WXW Recap 8-29-2015

Boy do we have a WXW recap blog for you today! We got to go to the WXW show on 8-29-2015 and it was jam packed with amazingness for the most part! As usual we left the show amazed with the talent and performance that was put on and my wife and I were talking for hours afterwards about what parts we liked and how great a time we had. So lets just jump right into the review and get you all caught up on the newest WXW action.

Right off I need to make mention of something my wife and I both found to be interesting.  The last few events have seen a new ring announcer at the event since Chris Russo, the normal announcer is away on vacation. Normally during the opening announcements there are random chants of “Fire Russo” from a few of the hecklers that seems to be at many of the shows.  Well, it seems that the fans really do love Russo and miss him because the chants had switched to “We want Russo!”  So Chris Russo, if you happen to read this blog, you are missed and we hope to see you back in the ring soon!  So now… onto the show itself.

LayTheLawBefore we got to the action, Mr. NYR came out to the ring and started a promo about how he should be champion this prompted Irish Jack to come out and say he was still champ (the fans were quick to remind him he lost to NYR). This prompted ERA to come out and let them know he was truly champ because he held the belt. And then Sean Maluta came out to let everyone know that he would win tonight and then give matches to all of them to try and get it back. Thankfully Vale Anoa’i came out representing the WXW Management and set the wrestlers in their place making sure that Maluta and ERA were focused on tonight and that the WXW would be in touch with the other two! She made sure to shut down any back talk quite quickly too. Then it was on with the show!

First up was a match between two people we have not yet seen in the wrestlers Montezuma and Vertigo. We didn’t recognize either but they say on their facebook page that this was Vertigo’s debut so I can only assume that Montezuma is someone they have used in the shows before but I don’t remember him. This match wasn’t too bad but you could tell that one or both of them were most likely a bit green as it wasn’t up to the usual action we see in the WXW. Of course, since the WXW is associated with a wrestling school it is possible these guys are part of the school and as such I’m willing to give a bit more lenience than many are. The match wasn’t bad and if they are students then I think they did awfully good especially since it was the one guys debut. Some of the people in the crowd weren’t nearly as nice though and some death stares were given to several of the people who decided to heckle. In the end Montezuma took the win.

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Next was Irish Jack coming out to the chants of Irish Joe against newcomer Tony Storm. This was a pretty good match; Irish Jack gave Tony a ton of hurt but Tony Storm was a fighter and in a lot of instances came back and gave as good as he got. One of my favorite things about the match however wasn’t the wrestling in this case but a little kid across the ring from us. Normally it’s hard to hear people from across the ring but this kid was a HUGE Tony Storm fan. We could see a sign being held the entire time and hear this cute little squeaky voice chanting “Tony Storm… Tony Storm…. Tony Storm” through the entire match. Though Tony Storm put up a good fight, it was the ex-Heavyweight Champ Irish Jack that took home the win this night.

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The third match was the first of 4 title matches for the night and saw Ace Radic squaring IMG_20150829_191351880off with Jaxen Blade. Due to Sugaa getting involved in Ace’s last match, Ace had asked WXW for some special security for the ringside area for this match. I had to laugh when I saw the four guys that came out because Sugaa is probably about two of them put together and most likely as strong as all four combined. Both my wife and I had a good laugh looking at the security guys. We did feel kinda sorry for them though. The match itself was amazing with a great back and forth between the competitors. Eventually Sugaa came out which distracted Ace and for a little bit Jaxen was getting the better of him, at this point the security all moved from around the ring to block Sugaa. Watching the two groups square off I certainly felt sorry for the security guys. Finally Ace looked like he was getting the upper hand again and Sugaa stormed the ring basically dragging the security guys with him. 11951353_10207112592430373_5562891535111383092_nThis distracted the Ref and allowed Jaxen’s Valet Angelina Cruz to grab Ace and hold him against the ropes without the Ref seeing it. As Jaxen moved in looking for a cheap shot on Ace, Sugaa was detained and dragged off by security as the Ref yelled at him to leave. Jaxen rushed in to hit Ace but Ace ducked out of the way just to see Angelina get smashed in the face by the shot meant for Ace and sent flying off the side of the ring to the floor! Ace was able to capitalize on this brief distraction to Jaxen and caught him with his finishing move and pinned him for the three count. The great thing in this was the pin was near us and at first the Ref was still distracted and the entire crowd started their own 3 count. I was able to see Jaxens face the entire time and his eyes were open but his expression was kind of like Loki had in the first avengers after being bashed on the floor by the Hulk. Finally, the Ref got in there made the three count and Jaxen rolled out of the ring. Angelina swiftly made her way to him and helped him to the back as Ace wept with joy and celebrated his win as he gained the Cruiserweight Title. He spun around like a whirling dervish holding the title high and it was a great sight seeing just how much this meant to him. I am thinking Ace may be the next person I make a sign for since I have always been a fan since we started watching WXW and I would like to see him go far with this championship!

