To paraphrase Chris Russo from the WXW… It’s TIME…It’s TIME…. It’s TIME FOR WXW to return to DraxisWeb Productions blogs! I have been to several WXW events since the last blog. However with the concerns about my health taking a heavy toll on everyone’s thoughts especially my own I felt that my blogs couldn’t do justice to what we were seeing. However I think I am back in the swing of things so it’s time to get back to the blogging of the fun stuff!

riproddy2To start the night out, the WXW paid tribute to the late great Rowdy Roddy Piper. Just like they did with Dusty Rhodes when he died all the stars of the WXW came and surrounded the ring. Afa was personal friends with Roddy and said a few words about him and by the end I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house though many tried to hide the fact. They rang the bell 10 times as is customary when you lose a wrestler to death’s embrace. As with what happened with Dusty before, when the wrestlers left the ringside they broke into their own brand of applause that will hopefully reach Roddy up in heaven by pounding on the ring. Perhaps this same sound that so many who have been in tag teams or have heard while pinning their opponents will serve to bring the spirit of the fallen wrestler some joy and rest in the afterlife.

Last month we had seen the debut (at least for us) of Frankie Burbank as he went against IMG_20150808_183924433Mikey. In that bout Mikey came out victorious against a guy I could only call… odd? This month we saw Frankie trying to get a measure of revenge against Mikey. The key word here is trying. Frankie isn’t what you would call the most physically imposing of figures, in fact if someone looked less like a wrestler than Frankie it would amaze me. Last month Frankie came out dressed like a skinny wannabe chippendales dancer; this month he came out in his pants a sparkling yellow top hat and with what looked to be a magician’s cane, it wasn’t much of an improvement in my opinion- especially since he insists on wresting sans shirt. When Mikey came out, Frankie tried to trick him by doing the whole rabbit out of a hat trick though in this case he did a teddy bear out of a hat. The scary thing is that while he had Mikey look away IMG_20150808_184201795he pulled the teddy bear out of the front of his pants to put in the hat. It looked like he was going to also use this as a chance to hit Mikey except that Mikey was a bit too smart for this tactic (and as much of a fan of Mikey as I am it amazes me I can utter that last sentence.) The hilarity that ensued during most of this match kept us laughing the entire time along with almost everyone else there. From very effeminate chops in the corner from Frankie, to a game of leapfrog that saw Frankie leaping out the ropes and onto the floor, to what appeared to be an impromptu game of Simon Says, this match was great for laughs if nothing else. One of my favorite parts of the match was Frankie trying to put some sort of submission hold on Mikey that wasn’t really working out right… and all you heard was Mikey yelling “What are you doing? I don’t understand! Your butt’s in my face! Why’s your butt in my face?!?” In the end Mikey won, leading to the whole crowd cheering. As Frankie left however he was heard saying “I won…yeah you saw it I won that. The Ref counted it…2 counts!” I think Frankie may have hit his head a bit during the leapfrog game if he thinks a 2 count is good enough.

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Next we had former Tag Team partners Sweet Johnny Velvet against Reggie Rhythm. IMG_20150808_185036932However since Reggie betrayed Johnny, Reggie came out with a lot of backup in the shape of the Prophecy (The Prophet Alex G, Brick City Kid, Regina, and the Hardcore Champion Nathan Vain.) At the beginning of the match Johnny seemed to have things pretty firmly in hand striking out devastatingly against Reggie, but who can blame him after all that has happened between these two? Due to Johnny taking an early lead the match didn’t go long before The Prophecy got involved. Everyone of them rushed the ring but this didn’t surprise anyone as The Prophecy tend to act like a pack of rabid wolves, what did surprise everyone though is that during the beatdown a new member of the Prophecy came out to the ring to help. Ushaka came rushing out and grabbed a length of unused power cable to wrap around Johnny’s neck. Thankfully at this point it didn’t take long for the cavalry to arrive in the forms of, Sean Maluta, Ace Radic, Tony Storm and Jorel Ganzy to make the save and help carry Johnny out of harms way! The biggest surprise in this match I think was that Ushaka has joined The Prophecy, which makes me wonder just how much more power will they be gaining with this new acquisition? Johnny ends up winning by DQ!

