Welcome back, everyone. I want to apologize again for being away for so long, but it was a much-needed vacation. Between mental health and my old computer slowly breaking down each time I started it up, just nothing was conducive to blogging. However, I have been taking steps to get back in a better mental space, and I have also upgraded to a better laptop that’s not being held together with packing tape and a prayer so we are back! For this returning blog, we were thinking it would be awesome to highlight some actresses that have been making waves lately! So here we go!

Recently, a lot of actresses have been in the headlines and while it may be tempting to talk about some of the comments ScarJo has said (which I think our resident Kitten may be working on a blog about) we would like to focus this first time back blog on some more positive notes. What we want to do is focus on the actresses that have been making the most waves lately for all the right reasons and that brings us to our topic for today: Five Promising Teen Actresses!

Coming in at #5 we have a relative newcomer to the acting scene. In fact, until this summer, I had never heard of this actress but she impressed me enough in a comedy role that I decided this would be a good topic to write about! Her name is Cree Cicchino. This talented young lady is 17 years old and in my opinion, is the break out star for the kids that are featured in the new Netflix comedy Mr. Inglesias. If you haven’t seen this show yet but are a fan of Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias then I highly suggest you want this show. In this show, Fluffy is a history teacher with his own wacky way of teaching his class. One of the great things about this show is how Fluffy refuses to let any of his kids get left behind in a school system that just doesn’t seem to care. Out of all the kids, Cree has some of the biggest parts and is one of the best at delivering her lines. Cree is just a tiny thing at 4’10” so, unless she hits a huge growth spurt, she will probably be able to play the teenage roles for years to come still and still look the part no problem. I hope to see great things for her in the future as she really impressed me on this show. Cree is also one of the stars of the show Game Shakers but to be honest, I never heard of that till just now when I checked out her IMDB page.

Sliding in at #4 is the lovely 16-year-old Jenna Ortega of Disney fame. Jenna plays the main girl in the live-action show Stuck in the Middle but is also the voice Princess Isabel in Elena of Avalor. So you may recognize her voice if nothing else if you have young girls at home. You may also recognize her as playing the young version of Jane in Jane the Virgin. Jenna is highly talented and fun to watch in the shows she has been in, which is why she first caught my attention even before I decided to do this blog. While staying at hotels last year during dr visits and vacations, my son and I really enjoyed the show Stuck in the Middle, which is where we were introduced to this young lady. Seeing as she has an inside connection with the Disney shows already, she can easily have a promising career ahead of her if she just keeps herself away from any scandals. She could easily see her way to success like Dove Cameron and Zendaya. Right now, Jenna is only coming in at a small 5’1” but at 16 years old she may still shoot up some. However, like Cree, she looks like someone who will be able to play the teen roles well into her mid 20’s most likely.

Screaming her way into #3 is the talented actress Sophia Lillis. Sophia is the lovely young redhead who plays young Beverly Marsh in the new reboot of Stephen King’s IT. Not only has she earned the coveted role in IT but she is also now going to be playing Nancy Drew in a new movie based on the popular Young Adult detective books of the same name by Carolyn Keene. The trailers for this modern take on the classic book series looks good and Sophia is impressive in the trailer so far. Sophia has also captured the role of Gretel in the new movie Gretel and Hansel, which is due out January of next year. Sophia is 17 and tops out at 5’ exactly right now so she too is a cute little tiny thing that is impressing people with her talents.  It looks like between IT and Gretel and Hansel she will have firmly ensconced herself in the horror genre, which would be very good for her future career as that is one genre that does not seem to be slowing down much at all anytime soon!

Now we hit #2 with a young lady you are all probably familiar with. She was the child star in Transformers Last Knight. This lovely young lady is Isabela Moner. While she hasn’t been heard from much since Transformers she has been back in headlines this year due to a new role she has picked up. She is now the one to play a more teenage version of Dora the Explorer in a new live-action Dora movie. When I first saw the pictures for this I figured it was just a joke from College Humor or something because I mean honestly Dora the Explorer as a live-action young adult comedy? It has to be a joke right? Nope, we have seen the trailer while in the theater for Avengers End Game so it seems to be completely legit. The sad thing is it actually looks kinda funny, kinda like the newer Jumanji in style or maybe like the Journey to the Center of the Earth remakes we had several years ago. It seems this isn’t Isabela’s first foray into the world of Dora the Explorer as she once voiced the character Kate in Dora and Friends Into the City. I guess you could say she got a promotion in the Dora franchise. Isabela is the oldest of our teen actors on this list at 18 but she still only measures up to a short 5’1”. She has 23 credits listed to her name on IMDB though some of them seem to be for short videos that look to be her covering songs. I have heard her sing before and she has a lovely voice. I think she can’t do anything other than go up in the world from what she has been doing right now and I look forward to seeing her in more things.

Last, but certainly not least, in at #1 we have a very popular young lady who is quite beautiful for being the youngest star on our list. She has also been the star in 2 blockbusters this summer one on Netflix and the other on the big screen. However, she is more a co-star on the big screen as there are some giant monsters who overshadow her parts, but for the humans, I think she was one of the breakout characters in the movie. Of course, I am talking about Millie Bobby Brown, who plays the psychic Eleven on Stranger Things and the main young daughter of the 2 main characters in this years Godzilla King of the Monsters. Millie is our youngest actress on the list at 15 but she is also the tallest actress on our list at 5’4”. I personally LOVE the photo we found to use here on Google as in it she looks to me like a young Princess Leia. As soon as that realization came to me, I thought that Disney needs to do 2 more Star Wars Story movies based on the Force Unleashed video games. I don’t remember if Leia was in both games but I know she showed up in the second game as a young teenager so Millie could pull that character off perfectly right now if they decided to do it. You hear that Disney I got ideas for you for Star Wars…hit me up!

While that was the last of our official list, I wanted to bring you one more actress that doesn’t fall under the teen criteria anymore. The actress in question is Zendaya who is now 22 (she was born the year I graduated High School..god I feel old) and is a statuesque 5’10”. Zendaya is added to this list because she did start out as a teen star and has done nothing but see her star power rise since then. She started to become known as a teen to watch on the Disney Channel, first as a dancer in Shake it Up as Rocky Blue, which lead to a guest role as the same Character in Good Luck Charlie. She has been in a lot of music videos and was even in Taylor Swift’s video for Bad Blood and Bruno Mars’ video for Versace on the Floor. Lately, she has played big parts in both the musical The Greatest Showman and has been in both of the new Spiderman Movies as MJ (Michelle, not Mary, Jane Watson). One role she has coming up that I can’t wait to see her in is as the Fremen woman Chani in the reboot of Frank Herberts Dune! Zendaya was also the lead character in the Disney Channel tv show K.C. Undercover when she was still a teen and all of this just goes to show that the kids who start from humble beginnings can really shine and have a great future ahead of them.

So, what did you think of this top five list? Did I miss any of your favorite teen actresses? Let us know below who you think should have been on our list and why! Also, sound off below on Teen Actors you think are up and coming as well and maybe your comment will be featured in a new blog coming soon!

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