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Draxis Homemade Soaps has some exciting news! We have decided to expand our presence onto our very own website! To make it easier for people to shop our soaps and see our blogs about the homemade soaps and the various ingredients and such we have decided to open a new webpage dedicated just to the Draxis Soaps part of our business. Within the next few weeks ALL Soap pages will be moved over to the new site. Any old pages here for the soap will link to their new homes on the new site. The best part is the site is easy to get to! Just go to the same website you are at now but replace the dwp in the address with soaps! So thats http://draxisweb.com/soaps !

But wait there’s more!

Draxis Soaps is going on tour this year! Thats right we are taking our new homemade soaps and sizes of soaps on the road this year! So far we are scheduled for the following places.


We’ll also be at:12106840_10208170518887243_4438094265075376808_nAt the end of the year we’ll be rounding things off with:


We will be at all of these conventions with our DWP books, Perlers and Jewelry among other things. We’ll also have our soaps available at all shows!

If these shows go well for us we will be trying to expand where all we go next year! So come on out and support us!

4 thoughts on “Draxis Homemade Soaps NEWS!

  1. I am looking forward to browsing the new soap website. I checked it out a little and it looks very cute 🙂 Best of luck on the tour and hope you have a wonderful time.

  2. Very good news! I am happy to see that you are organizing your site better and making it easier for us to get around. Good luck!

  3. Awww, I missed these events but I hope that you are planning more in the feature. I love different scented soaps and it’s good to see that there is a local vendor that sells soaps. I am always looking for unique products and can’t wait to see what you have.

    1. Well for the year we are pretty much done for the time being except for one more outing to Necronomicon in Tampa the last weekend of October. Next year we hope to once more be at Bartow for SyFy Bartow which would be in feburary around the 18th most likely if they keep to the normal time of the year that they did the past two years. I also hope to do CONjure again next year because I did have a lot of fun there even if it was a slower con…..and honestly while slower cons aren’t great for sales I love them the best because you get to actually know people. Also be on the lookout for news on our website here and join us on facebook for breaking news as we expand what we have for sale even further. Just a little sneak peak we are working on very nice heating bags that can also be used as chill bags in many geek patterns but also in some normal patterns as well.

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