Animal Crossing June Bug Guide

Welcome back to our Animal Crossing monthly guide series. For June we will be expanding on this series to include any and all new bugs that may be showing up as well as those that will be disappearing. This will include where to find them, when to find them and if you need to do anything special to catch them So without further ado let’s just jump right into this!

Northern Hemisphere


Drone Beetle- All Day- On Trees- June-August

Emperor Butterfly- 5pm-8am Near Flowers- June-September

Firefly- 7pm-4am Flying

Goliath Beetle- 5pm-8am on Coconut Trees- June-September

Mosquito- 5pm-4am Flying- June-September

Rainbow Stag- 7pm-8am Trees- June-September


Centipede 5pm-11pm Hit Rocks

Common Butterfly 4am-7pm Near Flower

Firefly- 7pm-4am Flying

Ladybug -8am-5pm on Flowers

Peacock Butterfly 4am-7pm Near Black, Blue and Purple Flowers

Pill Bug- 11pm-4pm Hit Rock

Rosalia Batesi Beetle- All Day Tree Stump

Violin Beetle- All Day Tree Stump

Yellow Butterfly- 4am-7pm Near Flowers

Southern Hemisphere


Dung Beetles- All Day- Snowballs- June-August

Emperor Butterfly- 5pm-8am Near Flowers- June-September

Raja Brooke’s Birdwing- 8am-5pm Near Flowers- June-August

So how’s your bug collection shaping up? What is your favorite and least favorite bug in Animal Crossing so far?  Is there a bug you are excited to see coming in next month? Sound off below and let us know!

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