Where to Find XyanyaVieme:

Twitter- @DraxisWebGaming
Playstation- XyanyaVieme
Oculus- XyanyaVieme
Nintendo- SW-4436-4166-8997
Pokemon Go- 6963-3235-1804
Facebook- https://facebook.com/dwebgaming
Twitch- https://twitch.tv/xyanyavieme
YouTube- https://youtube.com/channel/UCQrRCOg7jhPkAxsSMe5FxTw/

Who is XyanyaVieme?

Name- Kathryn Coryell
Pronouns- She/Her
Gaming Since- The 80’s!

Kathryn is the Mundane behind XyanyaVieme and has been active in gaming since she had her first Atari 2600 way back in the ’80s. In 1994 she became involved in online gaming through the AOL Chat Room based RP’s in the realms of Rhydin. She was the one behind memorable characters such as Talon Drachenstalker, Storm Thalra (AKA DeathStormT), Caith and Ashler Requiem, and the Shadow/Veldrin triplets Cyren, Cassmira and Cyrsie. As systems evolved Kat bought whatever she could whether new or used and tried to keep up with the tech and continue gaming. Kat uses gaming to help her with depression and keep her involved in the outside world even through her disabilities brought on by Cancer and other Illnesses. Kat uses her games to help Homeschool her son. Recently Kat has founded DraxisWeb Gaming and is devoting time to making gaming videos and live streaming through her Facebook page.

Kathryn runs DraxisWeb Gaming made up of herself and her husband and is a proud member of Dreams to Reality Gaming where she created and runs their Facebook page