4 Popular Geeky Christmas Gifts of All Time

Christmas is a wonderful time to give awesome gifts to everyone, including the nerds in your life. You’re sure to knock it out of the park every time by considering the best gifts for geeks. From technological devices to toys, there’s something for everyone on the following list.

Nintendo GameBoy

While there are many new devices available, you can’t beat the classic appeal of a Nintendo GameBoy. Originally released in 1989, this gaming console changed the world forever. Consumers were no longer strapped to a box and TV set; the GameBoy allowed users to continue gaming on the go. Additionally, the release of the GameBoy helped to popularize the famous game, Tetris. Of course, there are many other games available for play through the GameBoy. It’s sure to please any gamer.

Pokemon Cards

Different styles of cards have always been popular among the masses, and Pokemon cards are no exception. These fun cards quickly became a staple in American homes after their blowup in 1999. As the most popular gift of the time, consumers couldn’t get enough of them. For two decades, Pokemon cards have held their own in the ever changing toy market, and there’s no question as to why. Originally released in Japan, Pokemon’s appeal turned worldwide, and many fans continue to enjoy the Pokemon franchise through movies, TV shows, video games, and even toys.


Initially released in Japan, Beyblade toys quickly found their way into homes across America. As the biggest gift in both 2002 and 2003, these customizable devices were everywhere. As a leading toymaker in the United States, Hasbro jumped at the opportunity to cater to the demand of Beyblades. Throughout the years, however, Hasbro has found several of its toys included as part of national recalls, some of which were due to injuries. In fact, from 1990 to 2011, there was a 40 percent increase in toy-related injuries nationwide. Luckily, fans don’t have to worry about their Beyblades as these were never directly involved in any of the recalls. As such, these toys continue to be a great gift idea for children of many ages.

Apple iPad

Apple continues to impress fans everywhere with its many devices especially its iPads. In 2010, iPads were the most popular Christmas gift. Sales have continued to rise ever since. The iPad changed the way users see technology as it was able to do more than its predecessors. For example, owners could watch movies, enjoy music, and even play video games. People also loved being able to browse the internet. It’s no wonder that the iPad is still a great gift idea for anyone on your list.

Whatever you’re contemplating as a gift for Christmas, don’t forget to consider some of the other biggest sellers through the years. Whether you’re into technology or gaming, you’re sure to find the perfect gift between the iPad, Beyblades, Pokemon cards, and the GameBoy. The geek in your life will surely be pleased!

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