5 Mutant Powers I would Love to Have

I have been enjoying comic books since I was a young child. My parents were very cool with getting my comics and letting me read them. They may have thought them a bit silly but they also realized that while it may be a comic book it also meant I was reading and exercising my imagination as I read about these fanciful worlds where people could fly or shoot lasers out of their eyes.

One thing I always dreamt about was how great it could be to have some of the mutant powers that some of the characters had. Here were some of my favorite ones.


Flight- I always thought it would be great to soar through the clouds like Angel. To have huge white wings and just be able to look down at the world as I flew free without a care in the world always seemed like it would be a great idea. A way to just get away from it all which was one thing I had craved when I was in school.


Magik-Alt_Marvel.com_ArtTeleporting- I always thought it would be great to teleport like Nightcrawler or Magik could. To just disappear from where I was and reappear where I needed to be seemed like it would be a great thing. Until they get the Star Trek like teleporters working I will always dream of being able to just port from one location to another. Especially now that I survived almost 4 years of two hour commutes both to and from work, yes indeed that made me want this power more than ever.



Invisibility- Though Sue Storm was not truly a mutant I always thought she had a great power. Then again with growing up as a geek and nerd I was never the most popular kid in school and so to be being able to fade into nothingness always held a certain appeal.



Weather control- Storm could be my best friend for going to theme parks. The weather calls for storms and rain but thanks to being able to control the weather the space over the theme park could be sunny and fine and no lines since everyone expected it to be rainy and crappy. Dreaming of a white Christmas but only going to get an icy one, just fiddle with the weather some and your dreams of white could come true. Need some wind to fly a kite? No problem!


wolverine1Healing factor- Last but certainly not least in any way would be Wolverines or Sabertooths healing factor. Having grown up with Asthma and allergies and always getting the flu or the stomach bugs or whatever was going through the town at the time I would have and still would dearly love to have a healing factor. In fact this would be my fondest wish to this day.


Pictures Courtesy of:
Angel- Marvel.com
Magic- avengersalliance.wikia.com
Sue Storm- wikicheats.gametrailers.com

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  1. As a child, watching X-Men cartoons, I loved the idea of telekinetic powers. It would have been wonderful to be able to just wiggle my hands and have things come to me. I also loved the idea of having wings to fly and the part of me that was enchanted by fireworks wanted to be a pyrokinetic.

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