ATG Chainmail: Byzantine

The Byzantine is a nice little weave and one of the first few I learned when I got my first supply of chainmail. I think it can make a cool little effect if you add different colors for the parts that get folded back on itself. I first made this in a variation of the design that is known as a Trizantine, which is basically the same thing but with 3 rings in between the folded back pair instead of the usual 2 rings. The first one I made is on my computer bag as a zipper pull so that we could tell mine and my wife’s bags apart. I also think this makes a good bracelet or necklace though, with the folded back pieces it is a bit of a ring hog compared to some other weaves per inch. I have a few pictures below of this weave as well as a video tutorial linked at the end of this blog in case you want to learn how to make it yourself.

If you would like us to make you a bracelet in this weave, it would be $30 with a $5 shipping. We can make it in a single color or add others with what we have available which is Silver, Black, Gold, Red, Green and Purple.

We could also make a necklace from the same colors for $55 with $5 shipping.

We make these in Anodized or Bright Aluminum so they are nice and light but still stand up pretty good as jewelry pieces. We hope to bring more colors and metal types to you eventually but for that, we need some help in getting some tools so we can keep prices down. If you would like to help with that then you can visit our GoFundMe page HERE!

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