10 Beautiful Anime Women That Kick Some Ass!

Hey everyone I know that we have been having a lot of wrestling posts on here lately but it seems that recently that’s mostly what I have been watching. However now that I have been catching up on a lot of things thanks to the WWE Network this means I can start watching some other things again like Anime! So without further ado let me introduce to you my top ten list of Beautiful Anime Women That Kick Some Ass! (Don’t worry ladies I’ll be having Amanda bring in some fan service for you as well soon!)

miraMirajane Strauss is a very interesting character in the guild of Fairy Tail. She is a lovely snow white haired beauty who could be one of the strongest of the guild if she would just use her powers. As it is, Mira tends to be content with just helping new people in the guild and being the centerfold for various mage magazines, thus bringing fame to the guild and showing that they had the most beautiful magic users anywhere. Mirajane is the older sister to Elfman and Lisanna, all three of them share a type of magic called Take Over magic which allows a monster to “inhabit” their body. Lisanna and Mira could do full takeovers and Elfman only his arm. Mira was a hellion when she was a child and she was an S-Class magic user, but when she thought her little sister to have died, she lost a good deal of her power and became a sweet gentle person.  She has since gotten back her full powers and can once again kick some major butt.


Mina Tepes is an interesting character, and while most wouldn’t count her as a beauty right away because she looks like a child, you have to first understand that she is over 400 years old. This beautiful form seems to be 12 years old but this form hides her real power as the princess of the Vampire world. Mina hides her true self and powers for mainly political reasons, but during the show is forced to bring her true form to the forefront to keep her power and to save her loved ones. Mina is a force to be reckoned with and to make things even worse for her enemies she has a werewolf for a bodyguard that while he has lost many memories he does remember that he vowed to keep her safe. Mina hails to us from the show Dance in the Vampire Bund




Another great character comes from the series known as Full Metal Alchemist. One of the Homunculus to first be seen in the series was named Lust, and while she did not seem lustful she was certainly the cause for Lust in many men. A beautiful woman with her Ouroboros mark just over her chest, Lust was able to lure many a person into Father’s traps or help maneuver weak willed state alchemists for Wrath. Lust was known also as the Ultimate Spear as she was able to lengthen her fingers and nails into spears that could slice or pierce just about anything known to man. Lust tended to travel with Gluttony, who she seemed to have an almost motherly attitude towards.


Altria Pendragon is a character that was suggested to me by a friend so if it seems like I don’t quite know much about this character….well it’s true. Honestly though, I am looking forward to watching Fate/Stay so that I can see this character in action as she is part of a mythology that I have always loved namely that of King Arthur. However in this variation of the mythos, Artia IS King Arthur with a twist..she is a she not a he. It seems in this version Uther Pendragon gave birth to a girl child who was entrusted to Merlin for care and being raised to become King. Though the king could not appoint Atria as King it was believed by Merlin that if she were raised outside of Royal life she could fulfill the destiny still. For Atria’s safety she was given into the care of Sir Ector a wise old knight who raised her as his own. Atria was raised by the knight and became a squire of Sir Kay who she looked to as a brother. Eventually it was time to choose a new king and the usual myth of the Sword in the Stone was used, however this time it was the girl Altria who pulled the sword and became King. This is where I will leave it so that we can all see more about this character without too many spoilers for any of us!

Sango ultimate

A wise man once said to speak softly and carry a big stick; he most likely would have liked Sango. Sango is from the anime Inuyasha, and while she may not always speak softly, she carries a HUGE boomerang that is as big as she is. Sango is a very skilled demon slayer, becoming the most powerful hunter in her village by the age of 16. Sango actually lived in a village of Demon Slayers of which her father was chief of the village and she also had a younger brother. Her village sometimes would let themselves be hired to remove demons from other villages. This is how she lost most of her family as a demon took control of her younger brother and used him to kill the rest of a hunting party and supposedly her as well. Sango however clawed up from her grave, refusing to die and the new lord of the castle she was in helped her. She was later told falsely that a demon Inuyasha had killed the rest of her village. While I have yet to finish watching Inuyasha, I decided to read up on Sango for this article and was amazed to find she ends up marrying Miroku!


