Disney Infinity 3.0 Toy Box Takeover First Thoughts

CHEzdVFW0AAIxaLSo on my second night of having Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars, I decided to take a stab at playing the new Toy Box Takeover expansion game. This will be a nice short and sweet blog as there really isn’t too much to cover here.

When you first get to the Toy Box Hub, you see a world without color but it doesn’t take long for Mickey to pick up the magic wand and take care of that. It doesn’t take long though once the color is back for Syndrome from the Pixar movie The Incredibles to show up and snatch the wand right out of Mickey’s hand. He says that the baddies are few and far between in this area and notes how most of the bad guys in Infinity kinda straddle a grey line, they have their bad moments but were they really baddies or just doing things because they thought they were right or something else? When you look at the ones he shows which are mostly the 1.0 characters he has a very good point. So with a wave of the wand he takes over the toy box and unleashes baddies galore and then disappears. Merlin quickly appears and berates Mickey for losing the wand just to have Syndrome appear for just long enough to snag Merlin’s wand from his hand and then poof away once again. Now the game begins.


So far I have only played the first level which is a Pirates of the Caribbean level. Merlin keeps whispering in your ear guiding you through the level. I put this on medium for the fights because I honestly didn’t know if this was for made for kids or adults in difficulty level or just somewhere in between. As far as battle wise medium wasn’t too bad until the boss for the board, he opened a can of whoop ass on me and layeth down the smackdown like I was a newb. Thankfully though, you can change out characters when you get too hurt and lose all your power, which brings me to my next point.


Seeing as this is a Toy Box expansion and not a real in the normal workings of the Star Wars part of the game you have access to ANY character that can be accessed by the 3.0 toy box. This means that you can play as any and all characters ever made for 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 in this expansion game. This was good as it took Ashoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker, Barbosa, Mike Wazowski, Venom, Gamora, and finally Elsa to defeat the boss who was Davy Jones. Another good thing is you have little helpers called sidekicks These guys can give you a healing every so often; however it takes several minutes for the ability to reset once you use it.


The one part that I did not like about the game so far is that in this expansion game the view is kind of top down. It’s a little to the side of top down so it’s still looking kinda 3dish. This is very difficult to control when you are used to either a side scroller or the typical 3rd person behind view in 3d mode that you get from games like Infinity and various shooting games. It’s a whole new feel to it and it makes it very hard to do certain things like jump from platform to platform.  I lost Ashoka near the end of the board because I saw one of the coins you need to collect and there are only 3 per board. I had to jump from rowboat to rowboat over water that kills you if you touch it. Well after falling in 4 times Ashoka was no more and Anakin was down to 1/3rd power. Once I learn how to use this view, I think I’ll enjoy this game a lot better, not to mention it will go and help me learn how to work the views in the Inside Out playset as some of them are supposed to be somewhat top down as well.


So all in all I am still enjoying this game- keep checking back for more updates on this game coming soon!

6 thoughts on “Disney Infinity 3.0 Toy Box Takeover First Thoughts

  1. It sounds like a game my brother and I would definitely enjoy especially since we like all things Disney. However, since we keep starting new games and not finishing them perhaps it might be better to wait until we are sure we would do more than finish the first level and give up.

  2. this is too much fun for disney lovers like me! I would love to order this disney infinity 3.0 toy box. I would love to read more about this game. Keep posting about it. Thanks.

  3. Awesome, I really want to buy this game and play it now. I love reading through your video game reviews and things that are related to video games. Keep up the good work!

  4. I love disney! thanks for sharing this, I will ask this as a gift on christmas, hope someone will buy it :)) Please share your opinion about other levels too, are they interesting enough? :)) I will wait more information and thank you again for this article!

  5. Thank you for the review. I had been thinking about whether to get this or the new Skylanders game for my son. He has been asking for both but knew I didnt want or need both games cluttering up the house LOL. I think I have made my choice, so thank you. Are you planning on doing any follow up reviews or video walk through type of things for this game? I know my son would love seeing it and Im sure it would be helpful to others as well!

    1. I am hoping to get a cute fun little video of our mascot talking about the characters done before the new year. If you want to see who our mascot is just go to youtube and do a search for Z’ress sings Rainbow Connection. I also plan on doing a write up about the various Star Wars boards after the beginning of the year. I just got Star Wars Battlefront and Mortal Kombat X so I vowed not to get the last infinity set until after the new year so most likely that will be a birthday present for me in january if I know how my wife thinks. Anyway I hope to get a few more things out about it. Also if you look me up on facebook most of my posts are set to public and we just posted up about 40 pics of my son and I playing with the figures from all 3 Infinity games!

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