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We had a women’s match next with Andrea going against Dynamite Didi. There was a lot IMG_20150829_192246769of heat between these two as the last time we saw Andrea she was supposed to be caned by Didi with her own Bo Staff 10 times for losing the match. That punishment was stopped by the interference of Regina who is now part of The Prophecy. The match started out with Andrea taking charge early on and she kept in charge for a good portion of the time. Eventually, Didi was able to start fighting back and started to give as good as she had been getting. At one point the match spilled out onto the floor right in front of us. These girls were really tearing into each other. Eventually the match made it back into the ring, and it looked like Didi had things under control and was about to win again but Regina rushed the ringIMG_20150829_192344830 with her ill gained championship belt and struck Didi. Regina swiftly left the ring and thats when this match started to be odd. For some reason, even though he saw it quite clearly, the Ref never called for the bell. There was very blatant interference yet no DQ was announced. The crowd grew loud because we were all wondering what was going on and shouting at the Ref that the DQ should be called. This allowed Andrea to go and punish the now hurt Didi some more. Suddenly, someone from the back room offices ran out and rang the bell even though the Ref didn’t call for it. We started to wonder if this was going to be something like what happened with Undertaker and Lesnar at SummerSlam where the match is called to be put back on since the Ref didn’t call for the bell. The Ref who seemed kinda off in Lala Land still got out of the ring and talked to the announcer who then called the match a double DQ with neither woman winning! Boy did the boos get loud then! We all saw Regina attack Didi and this would normally DQ Andrea, but for some reason I still can’t fathom both were DQ’ed after someone else had to call for the bell. I’m still trying to figure out that call but can’t for the life of me figure it out. It will be a mystery that is left unsolved I am afraid.

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Next we saw a tag team match that consisted of Mr. NYR and the Beast teaming up to go IMG_20150829_193559480against The Prophecy in the shape of Nathan Vain and Ushaka. This was a fun match to watch! The Prophecy as usual came out in force with Nathan Vain, Ushaka, Alex G, Reggie Rhythm and Wildman Rojas (formerly known as The Brick City Kid). Mr. NYR and the Beast came out together and a good laugh was had by all as NYR had his face painted up like the Beast always does and it seems he had given a Bandana to Beast to wear like he does. However, Beast was chewing on the bandana the way he usually has the hunk of meat when he comes out to the ring. When the match started, both teams worked well together; Beast and NYR were certainly on the same page but several times they seemed a mite overwhelmed by the Prophecy who worked well together but also had some outside distractions going on too. Eventually, we saw NYR and Beast in the corners opposite each other with Nathan Vain and Ushaka grabbing them and whipping them towards the center of the ring. An impact looked imminent but somehow they both cleared each other and what occurred instead was a double spear to Nathan and Ushaka. This double spear gave Beast and NYR the win over the stable that otherwise has been running roughshod over the rest of the WXW Locker Room.

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We then had a small intermission which was followed by the second of four championship IMG_20150829_200903875matches. This match saw Big O defend his Television Title against Wildman Rojas (who used to be known as the Brick City Kid). This match had some brutal back and forth between the two wrestlers. Vicious blows were given and received by both. Oddly enough though the only other Prophecy member out at this time was Alex G though that was all the assistance that was needed. Towards the end of the match Alex G got up on the side of the ring and while the Ref was distracted by him he used this to toss a pair of Brass Knuckles over the Refs shoulder to Rojas. Big O smashed Alex G off of the ringside but got blindsided by the brass knucks that Rojas then had. Rojas scored the pinfall and tossed the knucks back out to Alex G (we got a good look at them as they bounced on the floor almost going through the barrier by our feet). Alex quickly scooped them up and shoved them in his pocket as Rojas had his hand raised in victory and a second title changed this night. This gave the Prophecy control of the Hardcore title, Television title and the Women’s title.

