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So, a lot of people say that there aren’t enough women in the Star Wars cinematic universe. They say that everyone shown is either an alien or a guy or a guy alien. Well my first question is “How do you know those aliens are guys?” They are aliens after all and while I hate to mix my movie quotes and such it was pointed out in Star Trek that not all species keep their genitalia in the same place. My next question is “How did you miss seeing these beauties?”


Lt35The first one I have to point out has got to be the heartthrob of just about every geek for well the past 30 years. The very hot princess Leia! When it comes out that Luke is her brother I bet half the men watching that were like “Dude kissed his sister! Oh well she is hot, can’t blame him!” (and yes ladies a lot of men are just that shallow.) Not only did she look great in a non-descript white dress but once you got to Return of the Jedi she certainly became everyones dream girl of sci-fi thanks to the nice slave outfit Jabba the Hutt put her in. Jabba may be a huge ugly slug but he has some good tastes in women as we will see in the next few pics as well!


Oola-oola-jabbas-twilek-slave-33861504-1122-1390Another wonderful looking young lady we see in the palace of Jabba the Hut is Oola the dancing girl! This Twi’lek beauty is one of the slaves for Jabba the Hutt and unfortunately is not too long lived in the movies. See, when a slave tries to get free of Jabba sometimes it works, however it also means becoming free of your life as he feeds you to his pet Rancor. A cool little bit of trivia about this character is that she got a lot more screen time as they updated and lengthened the scene in Jabbas throne room in the special edition versions that came out in the late 90’s. When they reshot the scene it still had the same person from the original scene playing the same part she had 15 years earlier! In 15 years she had just gotten in better shape and was able to play her part again and have her new dance scenes spliced together with the old scenes!


Lynmefull2Speaking of great looking Twi’leks in the new Jabba palace extended musical number we see the pale white beauty of Lyn Me in the special editions. Lyn Me is one of the dancers of the Max Rebo band and has traveled with them in the hopes of meeting her hero Boba Fett who had been hired to kill the slavers who had at one time wiped out most of her village.





RystallfullThe Max Rebo band was known to have some lovely backup singers and dancers when they traveled the universe. One of them who ended up in Jabba’s Palace was Rystall Sant who was half human on her mother’s side and half Theelin from her father. Rystall is certainly a very exotic beauty with her mixed heritage. In an interesting twist for her character Rystall and her adoptive parents were enslaved and bought by Prince Xizor who later lost them to hero of the rebellion Lando Calrissian. Lando doesn’t like slavery and so set them free and they ended up hooking up with the Max Rebo band.



monmothmaFor a second we’ll switch back to the humans. This next beauty is one of the leaders of the rebellion handing out the various assignments to the warriors. Mon Mothma was seen as a major leader of the rebellion giving out the assignments and briefings helping many of the Generals with their plans. Mon Mothma was a senator in the days before the Empire took over and once the Rebels won she became the Chief of State of the New Republic at least in the EU which has since been dropped by Disney!




amidalaYet another human beauty is the mother of our hero’s from the original movies Queen/Senator Amidala. Sure at first in episode one the queen had some really funky outfits but even the outfits and weird makeup somehow just accentuated her beauty and the beauty of her double. Once she wasn’t the queen and got to dress like a rich normal person she found a lot of outfits even just simple garbs like the one in the picture we chose that just show off her beauty perfectly.




anntannSliding away from the humans once more and back into the Twi’lek category we have the twins Ann and Tann Gella. These two lovely twi’leks were the slaves of the #1 pod racer the Dug known as Sebulba. They were often seen around the racetrack relaxing Sebulba and helping him get ready before his big races.





AaylaWhile Jedi are known to suppress their feelings and such so they do not go to the darkside, they do not suppress their beauty. One of the most beautiful Jedi I have ever seen in the movies was a Twi’lek named Aayla Secura. She has been popular in the prequel books and in many comics as well. Unfortunately, like many of the other Jedi, this lovely lass was also killed during the Order 66 fiasco where all the clone troopers turned on their Jedi Generals and killed them on the order of Grand Chancellor Palpatine!



So it is easy to see that there are more than enough beautiful babes to enjoy and there is more than enough eye candy in the Star Wars movies. So what are your thoughts on this list? Is there someone you would add? Let us know in the comments and sound off below!

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6 thoughts on “Beauties of Star Wars

  1. I remember watching a marathon of the series with some friends a few years back – in reverse order, we started with the classics and continued with the new series – and the guys definitely did not complain about lack of female presence in the films. On the contrary they were too busy taking votes at the end who was the most beautiful female presence in the movies. Unsurprisingly, Leia won, though Senator Amidala was a pretty close second.

  2. Nice article-I love Padme shes my all time favorite Star Wars character I also like Leia shes my 2nd favorite character!

  3. Whoever sais that there no women in Star Wars just has no clue what he is talking about. I mean… damn! Princess Leia at the Return of the Jedi is the absolute definition of hotness!! And who can forget Padme!! Her decoys were hot too!!!

  4. Look at all of those hotties! Some of them are a flashback for me to a time I can barely remember! Nice work.

  5. Thank you for highlighting some of the lesser known and often overlooked beauties of the Star Wars world. Yes we all know Slave Leah is sexy but it is good to see the other lovely ladies getting some recognition! Do you think there will be any good females to add to this list from the newest movie?

    1. I think that Daisy Ridley is poised to be the net leia to woo the eharts of a new generation of geeks. I am however hoping to see a lot more good looking aliens….I’ve always had a soft spot for the twi’leks so I hope to see some more of them! I also heard that Phasma is a woman so I am interested in seeing what she looks like without the armor if they show her.

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