 years older than me! All through the years, Scooby has been pretty consistent in its animation. Even when it goes to some more CGI looks in the animation, it still has looked as good as if not better than the original. I was always a huge fan of Scooby Doo and my son absolutely loves Scooby Doo Pirates Ahoy. These have all had classic looks and wonderful styles until we get to Be Cool Scooby Doo, which looks style-wise a lot like the new DuckTales which as you already know I don’t like. Personally, I think this new Scooby Doo looks like crap and they should have just left it alone. However, some light at the end of the tunnel Scooby Doo Guess Who and Scoob! Both look good so hopefully Be Cool is just a fluke that will never happen again!

So are you guys a fan of the new animation styles or do you think we may have a point here? Do you think we’re just old fogies afraid of change? Did we miss anything on the list that you would have added instead? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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1 thought on “Kittens Rant/ATG Top 10 Cartoon Remakes With Crap Graphics

  1. I’m going to agree with of these. #5 gets a pass because it isn’t trying to be a reboot of the original Ducktails. It’s more an adaptation of the Uncle Scrooge comics from which the original show drew inspiration. We can tell by the new focus on Donald Duck who was largely abscent in the 90s cartoon. Okay yeah, the new show does use the same babe and theme song as the previous cartoon, so some element of reboot is there. As for the style with sharper lines and a more muted color pallet, that was probably taken from the comics and something the 90s show got wrong. I can’t say for certain because those Uncle Scrooge comics are ridiculously expensive now and largely unavailable.

    As for Thundercats Roar, I cannot even explain this. It’s like a bad joke that got greenlit by accident.

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