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The next match saw Ace Radic and Jaxen Blade square off against each other. This match, IMG_20150808_185632508like many others this night, saw Ace rush in before the bell even started. Most of the matches seemed to be this way this night as there were a lot of grudges that seemed to be getting the better of everyone. Ace hit hard and fast most of the match but Jaxen came back and gave as good as he got. This match was filled with “Ace” and “This is Awesome!” chants. However, no matter how awesome this match was, the ending left most people stunned and even a few in tears as Sugaa came out to attack Ace Radic. Sugaa laid waste to the much smaller Ace leaving him lying unconscious in the middle of the ring as Sean Maluta and several others once again raced to the ring to make a save. During the IMG_20150808_185717722time everyone was checking on Ace Sugaa took to the microphone and stated that he took Ace from us because Ricky Santana and the WXW Universe love Ace and he has a new mission to take away everything that Santana and the WXW Universe loves. He even got into the faces of several little girls that had been chanting “Ace Ace Ace” during Sugaa’s speaking and pointed them each out individually to tell them that he personally was taking Ace from each of them. At this point with all the damage done, I don’t think that even a DQ win could be considered a win for Ace by anyone.

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We then saw a match that was for the Women’s Championship between one of the newest IMG_20150808_191014538Prophecy members Regina and Dynamite Didi. We haven’t seen Didi lately due to a knee injury but the women’s champ was finally back in action this night much to the joy of the crowd! Regina was accompanied to the ring by the Prophet Alex G who would end up playing an important part to this match. In the beginning of the match Didi was firmly in charge in my opinion and could have finished things off pretty early if it wasn’t for her bad knee tweaking itself as she lept over the prone form of Regina after an Irish Whip to the ropes. Once that happened it gave Regina a good target and she worked hard at hurting Didi’s leg. Eventually Didi got the upper hand again using her buttIMG_20150808_191112236 as a battering ram to Regina’s face several times in the corner, it kinda reminded me a bit of a what if Naomi’s Rearview move was spliced with Rikishi’s Stink Face move. It seemed pretty effective (and looked like a move any man would LOVE to go through) and just as we thought Didi was going to win the match Alex G struck. Didi was about to place Regina on the top turnbuckle for a move but wasn’t able to get her up as Alex G reached under the ropes and grabbed Didi’s ankles pulling her legs out from under her. Didi ended up falling on her back with Regina on top of her and the ref counted to 3 giving Regina and the Prophecy yet another championship in their stable. At this point the entire crowd exploded with their disapproval and shouted some rather negative comments to the Ref. Why you may ask? Well the entire time the 3 count was being made Alex G was holding Didi’s feet down outside of the ring. This gave the double whammy of the fact that Didi shouldn’t have been counted out due to the fact that she was not entirely in the ring (after all if a foot on the rope counts as a break I would think a foot about a foot outside of the ropes should count the same) and the fact that Alex G was interfering so blatantly. I find it funny that they usually say Baseball Umpires are blind but I think it certainly applies to Wrestling Refs even more at times!

There was one final match to talk about before we get to the intermission. This match was IMG_20150808_192122778for the Hardcore Championship and we saw Nathan Vain the current champion defending against the One Man Army Jorel Ganzy. Jorel came out first and within moments was throwing chairs and trash can lids and all sorts of fun toys into the ring. Nathan came out with his little bag of tricks as well but before he could even get fully ready Jorel had charged in on the attack. Jorel wasted no time at all in using the weapons he brought into the ring slamming Nathan upside the head several times with a pizza tin and the Trashcan lid Jorel was giving pretty good but Nathan can take a beating and keep going. Nathan was even giving as good as he got at times. The big change in pace came when Nathan was tossed outside the ring, when Jorel tried to fly after him Nathan pulled a Guitar from under the ring and Jorel flew headfirst into the Guitar. Nathan used that on him a few more times before they ended up back in the ring. Nathan brought a few hundred little spikey tacks as friends and spread them on the mat. While he was doing that Jorel came at him with a Kendo stick and smacked Nathan several times bringing him to his knees but never quite toppling him onto the thumbtacks that got spread out. Eventually Jorel got slammed onto the tacks and from there things just went downhill and Nathan Vain kept hold of his Hardcore Championship.