The lovely Faye Valentine, if the anime rumor is correct, will at sometime this year be in a space shuttle accident. However, she won’t be able to get the medical attention she needs so she will be put into Cryogenic suspension for about 54 years until she can get proper medical attention. While I doubt this will really happen this year, it makes for a good story in the anime Cowboy Bebop where Faye Valentine works with a ship full of quirky bounty hunters.  When Faye woke up from Cryo sleep she had a huge doctors bill and unfortunately for her she also fell for a guy who claimed he was going to help her. After she got suckered into signing certain papers he would end up being killed and all of his debt as well as hers was now hers. She was given to a criminal to work off her debt, but she would end up escaping and hooking up with the crew of the Bebop though the relationship at first was less than stellar (they are bounty hunters and she had a bounty on her head). This lovely young lady proved herself an asset to their team however, and has used her good looks to get closer to targets and get whatever she wanted from various men who find her desirable. However after that first run of bad luck with men, except for one lucky soul she has kept her heart to herself.


Rei Hino is the fiery Sailor Mars in the Sailor Moon Anime. She was both the second Sailor Scout found by Sailor Moon and the Third in Command in the Sailor Scout hierarchy. She is a beautiful young lady with long black hair that has command over flames as well as having spiritual and psychic powers too. Rei can be hot tempered and in the beginning of her stint as a Sailor Scout had a tendency to get into fights with Sailor Moon and even tried to take control of the group several times. One thing I find interesting about this character is the fact that she practices the Shinto religion living and working at a shrine with her grandfather and yet she goes to school at a private Catholic school run by Nuns. Rei is skilled in Martial Arts and Archery which figures in to her powers through her powerful Mars Arrow attack. She is also a skilled skier. Rei is known to do Fire Readings and is able to subdue evil spirits and even sense danger.


Kokoa Shuzen is the younger half sister to Moka Akashiya (see next entry). Kokoa is a lovely flame haired beauty that like her older sister is an S-Class vampire. However Kokoa grew up with her white haired sister Moka and would constantly spar her even though she knew she could not defeat her. Now she has come to the same high school as Moka to try and break the binding on her powers. She views the new less hard hitting Moka as a disappointment and not her true sister at all. She tries many things to bring Moka out of her shell and into the form she recalls even though it will mean her once more getting the stuffing kicked out of her. During the whole first season of this anime, there was a bat who would tell us how long each battle was, in the second season when Kokoa comes to school it turns out that this little bat can be squeezed by Kokoa into various weapon forms that she will then use to try and kill the wimpy Moka and her friends. She seems to be drawn to Tsukune as well but upon seeing how Moka and the other monster girls act around him she has decided to have nothing to do with him and in fact blames him for a lot of the problems of not being able to get her Moka back.


Moka Akashiya is a S-Class monster that has chained it’s own powers away in order to go to a monster High School and not completely stick out. Due to this, she has two distinct and lovely forms. One is the curvy pink haired Moka who is bubbly and naive and is in love with Tsukune. However, when Tsukune tears the rosary cross off of her necklace her true form is released. This new Moka has pure white hair grows about one cup size in her bust and even her butt fills out a bit more, oh and this is where she starts to kick ass. Normally this is literal, as she will unleash a devastating kick to her opponent and finish a battle within only a few seconds. Somehow this super Vampire form has not dissuaded several other girls from developing crushes on Tsukune as well, though personally if I had felt her fury the way they had, I would be staying far far away.

erza-titania-erza-scarlet-23128061-830-464Erza Scarlet is one of the most feared woman in the guild of Fairy Tail. She also goes by the name Titania. Erza is an S-Class mage with several different talents. Erza is a master swordsman, and as such uses various Sword Magics, but she also has some degree of Telekinesis and as such she can use multiple swords at the same time. Erza also uses a type of magic known as Requip which allows her to magically change her armor and clothes and a lot of time she will use this to change out her weapons along with her armor. Put these magics together and you can see why she is the most feared in all of Fairy Tail. However, she also can be a bit bossy, taking charge when the guild leader isn’t there, and calling the members of Fairy Tail to task for getting into trouble. Due to all of this, the members of Fairy Tail try to be on their best behaviour whenever Erza is around.



