WXW’s 20th Anniversary Show

Good day all you Draxisweb and WXW fans! Do we have one hell of a doozy of a story to tell you about this very special WXW Show! As you can tell it is the WXW 20th Anniversary show, this show also marks 8 years that WXW has had a Florida presence, AND the 2nd year anniversary of the first time the DWP went to see WXW. So all in all it was a special night for all of us involved. So let’s just jump right into what happened this night!


First, we have a special live performance of the National Anthem from Savannah Nendza. She did a splendid job of singing even when the microphone gave her a bit of trouble towards the end. Then Gariston spears the Champion of the Universe came out to talk. As usual, he went on and on and gave himself all the credit for the WXW’s success. Suddenly, WXW Hall of Famer The Perfect Creation came out to the ring and swiftly took Gariston out of the equation to the cheers of all….with what I will tell you later I think these are the last cheers TPC will be getting in the WXW!


In the first match we saw Ace Radic, sporting a new Green Ranger inspired outfit, come to the ring to face off against D3, who we had not yet seen in the WXW. The match was great as both competitors had some fast high flying moves. They traded chops, kicks, flips, holds and flying lessons but in the end our hero Ace Radic hit the Jackpot once more and won the match! The match was good enough to earn a chorus of “This is awesome!” chants from the crowd.


Next we saw Nick Nero vs the British Wolf. As usual, Nero is not one to be cheered by the Minneola fans and as the Britih Wolf was making his debut we didn’t know what to expect from him. It didn’t take long at all for the fans to side with the Wolf and soon the crowd was literally howling in support of the guy. We were all impressed by his in ring ability and Nero didn’t give him an inch. Towards the end, Nero tried to smack the Wolf with his trusty Megaphone but missed. Wolf turned things around though and as the age old saying goes “Those who live by the megaphone die by the megaphone” and so Nero’s own equipment became his downfall and the British Wolf picks up a win in his WXW debut!


We then were treated to a great match where we saw Big O getting in the ring again with Frankie Burbank for the TV Championship. Big O has already chased him through numerous matches since Frankie picked up the championship from Maluta after Deathrow Jethrow savagely attacked Maluta. Each time Big O came up short though either due to Bryan Rubright getting involved or by Frankie cheating with Brass Knuckles. Needless to say, we all wanted to see O win as we were tired of Burbank and Rubrights cheating ways! In this case Rubright tried to blow powder in O’s face towards the end of the match which O was dominating. O swatted Rubright off of the apron before he could get the baggie of powder open and then moved in to dispatch Frankie Burbank to become new TV Champ! For but a moment. As the crowd went wild for the win head Ref Jeff came running out. Everyone went quiet as Jeff had done some odd things lately (such as some questionable match endings and releasing the Modern Day Savages from being chained to the ring during a match). Jeff took the matches ref aside and started to talk to him taking the belt from him. Whatever he was saying pissed off O as he shook his head and then moved to the side of the ring and picked up the baggie of powder, which turned out to be the completely wrong move. Jeff told the other Ref that O had obviously used the powder on Frankie who was just starting to move on the ring floor. O dropped the bag to confront Jeff and at that moment Frankie scrambled to it and got some of the powder out to dab around his eyes. By this time the crowd realizing what was going on were howling for Jeff’s blood as we didn’t want to see Big O screwed out of the championship yet again. The matches Ref gave in seeing the freshly powdered Frankie and the call was given that Big O was DQ’ed and Frankie retains the Championship. Burbank and Rubright made haste out of there as Big O went crazy shaking the ropes and pushing Jeff the Ref. O started to scream at Jeff and Curse him out saying that the call was Bullshit and he knew it. The crowd called for Jeff’s blood telling Big O to do it and take out Jeff. Chants of “Beat the Ref” filled the air as none of us would have blamed him at this point for tearing the Ref apart. Eventually Sugaa came out and took Big O out telling him to calm down and that things would be taken care of….personally I wish Sugaa had let O take Jeff out but then again if he had then Sugaa would be with one less grunt to do his dirty work, which will be explained more as this blog goes on just please be patient. All will be told.