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During the Intermission we got to meet one of the wrestlers that we have befriended on facebook- Marc Mandrake who plays a major heel character in the WXW. The self proclaimed Suicide Messiah has been a huge supporter of mine ever since we found out that I have cancer. It was a good meeting and both my wife and I ended up with a T-shirt to help support him. We made sure that for the rest of the night we were wearing those shirts since he was one of the matches after the intermission. After making signs for Big O the month before and never even being looked at though we were right near the front, we decided to back our friend big time this month.

IMG_20150808_195737888After the intermission we got to see a wrestler that was being chanted for every time the Prophecy reared it’s ugly head in the ring THE BEAST! Beast was pitted against another member of the Prophecy known as the Brick City Kid. BCK was more than outmatched by the Beast however who for the most part was effortlessly tossing BCK around the ring. When it seemed that BCK was about to be pinned the Prophecy pulled the ref from the ring and stormed the ring in full force. It seemed that they would overwhelm the Beast but then Beast started to throw his attackers off and out of the ring. Beast ended up spearing and tossing the members of the Prophecy around like they were nothing until they were forced to flee.

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Next we got to see Marc Mandrake try to gain the WXW Television Title from Big O. As I IMG_20150808_200633138mentioned before, last month I had made a sign for Big O, we have even tried to friend him on facebook like we do many of the WXW stars. While we have had many of them accept our friend request we have yet to hear back from Big O. When he was wrestling last month all of his attention outside of the ring was for one group of people that are always there and always have Big O signs, I’m not sure but they may be family or friends of family because they even knew when his Birthday was. Big O only seemed to have eyes for that family last month and my sign went without being seen even though we were in the second row right by the entrance/exit area of the ring. Now sometimes I can see that you may not see a persons’s understandable in large crowds and such but when someone is almost front and center and you never even look their direction even though theyIMG_20150808_200848799 are sitting in a place that can be easily seen upon entering and exiting the ring area that seemed a bit off to me. Since Marc has become a friend of the family online, we decided to once again get behind the heels with our signage and just like we are the only ones bringing out signs for Nathan Vain we are now the only ones bringing out signs for Marc Mandrake. The cool thing is we are certainly in the minority for cheering for the heels which is kinda fun. We surely stuck out from the crowd wearing our Suicide Messiah shirts and holding up our Mandrake signs. In fact when Mandrake came out he pointed to us and yelled for the crowd “You two are cool…the rest of you suck!” This of course brought out a chorus of boo’s from the crowd but he tends to thrive off of that reaction and we couldn’t help laughing some as well. During the match Big O did ok but for the most part it seemed to me at least that Mandrake spent the majority of the time in charge. Mandrake is one of those powerhouse I’m gonna beat you down type of wrestlers. He doesn’t take prisoners. Though there was a point where Big O got Mandrake down on the outside of the ring and then went and grabbed Mandrake’s Valet Ferrari by the hair, HUGE mistake. Mandrake slammed into him from behind and started to deal out more punishment. Unfortunately in the end Big O got in some good lucky seeming hits and was able to pick up the win. The loss didn’t phase us though we are still going to follow every move of the Suicide Messiah and cheer for him whenever he is one of the ones wrestling! I highly recommend that you follow him as well which can easilly be done by liking his facebook page here~~~~>

