Draxis Comic Review: Venomverse #1

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So, this second blog we have for you is coming to you from the Venomverse. For the last few months, we have been seeing the Edge of Venomverse titles flooding the stores. I will assume you guys have read this….I unfortunately, have not but now that I have read this comic I really want to see what those 5 or 6 held as this first Venomverse one was pretty interesting.

The gist of things without hopefully giving too much away is this. The Venom we known and love that is attached to Eddie Brock has been kidnapped from our universe by a Venom Symbiote that had attached itself to another universes Doctor Strange. He is met by a Venom Captain America and taken to meet with a whole slew of other heroes that are hosts to the Venom Symbiote from various universes. They even have a Spiderman who warns that Brock always corrupts his symbiote in whatever universe he has one and thus not to trust this one. In the meeting, some of the Venoms we recognized easily were Spiderman, Spiderwoman (maybe Black Widow she had red hair), Wolverine, Captain America, Rocket Racoon, and one who looked like Speedball maybe.

Anyway, they try to explain to Eddie that there are these little white weird looking creatures that they call Poisons that if they touch a symbiote takes them over. It takes away the symbiotes will and mind and takes over the host completely turning them into something more powerful. These things then go and try to infect more and more symbiotes though each Poison can only infect one individual. An interesting thing is the Poison’s seem to have some sort of telepathic ability as they can broadcast something into the symbiote minds that shows the host something that can let the Poisons near the hosts. We get to see a bit of what the Poisons can do in this issue as we see a Poisoned Hulk. The Poisons have a color scheme that is opposite that of Venom, so they look a lot like the character Anti-Venom did.

I am assuming a lot of the hunting and the intro of the Poisons were done in Edge of Venomverse thus setting up the final battle now in Venomverse. If so, I really want to read those first few issues so I can catch up a little better. However, even without the intro of the Edge of comics I did quite enjoy this new comic and can’t wait to see where else they go with this. If you have read this or the preceding comics, share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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