We then had a Champion vs Champion match as Hardcore Champion and Cruiserweight champ went at it. Wildman Rojas and Jorel Ganzy went at it just as hard as everyone else this night at least in the beginning. Eventually as was bound to happen seeing as one of the championships was the Hardcore one things got a little violent and toys were brought out. At this point Rojas started to pull ahead sending Jorel on the run more often than not. eventually Jorel was in the ring when Rojas pulled a special present from Marc Mandrakes closet out from under the ring, a barbed wire encased bat! Rojas got in the ring with the bat and as Jorel came close Rojas swung. Jorel took the bat right in the gut falling to the ground and swiftly rolling out of the ring. The end of the barbed wire came off of the bat giving it a whip like look as the injured Jorel stumbled to grab his belt and then escape back to the back more or less intact. The Ref of this match called it a no contest…personally I call it a forfeit and think Jorel should hand over his title just as if he had thrown in the white towel. Then again with the happenings this past few weeks Jorel is no longer one of the fans favorite people.


During Intermission, the New Breed came out and were talking to the fans from inside the ring when suddenly a couple of Pikachu’s came out and started to attack. Yes, there were actually two full life Pikachus jumping around the ring and then went after the New Breed. These guys had some good high flying Lucha like moves. It seems that earlier some pokeballs were handed out to all the kids in the audience  just in case seeing – as this wouldn’t be the first time some random pokemon had attacked the New Breed. The Pokeballs started to fly in from the audience and they were hitting the New Breed about as much as they hit the two pokemon. Eventually the Pokemon were driven off by the Pokeball flurry, the New Breed were saved and the show as able to continue.


After the intermission we had a match between Dynamite Didi and the Sister Jaime D with Mohawk Doll in Jaime D’s corner. The match seemed pretty even at first though Didi swiftly started to gain the upper hand by using her speed against Jaime’s strength. At one point, Mohawk Doll got up on the side of the ring and was promptly knocked off at which point she grabbed a canister of something she had brought out to the ring with her earlier. She got back up on the side and while the Sister blocked the view of the Ref, Didi ended up with a face full of some sort of liquid. This allowed the Sister to pick up the win.


Didi laid on the mat her eyes burning from whatever had been sprayed in them when a slim female figure slipped into the ring. We couldn’t tell who it was though as they wore a hoodie with the hood pulled low. She held her hand out to Didi to help her up and after a few moments Didi accepted. Once Didi was up suddenly the hooded girl started to hit Didi again and again attacking her viciously. Refs came pouring out to stop the fight and the hood was thrown back to reveal women’s champion Rocky. Sugaa came out too and tried to get in between the women but just ended up getting smacked a few times and jumped on for his troubles. It took several minutes to stop the fight as they kept going after each other again and again. Once separated Sugaa said it has been too long since Rocky had been around and she MUST fight next month or forfeit her title. He said in October it would be Rocky and Jamie vs Didi and Mercedes.


The next match was a very interesting one as it was a lumberjack match with a twist. This was a Tornado Tag Team match which means both members of both teams are in the ring at the same time. On the outside of the ring were almost all of the members of the locker room (with the exception of Big O). While they all came out together they seemed to naturally split up into the heels of the WXW and the Faces of the WXW and it was obvious pretty swiftly that the heels were gunning for the New Breed. Another thing that made this match different is that it was a Strap Match which usually means the people in the ring are strapped together and can use said strap as a weapon, however in this case it was the lumberjacks on the outside with belts that comprised the strap part of the strap match. It became very obvious that the Heels were against the New Breed the first time they got tossed out of the ring. The Heels swooped down and started in with the straps like there was no tomorrow until the faces came and started to use their straps on the heels! A standoff occurred and the New Breed were able to make it back in the ring. Several times someone got tossed out of the ring and depending on who it was the opposite team of lumberjacks would pounce until the allied team were able to come to their picked sides rescue. It was total chaos as belts went flying left and right. Cheers erupted from the audience with every slap of a lash and though insane it was awesome to watch. Eventually, pin falls were tried for and the first one was the New Breed trying to pin the Modern Day Savages, however the Ref in the ring was Jeff the Ref and he didn’t do a thing to count the pin, once more showing how corrupt he has become. New cries of “Beat the Ref” and “Get a New Ref” among other less repeatable chants towards Jeff rang out. It wasn’t too much later that the Modern Day Savages tried for a pin as well and this time Jeff counted and counted way too fast giving the MDS a tainted victory over the New Breed! The crowd went insane chanting for Jeff’s blood, chanting to beat the ref, to use the straps on the ref, and many other things. Lets just say the crowd was ready to riot I think and if Big O had come back out or if the New Breed had wanted to go after the Ref I don’t think the crowd would have minded….in fact, I think the crowd would have held Jeff down for whatever punishment they saw fit.


