147518768Shea butter is creamy-colored fat that comes from nuts of the African Shea tree. If you’ve ever smelt some Shea butter lotion, you know it smells delicious! Shea butter is a known moisturizer and pure Shea butter has been used to treat many skin conditions. It is a bit on the pricey side but offers a wealth of benefits for the skin, hair and the body as a whole! It is rich in vitamin A, which is known to include blemishes, wrinkles, and other skin conditions. You have to be careful about Shea butter, though, as many companies alter their Shea butter in order to give it a better texture or fragrance. Only 100% pure Shea butter is effective, which is why the best producers will only blend premium, naturally-sourced Shea butter into their handmade soaps, lotions and products. Along with vitamin A, it also naturally contains lots of Vitamin E and shea-butter-coconut-5-215essential fatty acids. These and other minerals and vitamins contribute to this natural product’s immense moisturizing effects for dry and damaged skin. Shea butter is growing in popularity also because of its UV protection, while low; it makes Shea butter a good candidate for lip balms as well as soaps. Many describe the scent of i as “thick and nutty.” It is generally used in small amounts so as not to overpower our handmade soaps or used with other oils to give a good blended fragrance. This base allows for a range of mixes and pours and can yield interesting swirls and speckling patterns when used with color in soaps and other bath and body products.

10 thoughts on “All About That Shea Butter!

  1. I love shea butter lotions, creams, soaps and lip care. I’ve used it for years, with good results. I have a friend from whom I buy homemade lotions from, and I buy extra to give out as gifts. I love the way it smells. And another huge plus is taming my daughter’s curls….they get so frizzy, once I started using this on her hair, all you can see now are her smooth curls! 🙂

  2. Haha I love it! “All about that shea butter!” I use 100% pure and natural shea butter like every day. My skin is awesome. I never have to worry about getting dry skin and I’m pretty wrinkle free. You’re absolutely right though, people have to be careful about what they buy because so many companies like to load our products up with crap and only 100% pure shea butter will give them the results they expect to see.
    Thanks for this post, very informative.

  3. Oh my God, me too! I love the smell of shea butter especially. I had no idea you could use it on hair. My girlfriend has managed to fry her hair with dying it and bleaching it over time. We’ve been trying to find something that will help restore its health a little. She’s been doing some hot oil treatments once or twice a month and it has helped a little but she’s not totally satisfied. I’ll have to tell her shea butter might work so she can do some more research on it.

    I’m gonna do some more research myself on he skin benefits of it. My friend has psoriasis, I wonder if it would help.


  4. I use to use shea butter and cocoa butter on my feet and hands- I worked as a landscaper so I always have really dry, dirty, and cracked hands and feet from all the hard work. They did wonders for me so I hope they bring you and your friend some relief!

  5. You obviously love what you do. ;^) I want to try your Shea butter! Sounds heavenly. I kind of figured Shea butter would be tainted with by mass producers (like everything else), but it’s nice to know the benefits of the pure stuff. I know it’s popular, but have wondered what it was that made it so special. Thanks for the education! Love your site and these articles!

  6. My mother has psoriasis and I can testify that it’s helpful to an extent. It softens the scales so they come away more easily (this is specifically regarding plaque psoriasis, mind you) and the skin beneath generally isn’t as raw afterwards. It doesn’t prevent regrowth, but regular application can make it less irritating and much easier to manage.

  7. Your mom might want to try a green tea and honey soap like what we sell https://squareup.com/market/dwp Green tea does wonders for the skin and honey helps kill bacteria and fight infections so it might be something worth looking into and trying! 🙂

  8. Totally awesome! Shea Butter soap is the next best thing you can get for your skin. Thanks for posting about this!

  9. I love Shea butter and have these wonderful creams and lotions for my hands. I have very sensitive skin that cracks easily during summer and winter. The only relief I found after trying dozens of creams were Shea butter ones bought from the friend of a friend who made all sorts of home remedies, ointments and creams.

  10. My cousin uses Shea butter and told me to use it, but I don’t like its smell. But last winter I thought I should give it a try so I tried it and the result is really amazing. It makes your skin more natural and healthy because of Vitamin A. It helps me a lot to reduce wrinkles on my skin.

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