Kittens Rant: Spiderman Leaving MCU

Why?!?! Why have you done this to our family? Was it something we did? All I want is for our family to be together! I don’t want two Christmases I just want our Spider-Man to stay where he is! I don’t want him to just live with Sony when he has a good family right now!

Yeah, that’s right I have a mini-rant here for Spidey. So listen up Disney and Sony…do this for your fans…do what’s right for Spider-Man. Don’t get divorced we want our MCU Spidey to stay right where he is!

Let’s be honest here do we really care which company is at fault here? Isn’t most likely they both are at fault in some way? Whether it’s Disney asking for too much or Sony thinking they can suddenly pull a Spider-Man miracle out of their asses without the help of the MCU. I think it’s pretty obvious we have problems all around. So here’s the deal Disney, stop being such pricks with the money…from what I hear you already have the money from merch and the rights for TV shows and such so be happy with that and keep a smaller share in the Sony product. Sony, do yourself a favor and give Disney a little bit more on the money side of things! With how good Spidey has fared in the past two movies, I think Disney deserves a little bit more since they did lay the groundwork for this Spider-Man’s success.

Now Sony WTF do you think you’re doing! Do you honestly think you can keep a Spider-Man franchise going this strong all on your own?!?! Because honestly if history and memory serves this is where you usually screw the pooch is right here at #3. First, two Rami Spider-mans were good and you killed #3 and then the second try never even got to #3! Do you really think taking the MCU out of Spiderman will work out for you? You realize that with the divorce from the MCU you most likely LOSE all of the MCU assets that helped build this Spider-Man right? You lose his Stark-Tech. Spidey loses his pimped out suits. He loses any help from S.H.I.E.L.D. Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Happy Hogan all gone! No more EDITH, no more Stark Satellites or Super Stark 3d printers for making new suits. Can you even bring Vulture back with how his tech is based on Chitauri tech from the first Avengers movie or will you have to rewrite all his tech to bring him into a Sinister Six. What about anything in the future from Shocker his tech is the same as Vulture. What about Mysterio’s team? After framing Spiderman do we honestly think his team’s just going to go away and, if they don’t, are you no longer going to allow them to talk about how Stark did them wrong? What about the avengers? Does Spidey just forget about working with them? Could he even reference what happened before or will it just be pretended none of that ever happened? The MCU is integral in this new Spider-Man even if it’s just a few random mentions here and there about what has happened or what is happening and I don’t think cutting him off from all of that is in Spider-Man’s best interests! To truly grow this character, I think he needs the rest of the MCU. Spider-Man alone has never been able to truly grow in the movies whereas Spider-Man with the MCU has done phenomenally and I think he needs to keep this link. To cut him off from the resources of the MCU is a HUGE step backward for this franchise. 

To be honest I can see this decision being a death knell for the Spider-Man that I honestly believe is the BEST Spider-Man we have ever gotten. I hope I’m wrong in this if the breakup continues as it is but only time will tell. However Sony, Disney, Marvel I implore you all….please just kiss and make up. Don’t let Spider-Man end up with a broken home, he deserves better.

No matter what happens, your Kitten will always love Spider-Man so please save him!

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