Somehow we still had one more match to go in this amazing night of historical matches! Sean Maluta vs Jaxen Blade with Blade trying to regain his title WXW Title, having lost it at the last show in Minneola. I felt kind of sorry for them having to go on after a match like the one before them. However, seeing as who these two guys are, I really shouldn’t have worried. As usual, these two put on an amazing match against each other leaving it all in the ring. I hadn’t thought anything could compete with the Lumberjack Strap Match and the fun chaos that came with it but these two blew that match out of the water. By the end of the match, Sean Maluta came away with the win and all seemed right in the world again…but only for a short time.


This next little bit was the ending of the night and it went from awesome to terrible in just a few short moments. I’ll just touch upon it here but then I will link to the WXW video of it. The reason it was awesome was that Afa his wife Lynn and daughter Vale all came to the ring. They thanked us all for coming to such an important show and then the microphone was handed to Vale who told us how it’s the fans that make it possible for WXW do what they do and why they have been able to survive so long. So this year this special year, and because of that they decided to make a certificate and have all the wrestlers there that night sign it and it was going to go to their #1 fan. We thought ‘this is an awesome thing for them to do’…we fully expected someone like the Clacks to get it, heaven knows they are there every month, or maybe even Michael Graham with how into it he gets with egging the heels on and cheering for his favorite wrestlers. Well I guess making friends with all the wrestlers online and doing a blog about them in my free time and always trying to push their product really helps, for they surprised the heck out of us when they announced that my wife and I were the Superfans. We stood for the applause waving to Vale and all in the ring our thanks and then when the announcer got the certificate (which is very nicely framed) to us we were probably smiling stupidly at each other at this point. We sat down and started looking at the certificate pointing out names and just generally fan squeeing over it and realizing that that is probably going to be the highlight of our year this year…well that and getting the pic with Luke of the Bushwhackers is probably about tied….anyway it was awesome and we loved it soooo much and then Sugaa came out.


Everyone cheered his coming out….but not for long. Sugaa hugged everyone but then said he had some sort of signed contract by Afa saying that Sugaa now owned WXW and the first thing he was doing was to fire Afa, Lynn, and Vale. Everyone stood there stunned…the crowd was silent as his words sunk in. Then Sugaa did the unforgivable, he raised his hand and he slapped Afa right across the face. Afa went down to his knees with the slap and Sugaa rushed from the ring and out the side door knowing that the rest of the locker room had been watching on their view-screens in the back. Within seconds, the entire locker room exploded from the back, hero and villain, face and heel, side by side storming the ring to be sure their Pops was alright. Several of them chased out the side entrance the way Sugaa had gone but they weren’t able to find him. The crowd was roaring for Sugaa’s blood, the wrestlers were cursing and howling for Sugaa’s blood. Eventually, a chair was brought for Afa and they sat him down shaken still from Sugaa’s assault and what was happening. We were then led out of the building, rushed out compared to usual, and I couldn’t blame them.

Since this all has gone down, I have reached out to Sugaa for comment in an interview but he has not yet replied, I am hoping he will before Monsters Ball in 2 weeks. Looking at various videos on youtube that are being posted the fallout has been amazing. Many of Afa’s family are out for Sugaa’s blood like Afa Jr, Sean Maluta, and more and also on their side there seems to be Wildman Rojas, ERA, the Modern Day Savages, Jamie D, the British Wolf and more. Some others like Rocky and Big O say they are going to quit though Big O also says he will be there at Monsters Ball to support the Anoa’i Family. Still others like the New Breed seem to support Afa but will go along with Sugaa as long as they get a shot at their titles again, or those like Mercedies Martinez who says she doesn’t care whose in charge it’s the WXW she is there for. One of the first to make a move to Sugaa’s side was Jorel Ganzy who expressed his outrage on film but then when he thought none were looking told Sugaa to call him. Some others to jump ship to Sugaa’s side are Bryan Richards, Frankie Burbank, and the returning The Perfect Creation and C.J. O’Doyle. The battlelines are being drawn day by day and right now, I would not want to be in Sugaa’s shoes. I would even say to many of us fans he is no longer Sugaa but is now ‘Splendaa the Pretendaa’, or at least that’s what my new sign for him will be saying!


So if you are anywhere near Minneola, FL on the 15th, come to the Minneola Town Hall and come see WXW live in person!  You will not be sorry. Last show was historical because of anniversaries and records, this next show will be historical because of what goes down that could change the face of WXW forever!  We will be there and we hope you all are too!

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