Zombie Short E-Story “The Hunger” Free till 8/27

Hey Zombie fans and Deadheads have we got a deal for you!

Our own Kevin Coryell is giving his short story “The Hunger” away for free for 1 week!

This story takes a twisted new look at the mind of a ravenous Zombie! Are these just killing machines with no thought for anything other than eating the flesh and brains of others? Or is there still an awareness in there submersed by the overwhelming need to feed that can reanimate even the most shattered cadaver?

Check out the story here https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/434272 but make sure you use Coupon Code EX65W to get the story for FREE!


1 thought on “Zombie Short E-Story “The Hunger” Free till 8/27

  1. Zombies might not be my favorite monsters, but I will definitely have to give this story a try. I’d love to read something written from the point of view of the zombie.

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