WXW December 20th 2014

IMG_20141108_183628650Hey gang! I’m back with some more indie wrestling news from Florida and the wonderful action of WXW Wrestling in Mineola! Unfortunately, due to lack of babysitters I was unable to make last month’s big Tag Team Tournament for the Samoan Cup. However on December 20th, I was able to make it to the last show of 2014 and I can tell you right now it did NOT disappoint and it also gave us a LOT to look forward to in 2015.


IMG_20141220_184142812First up was Commissioner Santana and his lovely young assistant who was holding a wrapped Christmas present. Santana said he had been talking about some big changes for 2015 and he was now going to give all of us a Christmas gift. At that point Santana went and opened the gift that his assistant had and held up the WXW Extreme Championship belt. He announced that in 2015 the WXW was going extreme since that was part of it’s name and thus going back to it’s roots. He also announced that on January 10th there would be a tournament for the title. They are going to put all the WXW members names in a hopper and pick six of them out to go after the new/old title.


IMG_20141220_184509713The first match of the night belonged to Andrea who we saw in my last WXW Blog as being the woman who snuck up behind and attacked Dynamite Didi and it was against Didi that she was going to be fighting this time as well. Andrea came out dressed in a golden outfit and carrying a large staff looking like she was some sort of character out of Xena the Warrior Princess. Didi then came running out and sliding into the ring but she didn’t get the time to stand before Andrea attacked. Eventually Didi was able to get up and we had a good back and forth with Didi getting in some good shots. However, once Didi got in enough good shots, Andrea decided she would finish things fast and grabbed her staff from the side of the ring and started towards Didi. The ref interfered and got a staff in the belly for it. At that point Didi came in and got Andrea to the mat making her drop the staff and retreat as the ref called for the bell.


As Andrea retreated the two camera people who had been in front of us had gone into the ring to film Didi as she called out Andrea for January 10th saying whoever loses will get ten lashes from the staff.  I missed what was said after this as Didi and the Camera girl got into a heated argument. Suddenly the Camera girl called Didi a bitch and smashed the camera against the ring post before throwing it to the floor (I do hope that was an old camera that didn’t work anymore!) Next thing we knew Didi and the Camera girl had slapped each other and then were IMG_20141220_185031052wrestling around on the mat as we all tried to figure out what the heck was going on that a camera person was getting in on the action here.  At that point Santana came back out as they were parted by officials and said that Camera girl would have her chance at Didi if she wanted at the January 17th show. We are still waiting to see what will be going on with this match up.


IMG_20141220_185424021The next match was ERA against Nick Nero. Last time we watched WXW we commented on how ERA reminded us of one C.J. Parker in NXT… well this time they were both reminding us of C.J. Parker in their own ways. ERA has C.J.’s looks and Nero had Parker’s signs! Well ok, these signs weren’t about saving the world from pollution but it was very reminiscent of Parker for anyone who watches NXT. Nero had two guys and a girl following him to ringside with the homemade signs.  This match was a lot of fun with some good high flying action and some good back and forth. Nero is a good high flying character.  One of my favorite moves for this match (I wish I had been on the other side of the ring to see it a bit more clearly). They were both outside the ring and Nero went to attack ERA but ERA dipped down to backflip Nero into the ropes. However as Nero was upside down against the ropes he hooked an arm around ERA’s neck and rebounded off the ropes dragging ERA down into a DDT on the outside of the ring.  It was a VERY sweet move! Nero then won but as he celebrated with his sign bearers in the ring ERA would get back up and attack Nero violently. First one of the male sign holders went to help Nero but he got struck down swiftly, then the second guy holding a sign did the same with the same results. FiIMG_20141220_185455229nally the girl holding the sign went to try and break it up and she suffered the same smack to the face that the guys did and went down in a heap to the mat. Refs stormed the ring to hold Nero back from basically trying to kill ERA who at first looked shocked upon seeing the girl on the ground and then looked terrified as he saw Nero’s reaction and then ran. Nero went to check on the girl and then they were all helped off the mat and lead backstage.


IMG_20141220_190836106Next we saw Hans Schulz come to the ring. I’m still amazed at how differently he is treated here in the home territory compared to how he was treated simply 30 minutes down the road in Sumpter County.  Honestly, after seeing him a few times on his home turf I’m kinda disappointed I booed him at the fairgrounds along with everyone else. Once Hans was in the ring, a Brian Rubright came out along with Jaxen Blade’s valet. He introduced himself in what to me was a pitiful attempt to be like Paul Heyman and then said that this handpicked person would be someone that Hans wouldn’t be able to beat.  At this point Jaxen Blade himself runs in from the side of the ring behind Hans and attacks him from behind. Jaxen and Hans end up having one hell of a match, but Hans comes out the Victor gaining the WXW Cruiserweight title with this win. Hans wasn’t done there though as Rubright rushed into the ring to check on Blade and got an RKO like move for his troubles.  When Jaxen gets up he looks around in anger and then focuses on Rubright. He starts yelling at Rubright that he’s tired of losing things and that it’s all Rubrights fault and then promptly fires him from his employment.


