Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars First Impressions

IMG_20150831_215429726So a day after it came out, I picked up my copy of the newest Disney Infinity game which is version 3.0 and focuses on the characters from Star Wars for the most part. In the past with the first Disney Infinity game, it was a combination of Disney Characters and Pixar Characters with Pixar being the main worlds and Disney being used in the Toy Box modes. In 2.0 they expanded into the Marvel Universe, but in the same way they did the first one with Marvel being the main worlds and Disney being in the Toy Box with all 1.0 characters available in the Toy Box as well. Now we reach 3.0 and Star Wars takes the main world sets along with one from the new Pixar movie Inside Out and coming soon an Avengers Age of Ultron set with even more Disney and Pixar characters for the Toy Box Mode. BUT WAIT THATS NOT ALL!!! Sorry it seemed like I may need a good salesman voice there, anyway you can also buy add-on games for Infinity that work in the Toy Box that use all characters from all the infinity games! So after playing it for a bit I am hooked already. I did preorder the game, so in a few days time I’ll bring you a little blog about how the Toy Box Takeover expansion game plays. But for right now I’ll be concentrating just on the main game that comes with the figures of Ashoka Tano and Anakin Skywalker.

So I pop in the game and without even putting any figures on the board it starts right in on a little quest thing that lets you get a feel for controls and helps you learn the basics…this little tutorial lasts a whole I dunno 5 to 10 minutes about. In this tutorial you start as Anakin and chase a probe droid learning the ins and outs of lightsaber combat and using The Force on objects. Once you learn that little bit, it teleports you into the body of Han Solo in the middle of a space battle against some Tie Fighters and you get to learn how to fly the Millennium Falcon- which honestly what Geek wouldn’t want to pilot that rusty hunk of space junk to learn how to fly? Once you figure out how to dodge stuff and shoot stuff in the ship, it’s time to go and solve some puzzles as Joy from Inside Out gives you a glimpse of this new stage. Before this newest game, all the Infinity boards were mainly hack and slash and some fetch games with some timed balloon pop type games thrown in, but all were in 3d and used the same sort of game dynamics. Inside out is more 2d side scrollerish with some top down game views as well. This part harkens back to the days of the NES and Playstation 1 games and just has a very retro feel to it. It’s also seems to be all about problem solving with switches to hit and memory orbs to collect. Once you get the test memory and get sucked up a tube it’s on to a small playthrough as Mickey Mouse as you learn to drive a car. Thats right one of the things that was in the old games which was just regular driving is now going to have race kart modes similar to mario kart!

IMG_20150831_215447554So starting out with the set that came with the game would be the Twilight of the Republic set. This is set during the time of the Clone Wars cartoon that had been on TV and focuses on Anakin Skywalker and Ashoka Tano who are the two characters that come in the base game. Ashoka is a cute little thing looking just like she did in the cartoon and wielding dual lightsabers. In my opinion, Ashoka is a better fighter in the game than Anakin. Comparatively, Anakin seems a bit slower to me and he only wields one blade though I don’t know if that actually makes a difference or not. Personally, I was never a huge fan of Anakin in the movies or TV shows either so it’s no real wonder that I like Ashoka anyway.

The first little bit shows you how to play the game a bit more in detail than the beginning walkthrough but honestly it’s pretty straight forward. Just like in Infinity 2.0 there are now a few different colors of sparks. Orange Sparks level up your character, White Sparks allow you to buy things in the Toy Box, Green Sparks fill your health meter and Purple Sparks fill your special power meter. So far I have beaten the first real board and moved on to the second and have Ashoka up to about level 6 or 7 so you get an OK amount of Orange Sparks.

Another nice thing is that the skill tree from 2.0 is still active here in 3.0. I had found this a nice update from 1.0 where instead of just getting special powers as you level up you actually get to choose your own path of powers. This for the force users has been split into 4 different subjects Health, Melee, Force and Special attacks.

Another fun cool item to play with is the flight system and I don’t just mean character flight like in 2.0. Nope instead in this game you get to fly starfighters in space! Jedi Fighter Dogfighting anyone? I have used both a Republic Starfighter known as the ARC-170 and for a few minutes at least I got to use the legendary Millennium Falcon. A word of advice, if you are used to inverted controls on your flying games be sure to go into your option menu and change your control settings right away; otherwise the first few things you try to dodge in the falcon will end up running right into you. Once I changed to inverted flying I was perfectly fine though the rest of the gameplay.

In the next few days, I hope to play with the toybox some and also with the Toy Box Takeover expansion game. I should have some opening thoughts on them soon. I also hope to get some of the other playsets soon as well as the Kart game that you can buy for the Toy Box so stay tuned for more blogs as I get and play things further! Have any of you played the game yet? What do you think of the game so far?

8 thoughts on “Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars First Impressions

  1. The figurines look absolutely lovely. The game sounds very interesting as well and I would definitely like to give it a try and play it one day. Alas, the line of games I want to try is miles long and I still haven’t finished the last one I started back at the beginning of summer.

    1. LOL I tend to have that problem too. There are so many I want to try and I barely ever finish games anymore because I get caught up in some new one and it’ll be like a year later that I go back to the old one. I have a half a case of XBox 360 games and only a handful of them have been beaten because I keep getting distracted by the newer better looking games.

      1. Same here! I play on both Xbox and Computer, not to mention all the games I end up installing on my tablet. Half of them I only played for a couple of hours than gave up. And there’s that small percentage of games that get me hooked and keep me playing them for months without end, at the same time ignoring all other games that I should have played till then. I used to dream I’d work for a games magazine and get to review games, but at the rate that I’m playing them, I’d probably be horrible at keeping track of everything I have to play.

  2. After reading your article, it seems like I am in new universe now full of difference character and their special powers. I would love to read your blog on toy box, waiting for it eagerly!

  3. I would think that the Infinity game is much more popular than the Skylanders which uses the same concept. Of course, it is more fun to play with characters that you know. That is why I figured the Star Wars version would be a very popular one! Great review!

  4. Ooooh you are making me want to go back in time to when I was also doing RPG and such online. I loved it and miss it but I just cant find anyone decent to RP with and no one seems to be passionate about it anymore. It is sad. I would love to be able to meet Kyra and make a story with her.

  5. I have the first game for Infinity but dont have that many figures yet. They keep coming out with them faster than I can afford them! LOL I liked this review and it gives me some things to think about and consider as I look at the newer Infinity games. Are there certain figures or features you would recommend more than others for someone who has a limited video game splurge budget?

    1. For 2.0 my favorites are Spiderman and Venom due to their web-swinging ability…it’s fun to just swing your way around the boards all day. For 3.0 I certainly suggest any character with a lightsaber as the force abilities are pretty awesome and the lightsaber is a great defensive weapon as well as attacking either close range or long range if deflecting blaster bolts.

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