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8 thoughts on “10 Beautiful Anime Women That Kick Some Ass!

  1. Though she is a character from a less known anime, I have always admired Éclair from Kiddy Grade. Her physical strength is second to none in that anime and her special powers are revealed to be G-Class, the highest possible. However, what I love most about her is that despite the fact that she had been reborn numerous times, at the moment when she regained the memory of her past lives she did not crumble under their weight, but instead embraced her past and showed her true strength.

    Also, I feel that putting only one of the Sailor Senshi on the list is perhaps inadequate. All were very powerful ladies in their own right, but at least Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Pluto should have been mentioned for their fortitude.

    1. I will have to check out Kiddy Grade, I’ve heard of it but never had a chance to look into it yet. As for the other Sailor Scouts she was actually in the listing because I was actually running out of ideas and I went to my All Things Geek boards on facebook to ask for some other characters and she was the only Sailor listed by my followers there. It was unfortunate but after I started this article my mind kinda went blank and all I could think of was Fairy Tail, and Rosario + Vampire since I was actively watching those two at the time. In fact I think I only remembered Mina because I was RPing a character that uses her as a character picture at the time. I had been hoping to get only one girl from 10 different anime’s but I wasn’t getting many I could use from those I was asking. Of course now that this is done I have thought of several more I could have added so who knows maybe I’ll do up a part two sometime soon! Thanks for reading and commenting!

      1. I’d love to read a part two if you decide on tackling it. My comment about the Sailor Senshi came to me mostly because I was watching Sailor Moon Crystal at the time, which in turn made me remember Uranus and Neptune ( whose characterization is completely off in the original series in comparison to the manga and I am still completely annoyed about that ) and I mentioned them seeing as – if I am not mistaking – in the manga Jupiter and Uranus are described as being the strongest Sailor Scouts. That and I also loved the way Jupiter blended a total romantic personality, especially her passion for flowers, with amazing fighting skills.

        Kiddy Grade is a bit different from all the anime I have watched and I think that was what hooked me in the first place. As the episodes develop and several things come to light, I especially love the way the characters’ façades are slowly cracking away and their true selves are being revealed. Even though many people I know watched it for the fighting and the lovely ladies in it, it’s pretty complex and goes way beyond all that. It’ a shame the sequel wasn’t really up to the level of the first one. In the sequel, it seemed to me they focused more on sexualizing the characters and less on developing them.

  2. Erza Scarlet of Fairy Tale is the one of my fav have got here…oh why?. What of Mikasa Ackerman of Attack on Titan and Asuna Sword of Art Online, please they are beautiful too!

    1. I have not yet watched either Attack on Titan or Sword Art however Sword Art is on my list of ones to start….I am thinking of maybe tackling a sequel post with another either 5 or 10 beauties since this post is so popular so I may have a few more coming!

  3. LOL…what a nice list of beautiful Anime women you’ve got here and must say this – they rally kick the ass!
    I totally agree with Angela’s comment and with your reply to her comment as well. I only got 2 outta my favorite anime women here, Erza Scarlet and Mirajane Strauss – is like will all have different taste/interest or maybe it depends on the ones we’ve come across.

    1. I think it is a bit of both actually. I know I was having trouble finishing this blog at first because I didn’t want too many from the same anime’s but I am still kinda new to a lot of them. I also wanted them to be the hotter women so I asked around for suggestions from friends. A lot of the suggestions that came in I looked at and just said to myself “Why do these people not know what beautiful is, this character is Silly/Ugly/The total Opposite of fan service!” Now maybe some people might think they are beautiful though. After all I added Mina Tepes here and many may not think her to be lovely since she looks so young but to me since she was 400 years old I thought she was pretty good looking. There have been others I didn’t add simply because while I love and think the character is great and a beauty to me I didn’t know if others would see them that way as well such as Milly from Tri-Gun. Just be prepared for round two because now I have Ikki Tousen to add in for my list of things I have watched!

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