Animal Crossing New Horizons Facebook Group.

Hello everyone! Just wanted to drop by real quick and let you know that about a week ago we started a sister group to our All Things Geek group that is dedicated to the game Animal Crossing New Horizons and any new Animal Crossing games that may come out for the switch after this one. It is called Animal Crossing New Horizons Gamers United and you can join it by just clicking on the name of the group here.

Our goal with this group is to have a fun place free of the stress that’s going on in the world at large. We’re looking to make a fun good environment where all our players are dedicated to helping our other players whether it’s with Tips and Tricks, helping with DIY’s or inviting people to your island to sell their turnips. Our goal is simply to have fun and help others have fun in this game we all love. If you’re a predatory player who swindles others, is disrespectful when visiting others islands or expects to be rewarded for every little thing you do to help someone else then this group is not for you. However if you have no problem being kind and helping out where you can and making new friends well then this is the place for you!

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