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Another title match came up next pitting the Tag Team Champs of the Sons of the Atlantic IMG_20150829_201738237against Sweet Johnny Velvet now teaming with the returning TNT Mottley to form the team of Sweet TNT. Both teams were really impressive in the ring. My biggest complaint for this match is one I had with Sweet Rhythm back when we first saw them and that’s simply that there was too much rescuing from pinfalls by the partners in this match though this time it came from both teams. These two teams were tearing up each other like there was no tomorrow each landing devastating blows on the other. When all was said and done though Sweet TNT got the surprise(at least to me) win over the SoA to become the new Tag Team Champs. I have a feeling though that the SoA will be going after the titles again soon as they don’t seem to be the type to take a loss very well. This was the third title match of the night and three titles changed hands!

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Last, but most certainly not least in any way, was the main event and the last title match of IMG_20150829_203802463the night. Sean Maluta was once again going after ERA for the Heavyweight title and looking for a win over the devious ERA. As I said in a previous blog Maluta and ERA have been feuding a lot recently with their matches simply blowing everyone away with how good they are. Most of them have ended up with ERA picking up a win after the match is granted extra time as these two have been fighting till the end time in most of their matches. However most of these wins by ERA have to do with his feet being on the ropes or some other cheap tactic to get some sort of advantage over Maluta. We figured it may be a bit harder to do that this time though seeing as this match was a Ladder Match. For those of you reading this IMG_20150829_203920924that may not be big fans of wrestling a Ladder match is very simple, anything goes, there’s no DQ, and you have to climb a ladder to get the title which is suspended from the ceiling. In this type of match the ladder has a tendency to be used as a devastating weapon. This match was gruesome with both men giving their all in the ring. The ladder was used very inventively in this match as was a chair. By the end of the match we were amazed that either man could stand and the crowd was going wild with each new move the two combatants were able to pull off. As we got to the point where we thought neither would be able to continue Maluta was able to pull off a great move and start climbing the ladder without opposition, but right as he was about to get to the top and grab the belt the lights in the arena went off. Some vague movement could be seen in the shadowed hall and when the lights came on all five of the MM’s were in the ring. One member at each corner with the leader on top of the ladder to take out Sean Maluta. This gave ERA the ability to climb the ladder and keep his title as the MM’s once allies of Maluta went back to the locker room area with their manager Brian Rubright laughing in front of the curtain where everyone makes their entrance. After Rubright and the last MM left, ERA made his way towards the locker room as well. The crowd was going crazy at this point and several of them made their way to the ropes separating the entrance path from the chairs. Half of these people were chanting “Thank you ERA” while the rest of them yelled angrily about how he sucked and was a cheater.

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To say that Rubright, the evil little smurf, looked smug with himself would be an rubrightunderstatement. I would even go so far as to call him an Evil Genius; however I made a stop at the College of Higher Evil. In the Handbook for the class Evil 101 it says that there is indeed a height requirement for being an Evil Genius and Rubright just doesn’t quite measure up. Which is why I have a feeling that Maluta and maybe some others that have had bad times with the MM’s in the past will most likely find some way to put Rubright’s team in their place.


So thank you for reading this run down of the latest WXW match. Unfortunately we will not be able to report the current match as it is being held in Miami, and that is just a bit too far for us to drive, and not to mention Miami is a scary place! But we will be reporting on more WXW matches soon so make sure to check back for more wrestling excitement!

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  1. I addicted to your WXW commentry. It was a pleasure to read all the things in such details and with a tons of photographes. Please keep updated us on every possible match. Thank you.

    1. Well I have one more coming in a day or so but then I miss any of the October shows due to my surgery, so hopefully we’ll be back up with these for November and December!

  2. That is funny how the hecklers go from hating on Russo to wanting him back so bad. Sometimes the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence, is it?

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