In just a few hours I plan to be watching WWE Payback on the WWE Network. I have to admit in some ways I have been a bit down on the WWE storylines lately but I want to go through the various matches and what I think of them and what I think may happen in them before the actual event gets underway.



El- Torito vs Hornswoggle in a Mask vs Hair match


As was proved last month a match with midgets can still be quite fun. However leading up to Payback I have to wonder if the WWE is running low on good material. If they would sometimes have the two little guys against each other then things could be fun but to have had the past few weeks El Torrito constantly beating the full sized members of 3MB has been just ridiculous! However if they handle this the way they handled last PPV’s match it could be fun.

Prediction- Hornswoggle loses his hair!


Payback Main Show-


US Title Match- Cesaro vs Sheamus

This should prove to be an interesting match. Sheamus is a strong fighter and has been a good champion no matter what title he holds. Cesaro however has proven time and time again that pound for pound he may be the strongest player in the WWE. It will be interesting seeing these two battling for the title. I just fear that if Cesaro gets the title again we may have a repeat of his attitude from the last time he was the US champion where he constantly badmouthed the US while holding said title.

Prediction- Cesaro wins the title. Much as I hate to say it they have been giving Cesaro a huge push lately since he became a Heyman guy and I doubt they will stop now.


Intercontinental Title Match- Rob Van Dam vs Bad News Barrett

RVD vs BNB should be a fun match too. These two have very contrasting styles with RVD being a high flying technician and Barrett being more of a brawler. The good news for RVD is that being one of the ECW Originals he is used to taking a TON of punishment.

Prediction- I have some bad news, I think the push for Barrett is just getting started and doesn’t show signs of slowing now that he has made his way back into action.


Divas Title Match- Alicia Fox vs Paige

Alicia Fox has never really been a very impressive Diva in my eyes. While lovely I have always hated her attitude. Probably because it has always kinda reminded me of the bitchy mean girls from high school who thought they were all that. In my mind there are to many heels in the WWE right now and that is true in both the normal and Divas division. Even with her new “crazy” change of pace I haven’t thought that Alicia Fox has really improved in any way. I honestly don’t understand this match because Alicia has NOT proven herself to be the #1 Contender for the Divas title as she has lost to Paige on several occasions since Paige has come to the WWE not to mention being on a losing streak lately no matter who she seems to be against.

Prediction- Paige retains her title and Alicia goes even more Bat-Shyte crazy.


No Holds Barred Elimination Match- The Shield vs Evolution

If this match is anything like the last PPV it should be quite exciting. I am expecting the Shield to show once more why they have become such a dominant force in the WWE since they moved up from NXT. I honestly don’t expect too much from Evolution, they never really impressed me back in the day and to be honest I have been even less impressed with them since WWE’s horrible idea to bring them back. Evolutions is another one of those Ideas that makes me think that the writers of WWE are just kinda half assing it now a days.

Prediction- Shield once again pulling out a victory after a hard fought and highly entertaining match, I predict Ambrose out early Rollins doing some more amazing stunts but Reigns being the real hero of the match again.


Last Man Standing- John Cena vs Bray Wyatt

This is the toughest match for me to call. While John Cena is not the most popular player in the game he is a Major player still. He is practically the WWE’s version of Superman standing for Hustle, Loyalty and Respect instead of Truth, Justice and the American way though those don’t seem far off from his character. However the charismatic cult like leader of the Wyatt’s seems to be gaining a HUGE following as well if you can make such an assumption by how many people sing along with him and light the stadiums with their cell phones during his entrance. The Wyatt’s have a world wide following an the fans don’t seem split in their cheering for them like they do for Cena. Cena does have the upper hand by being in these matches several times and having some interesting ways to win them in the past (ie Batista vs Cena)

Prediction- I think this could go either way but in some ways I am pulling for Bray just because I love the character.



Rusev vs Big E

Rusev has been running rampant over all the people he has been facing in the WWE. From R-Truth to Xavier Woods, Rusev has been taking them all out with very little effort. Now fighting under the Russian flag and spouting how great Putin is you have to wonder if the Bulgarian Brute (who I keep expecting to say at some point “Rusev Smash”) can be beaten. In comes Big E who just recently lost his IC title to Bad News Barrett. Big E is a great guy now that he is not with AJ Lee and has proven to be a fan favorite in the WWE just like he was in NXT. I just wish for him they would let him do the putting his opponents down for a 5 count like he used to in NXT. If anyone has the strength to stand up to Rusev blow for Blow I think it’s Big E.

Prediction- Big E either wins after a hard fought match or wins due to Rusev getting a DQ. I think we will find Big E vs Rusev becoming the next big patriotic fight similar to a Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs Iron Sheik type of thing.


Seems we may have a Rhodes Brotherhood vs Rybaxle and a Bo Dallas vs Kofi Kingston match tonight as well so here are predictions.

Rhodes vs Rybaxle- Rhodes have always been strong and really impressive both as singles and a tag team. They have skill and a good connection through their brotherly bonds. Rybaxle has only one person who ever impressed me but Ryback stopped impressing me a long time ago. Curtis Axle never really impressed me at all.

Prediction- Rhodes takes the win even though they have been in a slump lately, this is the time and place to bring them back from the slump.

Bo Dallas vs Kofi Kingston- I really am NOT a Bo-Liever. I can’t stand his character but I have to admit he is a good wrestler. That being said I think Kofi is a far superior wrestler and I think his high flying style could make this match reminiscent of the way Bo lost his NXT title rematch to Adrian Nevel.

Prediction- Kofi takes away the win and maybe some of the wind out of Bo’s sails.

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