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IMG_20141220_191833742Next up was Big O (seems he’s billed from Alaska and his new trunks which I don’t remember from previous shows certainly shows his Alaska pride) against Alexander Page with the stipulation that if Page looses he has to give Big O a check for 10,000 dollars.  I wish I had seen all the things to lead up to that sort of match. The match was a great back and forth in the beginning but then Page took control near the end. The problem is Page got cocky and wouldn’t pin Big O. No doubt he had Big O dead to rights on three or four occasions but for some reason he just wanted to punish O some more and at the two count would pull O’s head and shoulders off the mat to break up the count.  After about the third time of this I leaned over to my wife and said “He’s making a huge mistake here, he should just cover him. Too many times I have seen people thinking they are in charge do this same thing just to have some simple move come out of nowhere to defeat them.” Perhaps it’s because I have watched wrestling since the 80’s when I was just a young lad, or perhaps I’m just psychic but no sooner had I said that than Big O came out of no where with a simple move and won the match. Page reluctantly handed over a piece of paper that we could assume was the check for $10,000.  As Big O celebrated Page would then attack him from behind leaving him on the mat, at which point he scooped up the check and ripped it into tiny pieces and throwing them all onto Big O.


IMG_20141220_200141194We also saw what to me was one of the two most important matches of the night. This was between the Samoan Cup MM’s vs the Tag Team Champions the…MM’s! Yes as it has been reported by us before there are actually 5 MM’s 4 of which are basically Identical (except for their shoes I noticed before the match) and one MM who has a different mask who seems to be the “leader” for all intents and purposes.  This match was bugging me since I heard about it…I mean what would happen? Would the MM implode? Would they just shake hands and there be no match?  Would they actually have a clean match and if so how the hell would a ref tell them apart?!?! So you see the Tag Team champs (black shoes with a little white) looked like they were about to square off with the Samoan Cup winners (colored shoes). They faced off and it looked like they were about to start when suddenly Samoan Cup MM laid on the mat and let the Tag Team champ MM pin him.  It took several tried for them to motion to the Ref before he finally counted the three but the Tag Team champs stayed as the Tag Team champs and then as they went and collected the titles and cups somehow they ended up switching them off (yeah I was watching shoes).  Then Brian Rubright came out once more and announced himself as the new Publicist for the MM’s.  I guess with Bryan Richards out of action for a few months with broken ribs they needed another good heel manager for the MM’s….though honestly so far I have not been nearly as impressed with Rubright as I was with Richards.  Anyway Rubright then started in on his little rant…tirade….whatever about how the MM’s are so great and they would take on any challengers when…..


IMG_20141220_200401862Ace Radic and Ryan Phoenix came out and asked if they were serious about the matches. Then we had a nice little impromptu match between the MM’s and the team of Radic and Phoenix for the titles.  The thing is it was not the title holders that were in the match but the cup holders and I wonder if anyone other than me were watching the shoes for this? The match was good but as per usual when the going seemed to be getting rough for the MM’s the rest of the group charged the ring and made the match end with a DQ but titles don’t change on DQ.  So Commissioner Santana came out and announced that there would be a rematch and during that rematch if any of the MM’s decided they would interfere they would then be forced to unmask.

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IMG_20141220_201854947We then moved on to the main event the big three way dance to determine the Heavyweight Champ. As you may remember from my last blog Sugaa and Marc Silva had fought to a draw and thus the belt was held up until this match where the at that time injured champ Sean Maluta would be able to compete again to hopefully win back his vacated title.  The match started out pretty good as both Maluta and Sugaa worked together to try and take down the bigger Silva. However once Silva was down Sugaa turned on Maluta and from there on out the match was a free for all. Everything was really action packed and great and we even had Sugaa tossed through the ropes at our feet basically. Unfortunately, I don’t remember who finally hit the finishing move on who but at the end a finisher was hit and then Silva came in and took down the other guy for just long enough to pin the one who had the finisher performed on him.


IMG_20141220_202633069Ricky Santana at this point walked down to the ring with the WXW Heavyweight title and told Silva that while he hated that he had to do it it was his job to give him the title.  Silva took it and then rudely told Santana to get out of his ring.  As he retreated, Santana told Silva that going into 2015 he still considered Silva to be nothing more than a paper champ since he used someone elses move to win the match and didn’t do it on his own.  Santana also mentioned that Silva had to remember that now that he was champ he was going to have a target on his back. Sugaa also chimed in with his own threat saying that “You better watch out eating too much Sugaa cause you may get diabetes!”


All in all, once again, I was very happy with this show. I truly hope I can afford to see both shows that start off the new year as I love every moment of going out and enjoying this.  I want to say that the people did sooooo much better this time at talking to the audience and not to the camera as much which is very good. Of course this time we went and sat on a different side so we ended up seeing a lot of butt again anyway (sorry Didi we have pictures again) as well as a lot of the back of a handheld camera man….the handheld people need to find a way to be less noticeable.


Now the only thing I wish is that they would do some character profiles on their website. I think it could help to establish the characters if you knew more about the wrestler and what they are trying to portray with a good little bio page on the website (I happen to know a husband and wife team of freelance writers that would love to help with something like that). Another cool thing would be facebook pages, I know some of the people have pages as Bryan Richards has friended me. In this day and age though, a good social media presence goes a long way, even the main roster WWE guys all have twitter and facebook and make posts on it and I think that as things go along this will be a major part of the sport just because you want to keep fans involved. So perhaps keeping up a good Social Media presence could help move someone into the big leagues?


Now if you are a wrestling fan (and I would think you are if you’ve read to this point) I highly suggest checking out the WXW if you’re down in the Central Florida area. It’s a fun time for the low price of $15 a person. So check the WXW out at http://www.wxwwrestling.com/ to find when and where their next event will be.  Hope to see you guys there!


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  1. You have some really good access to those events huh? That would be so cool to see each match and write about it the way that you do on your blog.

    1. We have not been able to go in a few months due to real life getting in the way- but we hope to be back again this Saturday!

  2. That’s so awesome that you got to go. I wish I could have been there with you to see that and to get a blow by blow and to pick your brain on what you thought of the whole thing. You seem really knowledgeable on wrestling. Way moreso than I am. You rock.

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