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Already it’s time to come to the MAIN EVENT! This night had Sean Maluta taking on ERA IMG_20150808_201641373for the Heavyweight Championship title. ERA had been getting a few matches over against Maluta recently but each time it was mainly by cheating. This time I was hoping it would be different and for a bit it seemed as though it would be. There have been times that Maluta and ERA have torn down the house but got interrupted due to time limits, this time there was no limit and Maluta was going to use that to his advantage to take it to ERA. Now I would like to mention here that ERA has been coming to the ring with Raquel who some of you may remember used to come to the ring with Nick Nero and was badly treated by ERA during those matches. I don’t know what changed other than Nick leaving for other areas to wrestle in up north but now Raquel is with ERA and after seeing how he used her as a humanIMG_20150808_201745912 shield during a portion of this match I have to say I think she is kinda settling to be hooking up with that jerk, but hey whatever she’s happy with right? Anyway the match was awesome there was great back and forth by both Maluta and ERA and they truly blew the roof off of the joint. Every time a good move was made the crowd went wild and so we were basically wild the entire time because these two left nothing behind and gave it their all in this match. This has been the first time that ERA has truly impressed me. Before I would say he was good but not great however Maluta and ERA seem to bring out the best in each other and they were both spectacular! However a great match ended in tragedy at least for the fans. You see during the match ERA got pushed back during a move which put him stumbling into the Ref, honestly it seemed to be that the Ref was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maluta went to superkick ERA but ERA moved last second and Maluta ended up laying out the Ref! ERA used this time to smack Maluta with the title and would have gotten the win if there was a Ref awake in the ring but thankfully the Ref was out cold. ERA tried again hitting Maluta with another big move and pinning him but still there was no Ref. ERA tried to wake the Ref but Maluta had come around by this time and stopped him and then a superkick later nd Maluta was atop ERA. The crowd went wild and screamed the three count so loud I am sure they heard it several blocks away! It took almost a five count though before a new Ref came running out to slam his palm against the mat three times and declare Sean Maluta the winner! The crowd went absolutely berserk with their cheers, their favorite wrestler had finally gotten his title back after so very long and had finally gotten a measure of revenge against ERA.

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But wait the new Ref woke up the old one who shook his head and pointed to ERA. We saw IMG_20150808_203521939the Ref doing this several times and a hollow space seemed to form in the pit of everyone’s stomach as everyone went quiet. The Ref that was downed said a few more things to the new Ref and then walked over to take the Championship away from Maluta. It was said that due to DQ the winner of the match and still Heavyweight Champion was ERA! Honestly, I don’t think I have ever heard the fans more pissed off than they were about this. Well maybe they were more pissed when Sugaa went heel but I doubt it was by much. Now I could see where if Maluta hit the ref on purpose it could be considered a DQ and we all saw in the WWE when Den Ambrose hit the Ref because Rollins pushed him into the way that Rollins was DQ’ed which led to AmbroseIMG_20150808_203612062 winning but not getting a title. This case however just left a sour taste in my mouth though as in this case Maluta got DQ’ed because the REF was in the wrong place at the wrong time and it had nothing to do with Maluta or ERA. In my opinion this is something where the ref that counted should have stood up for his decision and had it stands as the final say. There are so many times in the WWE and other promotions where the Ref gets knocked down or out and a second ref comes in to save the day and NOTHING gets done by the first ref once he’s up. I don’t know what it has been lately for this overturning thing to be happening but I hated it when it happened to Ambrose and I hated it this time! Now on August the 29th we will finally get to the bottom of who will win the title as ERA and Sean Maluta will go at it one more time but this time in a Ladder Match!


After the show was done, we got to see Mandrake for a few more minutes and we were able IMG_20150808_204613736to get pictures with him and Ferrari as we held up our signs and proudly wore the new shirts we had. All in all it was a great night with WXW, but then again I wouldn’t have expected anything other than a great night with watching such great performers! Hopefully one day we’ll see some of you there. If you do come out and you see a couple people cheering on the bad guys like Nathan and Marc that’s most likely us so come and say hi!

Sorry I have to put this in…it seems to be a bit of a trend for us to have a picture of Didi’s butt in these blogs. Now normally I don’t do this on purpose and end up with a ton of butt pics anyway…this time I didn’t have too many pics because of people in the way and the speed of the match however as a special treat to all of you here is Didi from behind, mainly because I don’t want to break the trend. We love ya Didi!!!!









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  1. I used to love watching Roddy Piper! He was so energetic and fun to watch in the ring. May he rest in peace.

  2. Amazing! I can feel the whole event in front of my eyes 🙂 I never read such detailed description of any event, you nailed it! Please share your other experiences.

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