Animal Crossing New Horizons: September Sea Creature Guide

Welcome back to our September Animal Crossing New Horizons guides everyone. In this guide, we’ll be going over what sea creatures will be showing up and disappearing during the month of September. I have to be honest, I am looking forward to seeing new sea creatures as I ran out of Mermaid stuff to collect real fast when that update came out so it will be nice to have some new stuff to hopefully catch this month. I do enjoy the swimming, but I have been finding that unless there is some actual goal I just don’t do things in the game because I want to do things to promote our new gaming channel on YouTube or work on some fanfics or do some more things with my son (Who always comes before gaming anyway as it should be).

Before we jump right into things though, I want to remind everyone that we have our new YouTube channel dedicated to gaming that has been featuring ACNH. We will be continuing to bring content to the channel for ACNH as well as a ton of other games as our big focus will be on reviews. So, check out our channel HERE and be sure to subscribe because once we hit 200 subscribers we will be hosting a giveaway for a $10 digital gift card for a platform or game of your choice if you win! Now to dive into the guide!

As with our other guides, we’ll be breaking this down into the Northern and Southern Hemispheres first with what’s coming in just a few days and then with what’s leaving at the end of the month of September. If you want to know what leaves at the end of August then check out the August guide blogs. We will be listing these in the following format:

Name: Shadow Size: Speed: Times Active: Months Active

So continue on below to see what we have new coming to the game, and let’s hope it outweighs what we have leaving this month!


Oyster: Small: Slow: All Day: September-February

Turban Shell: Small: Slow: All Day: September-December

Chambered Nautilus: Medium: Medium: 4pm-9am September-November

Umbrella Octopus: Small: Fast: All Day: September-November

Sweet Shrimp: Small: Slow: 4pm-9am: September-February 


Sea Grapes: Small: Still: All Day

Sea Urchin: Small: Slow: All Day

Slate Pencil Urchin: Medium: Medium: 4pm-9am

Moon Jellyfish: Small: Extra Slow: All Day

Gigas Giant Clam: Extra Large: Extra Fast: All Day

Tiger Prawn: Small: Medium: 4pm-9am

Horseshoe Crab: Medium: Medium: 9pm-4am

Flatworm: Extra Small: Extra Slow: 4pm-9am


Turban Shell: Small: Slow: All Day: September-November

Umbrella Octopus: Small: Fast: All Day: September-November

Chambered Nautilus: Medium: Medium: 4pm-9am: September-December

Firefly Squid: Extra Small: Slow: 9pm-4am: September-December

Spider Crab: Extra Large: Extra Fast: All Day: September-October


Red King Crab: Large: Extra Fast: All Day

There you go, everyone. The north is switching out quite a bit with 8 heading out and 5 coming in. Meanwhile, in the south, they’re only losing 1 thing and picking up an extra 5 some of which I can’t wait to get in the north. I may have to find some southern friends online to go visit so I can grab a few of these without having to wait so long! (Yes, I can be impatient at times LOL )

Let us know in the comments how you’re doing with your Sea Creatures in the Critterpedia and what you’re looking forward to the most! Also, remember to check out our YouTube Channel HERE, our Facebook Gaming page HERE, and All Things Geek page HERE. Also, remember that you can get in on the ground floor of our YouTube channel and see your name features in our videos or even be the one to pick what games we review and play next on our channel by supporting us on Patreon HERE!

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