Draxis Comic Review: Superman #39

Welcome back to the Draxis Comic Review! We took a bit of time off for the Holidays and then my 40th Birthday! I mean who would have guessed it? Three years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer and now I am cancer free and fighting the good fight to help others and raising my son when I wasn’t even sure I would make it this long. In this new year, I hope to bring you some great comic reviews, some more and new game reviews, and make DraxisWeb and All Things Geek bigger and better than ever! So watch for us on Twitch and YouTube and of course right here at Draxisweb.com! This week we got first comic that we’re reviewing from Vibranium Comics and Games in Ocala. As always with our reviews, hit the banner above to be taken to their facebook page and check out their ever growing listing of events or click the bottom banner to be taken to their website.

So our first comic this week is Superman #39. This is a very heartwarming comic, but for those that are easily touched you may want some tissues. The issue starts out simple enough with Supes taking out some random baddies in Metropolis. No big thing, happens all the time, but this time it happens in front of a hospital and a bunch of kids are watching him and commenting on the battle.

The rest of the book is the Justice League taking these kids who I think are all cancer fighters and showing them a good time up in the Watchtower Satellite. This really hits me in the feels since I’m a cancer Survivor myself so to me it’s a story of what we should do but where most concentrate on kids and memories I think the Wishes should go to all ages as we all need great memories and times while going through such hardships. The time they had on the ship would be awesome for anyone fan of the heroes or not as they got to have a great day with all of them and even got batman to smile (who woulda thunk it?). The comic ends with the kids placing rocks with their names on the moon and looking down on the Earth with Superman having a tear in his eyes. It brought a tear to my eyes too as I could feel what’s Supes must be feeling at that moment. They have all the power to bring those kids up to the moon and give the such an amazing day, and yet these people who are practically gods among humans, can’t heal the kids. Sometimes though bringing a smile to their faces is what is needed….this is why I want to one day join the 501st so I can go to the hospitals and bring smiles to those suffering as I did or who have it even worse.

Just as the JLA did for those kids, this is something that needs to be done in real life, bring joy to those in need. Sometimes just that one smile is enough to bring hope back to those who have lost it…and that hope can be what saves a life. So a HUGE thanks to Vibranium for choosing this one for me to review, one that reminds me of what I want to do in life and lets me help get the message out further!

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  1. This sounds like a very emotional story and a good reminder of what makes a true hero. It’s about more than fighting the bad guys. It’s about helping out the less fortunate, comforting the sick, and being there for those in need.

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